Is A Homosexual Child Hindrance For Normal Parenthood?

When a child is born he/she does not know anything about his orientation. The parent also loves the child unconditionally till the ideal marriage age, when they start becoming concerned about their kid’s attraction to the opposite sex. It is then, that these young adults come out with the truth about themselves. When the parent hasn’t treated the kid differently yet, then why later?
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We Did Accept ‘Them': Homosexuals Now Equals

There is a sigh of relief, Homosexuality has finally been accepted. The Indian Gay community and activists rejoiced throughout India and celebrated their victory. The decision of the Delhi High Court will now be challenged in the Supreme Court of India, where this case will be tried.
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The Eunuch Reality: Eunuchs In India

Eunuchs were frequently employed in Imperial Indian palaces as servants for female royalty, and often attained high-status positions in Indian society. Eunuchs in Imperial palaces were organized in a hierarchy, often with a senior or chief eunuch ("Khwaja Saras") directing Junior eunuchs below him.