Watch How A Man With A Few Masks Is Bringing Out The Artist In Kids With Autism

Look, they can write poetry, they can paint, they can perform on stage. If this is not imagination, then imagination has to be redefined.

Watch This Playful Short Film About Sandra From Bandra, Who Isn’t Just A ‘Good Time Girl’

Through this film, director and writer, Paromita Vohra embarks on a playful journey to figure out who is 'Sandra from Bandra'.
juhu saint man video

Watch: The Man Who Spends The Entire Day On Juhu Beach To Spread Love

He doesn't speak a word and the best part is, he doesn't have to.
muslim hip hop dance group

These 3 Muslim Women Hip-Hop Dancers Sure Know How To Break A Leg (And Stereotypes)

Amirah, along with her fellow dancers Iman and Khadhija, perform a hip-hop style known as “popping”, fully clad in hijabs and abayas.
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Music Basti has evolved over the years as an organisation that uses music as an active tool to nurture key life skills education.

It was unreal to suffer from depression because there was no apparent reason to be worried or fear things in my mind, had I been living in the present.
An Indian labourer looks at the construction site of a building in Riyadh November 16, 2014. India is pressing rich countries in the Gulf to raise the wages of millions of Indians working there, in a drive that could secure it billions of dollars in fresh income but risks pricing some of its citizens out of the market. Picture taken November 16. To match story INDIA-MIDEAST/WORKERS REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser (SAUDI ARABIA - Tags: BUSINESS CONSTRUCTION EMPLOYMENT) - RTR4EE0K

According to estimates by the International Labour Organisation, nearly 21 million people worldwide are trapped in jobs which they cannot leave.
colgate save water ad video

Water scarcity, like climate change, is real. The sooner we accept it, the better for our planet.
Children suffering from HIV/AIDS react to the camera during the "Global AIDS week of action" programme in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad May 23, 2009. REUTERS/Krishnendu Halder (INDIA HEALTH SOCIETY) - RTXM3EE

6 Million kids in India are out of school right now. Even after four years of education, 90% children from poorer households are still illiterate.

Subhadra Murmu is an Adivasi (ST) final year nursing student at Shrirama Chandra Bhanj (SCB) Medical College, Odisha.
PicMonkey Collage
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In our society where gender bias is so pervasive and easily accepted, by not taking action, we are producing a brand of gender-insensitive people.
Children of sex workers, Rekha Shaw (L) and Sanchita Mandal, sit in their room at Soma Home in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata July 14, 2007. Soma Home, set up to protect young girls from being sexually abused or trafficked, is named after a girl who died due to lack of medical attention, programme coordinator Arnab Basu said. REUTERS/Parth Sanyal (INDIA) - RTR1RXD7

This video is about the aspirations of mothers who are sex workers by profession. Do we acknowledge the dreams and visions they have for their children?

The attempt on either side of any debate is to form one perspective and the coercion of humanity is to accept just one version of a story.

You need to listen only to yourself as you watch this.
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One of the most striking features of this film is Dolan's us of the 1:1 aspect ratio to provide his viewers a glimpse into the minds of the protagonists.
jordan pigeon and cat man
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Kareem, a security guard in Jordan, along with his friend, has been taking care of all the neighbourhood cats and pigeons for 25 years.
marital rape girliyapa 2

Watch this and don’t forget the absolutely uncomfortable feeling it leaves you with. Instead, pass it on.
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Despite a lack of basic necessities, 'Himalayan Hockey' has refused to give in and is now aiming for an international win in Kyrgyzstan!
sergei polunin

'Dancer' seems to offer an unprecedented look into the life of a complex young man who continues to transform ballet as we know it.
manual scavenging gujarat

Video Volunteers shot three sanitation workers entering a sewer without protective gear and showed it to the municipality Chief Executive Officer.
alone in a crowd

I don’t know how to be alone. There is a longing that I have never addressed. For even as a child, I knew I was nothing without "you".
paperboat short film rezwaan

This beautiful short film by Paper Boat reminded me of the happiest days of my life and gave me goosebumps.
assam forest man

Jadav Payeng from Majuli has built something of great value for the people of this tiny river island in Assam.
sugarless tea

'Sugarless Tea' by Sai Selvarajan is a beautiful short tale about a postal clerk in Ahmednagar, made by using stop motion and watercolour paintings.
ensaaf sikh riots survivors
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These short videos focus on older generation opening up about the disappearances of their children and grandchildren during 1980s and 1990s.
pinjra tod no more curfew raj

Delhi Commission for Women issued a notice to all registered universities initiating an enquiry based on a report that Pinjra Tod presented as a complaint.

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