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Twitter has jumped up in support of gay rights in India, and rightly so, after Supreme Courts judgement to criminalize consensual sex between two adults of the same sex.

Below are some of the highlighting tweets in support of gay rights in India:

“Won’t judge gay people.” – Pope Francis.
“Not to worry, we will.” – Supreme Court of India. #S377

– @NigelBritto on Twitter.

“@NMukhia: Sex between consenting same sex adults in private is criminalised but marital rape isn’t. #Sec377 #SupremeCourt #LGBTrights”

“@sowmyarajaram: Really thought we had progressed as a nation. Apex body shows it was false hope. Disgusting. #scrap377 #sec377 #section377”

“@NishantMather: I don’t really understand why is #Sec377 trending, especially when it has lost its significance? #BlackDay”

“#Article 377, what a judgement by Supreme Court, every1 has equal chance of selecting a partner, who are we to interfere in others’ life – Shishir Rastogi”

The question is not legalising LGBT, why should state have any say in this? Whose rights are being violated here? #article377 #377 – Ravi Kiran

“@Vidyut: The real question is if Indians can count on the Supreme Court for justice, if the other side is riot potential.”


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