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"You know, it was a little weird to place my abuser cousin in the position of a father."
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Are child marriages and trafficking two mutually exclusive issues?
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"He’s a pretentious prick. He’s frightening, and he is moralistic. He’s hypocritical. He’s self righteous. He is holier than thou”.
Contraceptives at the anganwadi on Mamta Diwas.

"The idea was to spread the message through a different medium. Villagers suggested folk music and dance. We went a step further and thought of films”

Arun, who had dreamt of a very different life, lives in a shanty today and struggles to support his wife and four children.
sexual abuse

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Sexual abuse that continued for 17 years, to eight members of a 13 member over-valued joint family, where none of the male members knew about it...
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Many of the young aspirants, mostly belonging to the upper-castes, vent their anger, for this general rule of reservation.
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Junk food consumption is on the rise with the Indian middle class. So are related diseases...

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I wish I had some close, non-judgemental friend or a teacher to discuss it with.
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In a country where “inclusion” is the emerging political mantra, an estimated 215 million Indians, are largely excluded from economic progress.
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It’s shameful that we cannot promise security to a young couple out on a stroll on the 14th of February
Chandra Prakash Kaushik

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Chandra Prakash Kaushik, President of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, talks about Valentine's Day, homosexuality, Indian culture and more.
India Valentines Day Protest

Reportedly, the party next plans to take on Grindr and Planet Romeo for their ‘Yoni Wapsi’ campaign.
Delhi police detention of girl

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"I was detained. I was made to explain why I was carrying 'those things' in my bag. "

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Using porn for education about sexuality is like looking towards Dabangg for information about the Indian police force!
FireChat in India

FireChat is a new, ground-breaking innovation in messaging, a practical application of mesh networking - a concept hailed by experts as the future of internet.
shahid film

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At the time of his murder, Shahid was fighting dozens of cases related to terrorism.
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“The need of the hour is of campaigns that do not mince words about the kind of liberation we want for our women."
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"The only fear is that the feminists will try to disrupt the event and rumour is that they are coming in massive numbers."
AIB roast controversy

"I do not find your joke funny, but I will defend to death your right to crack it."
I am offended

The popular faces of the industry talk about stand-up comedy, internet, free speech and more!
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More than anything, denying children the right to a happy childhood is more than just a crime.

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