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Matthew Gordon, a 21-year-old Melbournian was recently harassed by an angry Indian mob in Bengaluru due to a tattoo of the goddess Yellamma on his shin.
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Sikandar, father of Zain-ul-Abideen Budshah, was the second Sultan of the Shah Miri dynasty of Kashmir and his reign started in 1389 and ended in 1413 CE.

Imagine living life so that every venture you embark on makes you look for horrors, because you just know that they’re there.
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Equal pay for women should encompass all social classes, it shouldn't just be the debate between women in Hollywood, the rich, upper strata of society.

For decades, the unscientific and patriarchal two-finger test has remained one of the prime methods of testing whether the victim has been raped or not.
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It's an irony that Sahitya Akademi, is taking such shape where returning an award has become more respectable and honoured act than receiving an award!
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Early detection is the key to survival.
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From Mongolia to Papua New Guinea, take a look at a typical lunchtime for children. Sticky rice or jackfruit, pork or fried eel - the meals are a rainbow of delicacies.
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Madness as culturally conceived is a construct. It is the culture that determines what is normal, what is adaptive, what is sanity, and what is madness.

All of us have different levels of 'crazy', or depending on how you’re looking at it, 'normal' in our lives.
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Our government has introduced a plethora of schemes to stop child labour and physical harassment, but all this work is only on paper.
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काशी विद्यापीठ के गांव लोहता के सबुआ तालाब में रहने वाले बारह साल के अमन अली कुछ सामान दुकान से, और कुछ घर के कबाड़ से निकालकर बैट्री चार्जर बनाते हैं।

Eminent writers, after returning their state awards, questioned the growing communalisation of politics and shrinking space for expression of dissent.
Youth Ki Awaaz, Malnutrition

795 million people are currently suffering from hunger, with the maximum population in South Asia itself. Here are 10 such facts about hunger.

Sex is treated as an obligation in marriage. A woman is made to feel that it is her duty to submit herself to her husband irrespective of her choice.
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Durga needs to remain a woman while we simultaneously fight for the rights of other women and queer individuals.
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Lesbian: You’ll be most likely to hear this word as part of the sentence, "I’m not a lesbian!" from straight women/allies and queer women alike.
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The majority of farmers hail from extremely poor backgrounds, they are almost always landless and live on the small profit margins that they earn.
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Whether you are a girl or a boy, who has been sexually assaulted, harassed or abused, do not feel shy or ashamed about it.

He didn't stop until he was done, raping her of her innocence and ripping out her soul. No help came, probably no one even heard her cries.
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You cannot tell a hungry child that you gave him food yesterday.
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It almost seems like every time someone mentions 'feminist' or 'feminism', a deadly background score of 'dun dun dun' plays in an ignorant listener's head.

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