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A month ago, over 20 organizations came together to start the #unManifesto campaign on Youth Ki Awaaz for online crowd-sourcing of promises that people want their politicians to make as a part of their manifesto. From having #unManifesto trend on Twitter, to the campaign being featured on NDTV. Below is how we’re making this work!


By Anshul Tewari:

LogoiconEarlier this year we did an experiment. We introduced a new campaign model where we aimed at facilitating conversations and engagement for few of the best non-profits and social good projects we have known. We started out with Oxfam India’s CLOSETHEGAP where we created very dynamic conversations on gender gaps in our society and aimed at targeting pressing issues on gender rights.

Later then, we tied up with Pravah and ComMutiny Youth Collective, one of the largest Indian youth NGOs to co-create the “5th Space” category on Youth Ki Awaaz, talking about youth, for the youth! The 5th Space category was a big success, and then we worked with The British Council India to run our longest ever campaign on youth affairs, called #YouthMatters – targeting 8 pertinent issues and striving to create a youth dialogue for better understanding.

Starting today, Youth Ki Awaaz has created a strong campaign model and moved all our on-going campaigns to our all new campaign site – Campaigns @ Youth Ki Awaaz with the aim of engaging with the world’s most powerful, social and relevant organizations, non-profits, educational institutes and more – to drive consensus, make opinions matter and create conversations through super social campaigns.

The Youth Ki Awaaz Campaigns platform thrives on the power of the comment box to create viral conversations, powered by our Facebook application.

We’d encourage you to check out our campaigns platform here and be a part of our first campaign here.


SD_FBYou got it! Earlier last month we did a bit of an experimentation and launched a new concept of social debates – driven by Facebook comments and Twitter. Both our debates, one on Narendra Modi’s PM candidature and the other on Porn Ban in India got good responses and an enriching debate.

We wanted to give you more power to organize, put up and run social debates on Youth Ki Awaaz and get conversations started on pertinent local and national, international issues. And here we are, proud to announce that the YKA Social Debate is now open for anyone and everyone to start (once you log in).

How does a YKA Social Debate work?

YKA Social Debate is a member’s feature. To start a debate, all you have to do is log in to  your dashboard at and click on the “Start a YKA Social Debate” button and get started by filling up a simple form.

A social debate makes use of the Facebook comments feature to start viral, relevant and pertinent.

What is the process behind starting a YKA Social Debate?

The YKA Social Debate is still under beta testing, thus the process is same as that of submitting an article. Once you submit a debate request, our team goes through it to check the basics – language, and whether it has any communal, racist or otherwise harmful motive. Once it receives clearance it is put up on the website and you are informed about it, and also about how you can get more people to debate.

Why a Youth Ki Awaaz Social Debate?

It is free, it is open, it is social and it is owned by you! A debate is easier to start and engage a wider audience with. By starting a Youth Ki Awaaz debate, you allow others to come out and share their thoughts, while creating more awareness and strength around the issues you are passionate for.

How do I start a Youth Ki Awaaz Social Debate?

Head to your Action Hub to Youth Ki Awaaz to start a Social Debate NOW!


By Anshul Tewari:

QR_ScrnWhile heading into 5 years of Youth Ki Awaaz, we wanted make it easier for everyone to know what young people think on a diverse set of issues and topics. We wanted to enable easy reading and consuming of the content that we have at Youth Ki Awaaz and for the same, we are proud to launch Youth Ki Awaaz Quick Read.

Why QuickRead?

QuickRead – to make it easier for you to sift through the most relevant and trending opinions on Youth Ki Awaaz. It is a manually updated platform for you to also submit quick opinions on issues that matter the most to you. It is a shorter and faster version of Youth Ki Awaaz. It is your own library for youth opinions on a variety of topics and issues.

So go ahead – enjoy the quick reading experience!

5 Years_FB Cover

Dear everyone, 5 years ago on this day, we launched, as a platform for you to speak up on issues of importance – to demand and achieve more stake in the problems of the country. Some really fabulous stuff has happened since:

We took up issues that the mainstream media had been ignoring since long, some really impactful stories that helped build Government pressure, an experience shared by one of our writer’s that exposed how women’s security in the Delhi metro is suffering – which has been our most read and shared story till date.

When we started, we weren’t really sure how the youth would respond to our stories, but your belief in our work, the platform and the stories shared has been tremendous.

As I write this letter to you, we are on the verge of crossing 6 million readers, have crossed 20,000 writers, and have trained nearly 1500 interns as a part of our training program. We won 2 prestigious United Nations’ awards for journalism, youth empowerment and innovation.

This year was notably good for us, from a team of volunteers, we have grown to a team of 6 full time staffers – we have launched India’s first mobile service for the youth to call and record their opinions or report events – and are heading into more advocacy and influence building for the youth.

Here’s to the next 5 years!

Ps: Here’s an account of my journey in Youth Ki Awaaz over the last 5 years.

Yours sincerely,
Anshul Tewari
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth

5 Years_FB Cover



26th February was a big day for us all. With the launch of the web and mobile platform, Youth Ki Awaaz has stepped in the whole new dimension of voice based advocacy and journalism – truly participatory and citizen driven. This shall be India’s first ever dedicated youth mobile platform that empowers anyone whether or not they have Internet access – to voice or report their opinions on crucial issues which affect them directly or indirectly. Special thanks to KooKoo Cloud Telephony.

The idea for the creation of this platform was to offer anyone, even those with limited time and resources, with the power and ability to voice their opinions and get heard and access their right to freedom of expression.

Below are two recordings from two of our partner organizations who were a part of our launch event.

The service has been launched for you to be able to voice yourself more easily, freely and fearlessly by just calling us at 09310952952 and recording your message. Please go ahead and give it a shot. 


Welcome to the new Youth Ki Awaaz, or as popularly promoted, Youth Ki Awaaz 2.0. After a month long testing and changes, we’re excited to launch a new platform that delivers a better experience and strives to seek more action. We are even more excited to launch India’s first and only dedicated youth line for youth opinions and reportage – 09310952952. (Special thanks to KooKoo Cloud Telephony)

2-1More Visual, More Social, More Action based and Mobile

Much has changed since we launched our last redesign.

When we were building the new Youth Ki Awaaz, we divided our focus over 4 crucial things that truly define how young people showcase their opinions, and how they need to pick the right light.

More Visual:

The Youth Ki Awaaz community loves to focus on issues and to drive mobilization around them. We realized, that it was not entirely possible in our last format, and it needed more clarity and focus on the content than anything else.

Thus, taking a strong stand, we did away with all kinds of advertisement and other distractions from the site.

Now, when you read your favourite piece on the site, the entire focus remains on the content and nothing else. Moreover, content now will be more visually impacting and effective.

The stories in the Featured Today section will be a mixture of the stories that our editors believe are very effective, or ones that need instant attention by the community, or campaigns that aim at mobilizing and engaging young people over a common cause. Our homepage will focus on latest stories rather than categorical placement of stories, which will now be found under the various menu options.

More Social

The Youth Ki Awaaz community loves to share. Moreover, we want you all to play an even more important role on the website, thus, we’ve brought in two brand new features which will surely make it easier for you to engage with us – in depth.

easy sharingWith our redesign, our entire focus on content pages has now moved to content creation, and content sharing only. With easy sharing Facebook and Twitter buttons throughout the pages, the platform will now lay heavy focus on sharing and virality of issues we take up on the platform.

Youth Ki Awaaz has also brought in a major development this year on the platform. Users and readers are now given the ability to join the platform by logging in and setting up an account on Youth Ki Awaaz using their favourite social network – and gain access to their very own personalized Action Hub.

[symple_column size=”one-half” position=”first”]sign-in[/symple_column] [symple_column size=”one-half” position=”last”]action hub[/symple_column]

Setting up of an account allows users to submit and track their contributions, actions, campaigns and get personalized recommendations on content and topics that might interest them.

It also allows contributors to have better branding for themselves by adding a profile or biography in their content.

While this is a big advancement in our web platform, be assured that users can still submit contributions without logging, in through our submissions page.

More Action Based and Mobile

This year, Youth Ki Awaaz has gone two steps further and launched India’s first and only dedicated youth line for young people to talk openly and freely about the issues they are passionate about, their opinions on local, national and international issues, or report their localized issues and mobilize a community and action around it – simply by calling 09310952952.

The service does not require one to have a smart phone, any application or internet access. This service works no matter where you are and what are you doing – all you need to have is a very basic mobile phone. Youth Ki Awaaz Mobile service, accessible by calling 09310952952, makes it even easier for anyone to speak up.

2-3Additionally, Youth Ki Awaaz has taken a more action based approach towards the coverage of issues. This year onward, we would be encouraging our contributors to suggest community driven solutions to the problems and issues they are passionate about, so that we can work closely with them and help them achieve a solution for the same, or any other level of action.

The idea here really is to empower anyone and everyone to seek action by using social media to advocate for their issues and opinions. If a student in a top engineering college in India can fight against laws restricting female mobility on campus – using our platform, we believe that anyone and everyone can use the same to power and light up actions.

Hereon, Youth Ki Awaaz will work more on an impact based model where we would treat every piece of content as important and actionable, and will engage more and more people to spread the word and take action.

We’d love to hear from you on what you think of all that we have started! Please write to us at [email protected] Do test out our mobile platform by calling 09310952952 and recording your message.

Hiring post


ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology. For over 145 years, ITU has coordinated the shared global use of the radio spectrum, promoted international cooperation in assigning satellite orbits, worked to improve communication infrastructure in the developing world, and established the worldwide standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communications systems.

As a part of ITU Telecom World, ITU explored the radical transformation of the ICT industry and the implications for policy, regulation and competitive strategy – and also ran the known Young Innovators Competition to recognize and award 12 of the best ICT projects from around the world - focused towards development. The competition was organized alongside the ITU Telecom World in Dubai, between 14th to 18th October, 2012.

Nearly 400 young entrepreneurs from 77 countries around the world submitted innovative ICT-based early concepts or mature projects – demonstrating how fresh thinking and talent for technology can provide real-world solutions to real-world problems and change the future for the better.

We are extremely proud to announce that Youth Ki Awaaz has been amongst the winners of the ITU Young Innovators Competition – as a path breaking innovation to enable youth opinions and participation on the most pertinent issues – an innovation towards development.

As one of the jury members described Youth Ki Awaaz, “I believe that Youth Ki Awaaz is a combination of the Huffington Post and Pro Publica – for the youth”, we are extremely humbled to have received this award and the honour.

Youth Ki Awaaz is run by you, and millions of others like you. We pump your opinions, stir discussions on topics which never gained mainstream importance, and enable a conversation – which for us is the first step towards any kind of change.

As we move ahead from here, Youth Ki Awaaz will grow, not just in numbers, but also in concept and strength. As you have always supported us and gotten us thus far, we’d love your support in the future as well. All this, because and for you!

Thank you for believing in us – as we shall believe in the youth! Keep contributing.

Yours sincerely,
Anshul Tewari
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth

PS: Youth Ki Awaaz is hiring!

Youth Ki Awaaz is on its way to get a complete redesign and get back with loaded features. While at the core we will be the same old us, our site will be easier to navigate, cleaner with focus on content, and feature more and more people like you – to tell the world how awesome you are.

Stay tuned as we will be moving to a whole new format before the end of August, 2012. You’ll see more

  • Ways to contribute to the platform and voice yourself
  • Better user (YOU) engagement
  • Inspiring personal stories and interviews with changemakers
  • More integration with Facebook and Twitter (We know you love Facebook!)
  • More access to the functioning of the platform
  • Focused issue targeting campaigns and movements

So keep checking in because in the next 30 days, we are having a major overhaul.

YKA Survey

Help us build upon YKA in a constructive way by letting us know why you visit the website and what your age group is. Take the quick 10 second survey here:

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

4 years

Four years ago, today, one decision changed my life. Youth Ki Awaaz has turned 4 years old today and the journey till now has been one helluva ride. I want to thank all our readers and community members for the support and love they have showered on us (including the brickbats). was started out of the frustration that young people in India did not have a platform to voice themselves and get heard. I had faced this problem personally and I realized I was not alone. From a personal blog to a community run platform which has emerged as one of India’s largest youth platforms – hosting over 10,000 youth views, catering to nearly 4 million monthly readers and having trained over 1500 young people in professional journalism and writing skills through our award-winning internship program, Youth Ki Awaaz has been trying it’s best to bridge the gap.

We have pledged to prove to the world that the youth is anything but apathetic – breaking the regular stereotypes.

Even though we are a small team of volunteers and staffers, we make sure that Youth Ki Awaaz takes the shape that our readers want it to, and that exclusivity of opinions is maintained.

It only feels like it was yesterday when YKA was started, and it only goes to show that we have a long way ahead – but not without the support of our readers and the amazing community of writers, interns and volunteers who believe in the idea.

Earlier this year, we launched our discussion forum with over 1000 members having daily discussions and debates on topics which need immediate attention.

What next for Youth Ki Awaaz?

We will continue to serve you by striving to create an even better and bigger platform that makes sure your voice is heard. In the next one year, you will see us launch new products and initiatives which will address even larger issues and problems affecting the youth.

Till then, thanking you all very very much.

Anshul Tewari
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth

For any queries, I can be reached at [email protected]

If you like visiting Youth Ki Awaaz, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for our daily newsletter via email.


By Aditi Annapurna:

  1. The TED Commandments ensure that the event will not be your usual, boring, run-of-the-mill, pseudo-intellectual dialogue (read the sinisterly-worded Commandment The Seventh: “Thou Shalt Not Sell from the Stage: Neither thy Company, thy Goods, thy Writings, nor thy desperate need for Funding; Lest Thou be Cast Aside into Outer Darkness”, and the Ninth and probably the most well-put, “Thou Shalt Not Read Thy Speech”).
  2. Neither will any of the speakers at the conference seek to commit the mistake that most of their lot are infamously wont to doing, i.e. speaking beyond their time limit. “Thou shalt not steal the time of them that follow thee”, the Tenth and Final Commandment ensures that the speakers will not exceed the time limit that is given to them, thus keeping with the spirit of the wisdom of the Sages, “Keep it short and sweet (sic)”. Bear in mind — the rules mentioned above aren’t mere suggestions, they’re Commandments, and they bloody well mean business.
  3. We’re not Pirates: For once, it’s a TEDx Conference whose attending is not taking away a significant portion of your monthly salary. Yes, you get passes only for an affordable 500 Rupees and no, we’re not going to screen your registration application and judge whether you’re good enough or smart enough to attend the conference. Easy-peasy, eh?
  4. A platform of platforms: The reason why TED talks have acquired the status of a phenomenon in today’s world is because they are the symbols of Intelligent Dialogue by Intelligent People. TEDxConnaughtPlace brings forth people from various spheres of work and work culture and provides a platform for giving a voice to diverse perspectives to a seemingly-singular issue of Development and Innovation – Social and Economic.
  5. “Ideas worth Spreading”: The speakers of the conference come with stories to tell – stories of their failures as well as their successes, stories of working within and outside the system to eventually bring a change to it. They bring with them great insights of a promising future, of one which is developed in the realest sense and where people experience liberation through democratised knowledge.
  6. “Haaave you met TED?”: TEDxConnaughtPlace provides a brilliant opportunity for you to interact with speakers and people who’ve made change happen, thus facilitating communication between the humble learner and the thorough most professionals.
  7. The “x” in TEDx: TED is a world-wide phenomenon in its own right, but it is the “x” in TEDx that encourages independent people and organisations to take the initiative and discuss issues that are more specific to a particular social, cultural and academic environment. It is with this vision that TEDxConnaughtPlace discusses issues most innately-important in the Indian scenario, from issues of Rural Development and Bridging the Divide, to Gender and Human Rights.
  8. We will feed your curiosity, and stomach: A very significant, make-or-break, 001 rule of Organising a TEDx Conference is Good Food, and Remembering that The Audience Always Remembers — you may have had the best discussions, the audiences would’ve enjoyed the speeches to the fullest, but you give them bad food, and that’s the only thing that’s going to have a lasting impression on them. It is with this guideline in mind that we at TEDxConnaughtPlace promise, we will give you food that your 500 Rupees demand and are worthy of, and will not cost you 2 long hours in the toilet the next day.

So why wait? Head to now and know more.

Forum login demo

By Anshul Tewari:

The last year has been full of adventure for all of us at Youth Ki Awaaz. Our readership grew exponentially, and the interaction with you guys also grew by leaps and bounds. The internship program was recognized by the UN GAID and ICNM, thus making us the most credible work-from-home program in the country.

We launched and shut a few new ventures and tested out a lot of stuff to serve you better over the coming days. Over the past (around) 4 years of Youth Ki Awaaz one element that we did not really focus on was a discussion forum. A place where live interactions could happen. A one-stop-shop to meet like minded people and discuss and debate issues, opportunities, resources, tools and knowledge with them.

This is the year we are introducing that feature in Youth Ki Awaaz. Starting today, we will be making our first ever discussion forum live. The forum can be found at, and will be powered by a simple back-end software to make life easier for all of us.

The forum will be what you want it to be. It will take up the topics that you wish to take up. Sky is the limit. From educational and career related queries, to sexual awareness and health, to social issues and politics – the forum will be a repository of enlightened discussions on all of these topics.

Anyone and everyone can join the forum by simply logging in via Facebook, Twitter, or creating a new account. (Check out the image below)

We have already started a few discussions. We would love for you to join them on and add many more. It is free, it is for you and will be developed by you.

See you there!

Happy new year 2012

By Anshul Tewari:

2011 was the year of protests, the year when the youth woke up to fight against corruption in India. The year when a few legendary souls departed, and dictators and terrorists died.

The Arab world was shaken and stirred by the stream of protests, it was not a happy year for them, for those who died, for their families and loved ones, and for those who still fight in the cold night while you read this article.

Closer to home, the Government was made to jump off the safety couch by Team Anna and the protesters who shouted loud against corruption. There was no stopping. Now even as the fight against corruption seems to be strayed away from the path it started, the young people have proved what they can do if they all get together and be determined enough to fight against all odds.

Lucky we are that we are in an era that moves with the speed of light, a democracy that allows us to speak freely.

As 2011, the year that will make a mark in history for one of the most eventful years of the era, comes to an end, let’s hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter beginning. A very Happy New Year to you all from the entire team of Youth Ki Awaaz. We shall strive to serve you better in 2012.


In our bid to deliver the best to the youth, we need you to pitch in. This year, Youth Ki Awaaz plans to grow by leaps and bounds and come across as one of the largest platforms for the youth in the country.

We would really appreciate if you could help us improve by filling up the short form below (it will just take 3 mins.). Thanks in advance :)

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]


Today, we have turned 3. I want to thank all our readers and our wonderful community for the support and love, and having the faith that a community portal can really make people think. (YKA) was started in 2008 as a personal blog. I was quite frustrated by the way things were working in our country and had decided to voice myself. From, to, to becoming India’s number 1 online youth platform, the ride has not been easy. When I first launched YKA I wasn’t sure where it was headed. Every day, thousands of blogs are started and hundreds of bloggers give up on blogging, but somehow, the blogging bug had bit me hard. It took us about 10 months to get our first loyal reader. That is when I first realized that the inability to voice oneself was a problem faced by a mass young populace of our nation, and something had to be done. It took about 1 year to establish our initial team, and 3 years to reach a mark of 1.5 million readers a month.

Today, we are a hard working core team of 12, working from home, meeting twice a month and coordinating the work online – the power of new media. We power pack YKA with 30 awesome interns every month and a cadre of 600 correspondents from around the world, passionate about empowering the youth. We have created a niche for ourselves.

From doing investigative reports that got picked up by the mainline media, to giving a platform to people from around the world to demand Government action, and making sure that the action does happen, Youth Ki Awaaz still has a very long way to go in the domain of ethical journalism by the youth. All this, with your support.

What next for YKA?

2010 got us few of the best opportunities, from winning the World Summit Youth Award to creating our bases outside India, to enhancing our content and getting the policy makers to read YKA. This year, Youth Ki Awaaz plans to grow by leaps and bounds. Very quickly, here’s what to expect from YKA this year:

  • We will co-host and organize a series of events on various youth affairs this year.
  • YKA will expand as a platform, and you will shortly see the launch of our parallel micro-blog that makes it easy for you to voice yourself through a simple Q & A format.
  • YKA will launch grass root projects for young people and empower them to work on offline projects and propel the change we talk about.
  • YKA will expand into new media verticals which haven’t been explored in India as yet.

We would request and appreciate any feedback that you might have, which you can send via our contact form here.

The youth is the power of the nation, and journalism is the watchdog. Join us in our endeavor to combine the forces of these two and work towards a better tomorrow.

Thanks all, we hope to engage with you much more.

If there is anything that you wish to know about YKA, drop me a line at [email protected]

From the entire team at Youth Ki Awaaz.



This Holi, let’s celebrate the festival of colours in the best and safest possible manners. Use loads of colours, but make sure they are organic colours.

On behalf of the entire Youth Ki Awaaz team, here’s wishing you a very happy Holi. Have fun!

Team Youth Ki Awaaz.

PS: Get your amazing Holi pictures published on YKA. Mail them to us at [email protected]


Indian women feminism

By Anshul Tewari:

India has been a patriarchal society since ages. Even today, we haven’t been able to burn down the shackles of status quo and emerge as a truly democratic nation, with equal rights to all, including women.

Since its inception, Youth Ki Awaaz has been striving hard to bring to light issues that really matter. Our approach has made us stick to serious issues – and we love it that way. The reality is, we hardly get to see media that sticks to issues that are critical to our generation. I still remember, one of the first few articles I wrote on YKA was about the crime against women in India – and over time, the entire team at Youth Ki Awaaz has been upright and a staunch believer of women empowerment.

Our society is plural, the youth is dominating our populace — and things are changing. But the question is, are things changing fast enough? The more we work towards social development, the farther it looks.

Cutting down my words and reaching the point, I write today to announce something that we are extremely excited about. It is time the media took note of issues that women in India face, and did regular coverage and follow ups of the same. Youth Ki Awaaz wishes to initiate this movement in the youth media community with a tribute to womanhood and the launch of our new section – Women.

What earlier found place under the “Society” section of this website will now have its dedicated space. Hereon, we will be giving special coverage to women issues.


The ‘Women’ Section will be accessible in the top menu.

The Women section will be easily accessible through our top menu (see image above). The direct link to this section is

Even though this looks like an addition to our categories menu, we wish to build this section as a niche in itself, to represent women issues. A platform for women.

With this, we also wish to bring our focus on few of the dominant issues in the nation, that directly or indirectly affect our nations. These will be present in the “Issues” section.

In the next few days, you will hear some more announcements about something that we have been working on. Till then — stay tuned, stay young.

From the team here at Youth Ki Awaaz

Anshul Tewari


By Anshul Tewari:

2010 was the year of some great announcements and analysis of some of the most critical issues India has been facing. In the last 3 years of its existence, all of us at Youth Ki Awaaz have seen and emphasized on onekey principle of bringing about the change in our society, i.e., citizen activism. It is only when everyday citizens get together and address an issue – that we see ground breaking change happening.

With this thought in mind, I take immense pleasure in introducing our partners in change, Citizen Effect. Citizen Effect is driven by the idea that anyone can make a real and significant impact in the world. Their mission is to provide everyday citizens the tools and networks they need to work directly with communities around the world.

They help you partner with communities in need, and build a more self-reliant and sustainable life for them by completing a small but critical project. Citizen Effect is a great example of how common people like you and me can be the solution and help others lead a better life.

Just a visit to the Citizen Effect website will give you an insight into how people have engaged themselves in philanthropy and impacted thousands of lives.

In the coming days, you will find a lot of discussion on Citizen Philanthropy, some great opportunities for yourself, case studies of how communities have been impacted and much more. You can follow the updates

To know more about Citizen Effect, log on to To know about the projects they run, visit

The need of the hour is to be the change. We are ready, are you?

new look

With the coming new year come new expectations and resolutions. A new beginning and a new approach. Those who have been visiting Youth Ki Awaaz for the past few weeks would have noticed that we have just released our new look. It is not a complete overhaul but an upgrade, an evolution to a new refreshing outlook that presents better the voice of the youth.

With this new look come new features, and advancements. On the back-end, we have upgraded our framework and are working round the clock to include the latest features and communication channels. Hopefully you will find Youth Ki Awaaz easy to navigate and a little less cluttered.

Even though we would encourage that you look around yourself, listed below are a few features of the evolution:

  • A refreshed home page with an sleek featured posts slider: In our previous version, we were restrained to displaying only one featured post. Which meant that if we came across 5 beautifully written articles, we had to cross our heart and select one. Well, this has been done away with. The new featured posts slider that greets you will feature 6 of the best articles of the day/week/month, promoting individual issues that need your attention in a more prominent manner. Coupled with this is the refreshing background and the fresh white outline.
  • Now LISTEN to our articles: With all the new features, we have added a prominent text-to-speech feature in all our articles. If you wish to listen to our articles instead of reading just click on the  “Listen” button just below the title of the article. You can also download an mp3 version of all our articles.
  • Threaded comments: We realize that it is essential to build one-to-one communication channels between our readers and supporters, thus, our new threaded comments feature will let you interact with the commentators here – at an individual level.
  • Also, the home page will not only carry recent posts from categories in boxes but will also have the recent posts of Youth Ki Awaaz regardless of the category.
  • The emphasis on individual issues will be more, and soon, Youth Ki Awaaz will have its very own forum for action and discussion.
  • Take Youth Ki Awaaz wherever you go: A few months ago, we launched the much needed mobile version of the website at; for those who did not have smart phones – we launched the Youth Ki Awaaz SMS channel to deliver our daily content via sms (1 per day – activate here) and last month itself, we launched a dedicated free mobile application for Nokia users. (click here to download) With more advancements being made on our part to go mobile, we plan to reach out to as many cell phones as we can by the end of 2011. In the coming days you will see more such free applications and downloads.
  • Now discover your interests: Our readers come from varied backgrounds with varied interests. Thus, we have added a resourceful “Discover your interests” box right below all our articles. This box will have topics/categories/interests and will catch your reading habits to suggest what suits you best. A special thanks to Bharath and Dhiti Dive for this wonderful innovation.

With this uncluttered sleek new design of Youth Ki Awaaz we are heralding into a new stage — our pursuit for truth is growing, and so is our want for change. We hope to see more interaction here, more issues being taken up and more people joining us over the period of time.

There will be many more new additions at Youth Ki Awaaz, in terms of the features as well as the people. You can join us here or intern with us here.

We look forward to your enriching feedback and suggestions. If you face any technical issues, whatsoever, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you withing 24 hours.

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