Italy Yields Drop At Auction On Prospect Of ECB Bond Buying

YKA columnists explain the article "Italy Yields Drop at Auction on Prospect of ECB Bond Buying", of Business Week: "Bonds are traded and are a critical market. Bonds also have categories of risk and range from safe ones to risky ones. Any external investor will buy a company’s bond if he/ she feels the company can repay and not default."

Difficult Times Ahead For LAVASA – India”s Biggest Urban Infrastructure Project

An explanation to the article published earlier in the economic times regarding the Lavasa Debt: "The road to the completion of Lavasa (project) has been bumpy over the past years. Be it accusation by Indian Environment and Forest Ministry of causing environmental damage to the picturesque landscape of Lavasa hills or CARE downgrading its rating from in January 2012; the project has garnered a lot of negative news."
fdi in retail

The Big Battle On FDI In Retail Explained: Analysis

A detailed analysis of FDI in retail and the on going battle situation in India regarding the same: FDI in retail market has thrown some serious concerns, and sparked agitations nationwide. Retailing in India is one of the pillars of its economy and accounts for 14 to 15 percent of its GDP , and India happens to be the fastest growing retail market of the world.

iCraze And All The Hype Around iPhone 5: Is it Just In The Name?

The article talks about the hype around the launch of iPhone5 and the marketing strategies used: Because of the competition, Apple hyped up its new release and though the publicity and excitement among the fans was noticeable, the iPhone 5 fell short of the people’s expectations. One particular website called it “the victim of its own marketing plan’s success”