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My experience starts now, but really I know the worst is yet to come.
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Are the coffers of the treasury in such a despairing state that blood money has become acceptable?
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Women being empowered with choice and consent is considered as more threatening than the acts of violence against them.
#3 Blaming The Victim For Not Expecting The Crime (1)
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Such arguments trivialize sexual assault, delegitimize its significance, and/or straightaway dismiss it.
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Does paid maternity leave add to the discrimination against hiring and promoting mothers?
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We celebrate India’s struggle for independence, not only for what it accomplished, but for what it still challenges us to do.
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For partition survivors, it is painful to recount their memory of the incident.

Who would ensure that the wages are duly paid according to pre-set standards?
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The Mumbai police have had problems in the past with a couple sitting on a bench, and a group of friends taking a selfie of a group hug.
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30% of Kashmir's economy is dependent on art.
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When I was growing up, I had no real concept of the term "special" as it was applied to my cousin John.
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If we amend laws like section 375, 376 we are simultaneously breaking down stereotypes and providing deserved justice.
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What is it about these 'Godpersons' that make us into blind followers of deceit?
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A chortle of laughter or the red face of anger communicates volumes about the position of a bystander witnessing racism.
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The recent report released by the National Commission for Women states that there were 526 cases of sexual assault in 2014.

"I opened ‘Messages’ and began writing: 'There’s something I want to tell you...'"
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Two of the much-touted under construction Metro expansion projects in Kolkata, have now been reduced to the indignity of the proverbial white elephant.

Global terrorism has changed its forms, and thus, the battle against it is one that’s more mental than physical.

Two years after her wedding in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, Bhanu (left), then 17, swallowed sleeping pills and tried to kill herself. Kriti Bharti (right), a psychologist, helped Bhanu (her name has been changed for this story) annul her marriage to a 55-year-old barber, who allegedly paid her grandfather a marriage fee of two lakh rupees. Image source:
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“Just saying that dowry torture or domestic violence caused depression for a woman to commit suicide is naïve.”
sex workers in india

In India, the debate around sex work is often convoluted between that of, legalization, abolition and an in-between demand for decriminalization.

The error in listing this practice as a job opening exposes how manual scavenging remains an unacknowledged error in the country.
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The perpetuation of myths about asexuality are harmful to all queer people and hinder our understanding of humans and sex.

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