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We need our cities to be planned in ways that promote safety, accessibility, mobility and inclusion.

Information alone is not enough. Sexuality needs to be celebrated and spoken of without check-lists and certainly without shame.

Babu, a 33-year-old fisherman told me that his sons feel fishing is a cursed trade in today’s world.

How regressive are we as a society that women still celebrate when their husbands cook for them?

In a country populated by 1.25 billion inhabitants, the very possibility of a woman committing rape is not acknowledged.
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We shouldn't eulogise folk traditions without a critical eye. Language is influential, it needs to be used and consumed with care.
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Before we can be totally optimistic about the role of education in a woman’s life, let us first inspect the nature of the schooling system in India.
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Why are we not seeing more people who look like us? Why are we being told we are too fat, too thin, too short or tall?

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We all recognise the bald and bespectacled “Common Man”, clothed in a checked coat and a lungi, appearing at different scenes of the Indian political underbelly.
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We need to be part of your planning and vision of making Delhi a world class city, as we understand our issues better.
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Education rates are tied to gender, class and caste; this ordinance will affect the already disadvantaged, allowing the elite to take over governance.
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The language of protection must be transformed into a language of rights.
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The hashtag then becomes a gentle reminder that feminists are people, with lives, emotions and relationships.

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We are supposed to look at the transgender character as an object of ridicule in the movie.
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“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame” - Oscar Wilde
messenger of god movie controversy

MSG, according to the Censor Board, falls into the ‘ridiculous self-advertising masquerading as a movie’ category
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“I didn’t go to school even one day"
Action 2015 open letter

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Let’s be clear: the actions we take in 2015 will decide which way the world turns for decades to come. Please take the right path.

We need to talk about sex, sexuality, contraception, consent, sexual abuse and harassment, etc. out loud.
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This cannot be a welcome development, given that the focus of Modi’s Make in India programme is on employment.
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Till date I cannot put my finger on what exactly I felt that night. Shocked? Afraid? Angry?
comorhensive sexuality education

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It is a terrifying mission for youngsters to form an understanding of sex and sexuality in such a multi-faceted environment with little assistance

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