What The Indian Economy Looks Like In 2013

All the other things revolve around the budget that is to be announced in February by the Finance Minister, let us just hope Chidambaram does better than the last budget that had the government sweating it out to undo the damage done by it initially.

Italy Yields Drop At Auction On Prospect Of ECB Bond Buying

YKA columnists explain the article "Italy Yields Drop at Auction on Prospect of ECB Bond Buying", of Business Week: "Bonds are traded and are a critical market. Bonds also have categories of risk and range from safe ones to risky ones. Any external investor will buy a company’s bond if he/ she feels the company can repay and not default."

Difficult Times Ahead For LAVASA – India”s Biggest Urban Infrastructure Project

An explanation to the article published earlier in the economic times regarding the Lavasa Debt: "The road to the completion of Lavasa (project) has been bumpy over the past years. Be it accusation by Indian Environment and Forest Ministry of causing environmental damage to the picturesque landscape of Lavasa hills or CARE downgrading its rating from in January 2012; the project has garnered a lot of negative news."