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* If you want link from your site to Youth Ki Awaaz

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Legal actions can also be taken.

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  1. alok 5 years ago

    the images you have taken from around the web are all copyrighted. Contrary to your misconception, images on the web are all by default copyrighted, and hence not in the public domain unless they are explicitly stated to be.

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  2. AJAY JANGIR 5 years ago

    i want to contact to you

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  3. Indrajit 4 years ago

    i have publised an article in ur website and now i want to publish that in a newspaper too, Is is something that i have to take your permission for doing that…

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  4. YouthKiAwaaz 4 years ago

    Hi Indrajit, you can publish it in an offline newspaper, but do try and mention that the post has been published at “”

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  5. vaibhav srinivasan 4 years ago

    I maintain a blog and I had reproduced from My own blog and I take full responsibility for IPR issues for my article. Is that fine to submit an article that was published in my blog?  

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  6. YouthKiAwaaz 4 years ago

    Yes it is fine, Vaibhav.

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  7. arti 4 years ago

    hello… I have found lot of topic and information here…if u don’t mind..i would like to translate those article in my mother tongue…also want to publish in local newspaper…Pls do reply. thank you

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  8. Lavanya Bhamidipati 3 years ago

    Hi, we are writing a paper on social entrepreneurship which is going to be published, and we would like to use two of your articles for it. We would be mentionng youth ki awaz, the artcile name and author in the citations. Is that okay?

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