Youth Ki Awaaz Internship & Training Program (Work-From-Home/Anywhere)

Youth Ki Awaaz Internship & Training Program (Work-From-Home/Anywhere)

Youth Ki Awaaz’s award-winning, work-from-home online journalism internship program has till date coached over 1500 young participants, since 2010, and has become one of the most coveted internships in the country.

The 8 week internship enables young people to become change-makers by disseminating information about vital issues and articulating themselves through a week by week process – and the best part is that the participants can join the program from anywhere – all they need is a computer and an internet connection.

The internship program assists the participants in becoming responsible citizens while preparing them for the most exciting career options. It has been recognized by the International Center For New Media and numerous interns have attained an opportunity to work with esteemed media organizations like The Times Of India and NDTV.

The program is free of cost and there is no fees involved. All interns receive a certificate of work experience after the successful completion of their internship. Rigorous training and feedback is provided to help them improve. If you perform exceptionally well, you might just be considered for a higher position at Youth Ki Awaaz.

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To apply for the internship please download the form and application below and send it in at [email protected], and be patient as we will take a little over a week to get back to you. Also, be aware that the internship works on very strict deadlines and you will be expected to adhere to them properly.

LAST DATE TO APPLY: 30th March, 2016.

In case you are unable to download the internship form, you can do so by clicking here as well. For queries, write to us at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: We look for applicants who are committed and driven individuals. The internship program is a highly coveted one which forces you to think beyond the oblivion and pushes you to enhance yourself. Please apply only if you think you fit the bill.


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    this is present time thing

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  3. Ankur_1290 5 years ago

    I agree…wonderful initiative by these people…looking forward to it…a lovely opportunity for people like us to contribute and make things better than before…

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  5. Shraddha sondhi 5 years ago

    I love this website .
    its relevant,informative,intelligent and a one-of-a-kind .

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  6. Deepak 5 years ago

    A good site to encourage youth.

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  7. MITAMSHI 5 years ago

    Its really a good start up to encourage youth from towns having high capabilities…we can expect the change now by YOUTH KI AWAAZ !

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  9. YouthKiAwaaz 5 years ago

    Thanks Gaurav :)

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    I really like the concept of this blog :)

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