Christopher Columbus

'He Didn't Discover America': Here's What America's Original Inhabitants Have To Say About Columbus
Nepalese students holding placards take part in a protest to show solidarity against the border blockade in Kathmandu, Nepal November 27, 2015. The middle hills and the capital Kathmandu have suffered fuel and cooking gas shortages after protesters in the south switched to blocking supplies from India, Nepal's largest trading partner, almost two months ago. Many in Nepal accuse India of supporting the protesters - a charge New Delhi denies. India has expressed its dissatisfaction with parts of the constitution, although it also says it cannot allow trucks to enter Nepal while conditions are unsafe. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar
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The current crisis of Nepal is just a teaser for an even more devastating economic meltdown.
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There are approximately 70 million drug abusers in India. While a crackdown seems right, perhaps we should first study the consequences of drug prohibition.
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Nestlé came out with a report on Monday admitting to labour and human rights abuse in its seafood supply chain for seafood sourced from Thailand.
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Comedians from Pakistan address the prejudice against Muslims and how they themselves are a community that continues to suffer at the hands of terrorism.
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Many young Indian-Americans want nothing to do with India. On the other hand, some are too quick to see it through the lens of a young consultant.
Suu Kyi video

Dear Ms. Suu Kyi, if you wish to lead Myanmar, you also need to open up about the state of minorities and your actual intention for holding power.
Modi protests UK

Modi headed off for another foreign trip in November, this time to the United Kingdom. But not everyone was happy about it.
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Myanmar’s Constitution awards a quarter of its parliament to the military. But that’s not Aung San Suu Kyi’s biggest problem by a long shot.
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Paying respect to one tragedy while also commemorating another does not marginalize either.

Blaming Muslims for Paris Attacks? Think again!
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What happened at Paris is devastating, but French politicians shouldn't jump to conclusions.
Refugee maps BBC

Reporting unfavourably on refugees is not unusual for the BBC.
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The way we respond to the #ParisAttacks will tell us more about our prejudices and our hatreds and the little terrorisms we hold in our hearts.
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Paris experienced one of the most brutal attacks of terrorism ever on 13th November, 2015. People on Twitter and Facebook react to the attack.
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David Guggenheim’s documentary captures Malala’s everyday life as a young teenager and global activist through poignant and often humorous interview scenes.
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Saikat reflects on the 'land of excesses' where life picks up momentum even before you manage to clear customs.
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There is a common belief that Asians are naturally gifted at maths.
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While white non-Muslim shooters in America are labelled "deranged lone shooters", any act of violence by Muslims is called a part of a terror network.
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From seeing ourselves & others as male/female, Asian/Hispanic, lets change our lens and see ourselves & others foremost as human beings.
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Can a resolution as important as this one be a living document-easy, accessible, and in sync with the most pressing needs of women it seeks to stand for?
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Scrapping the one- child policy is definitely a pleasant change in Chinese policy. But, it is not a catch-all solution to China's economic strain.

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