net neutrality

Those of us who wish to see a truly neutral net would do well to remember that the Internet was not created by following the rules
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'To have sex before marriage, to have sex outside of marriage, to not have sex. My choice.'
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Around one in 14 LPG connections is duplicate, or fake!
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I find this defence problematic because it might undo the work that the photograph alone does.
spectre trailer

007 returns in the first 'Spectre' trailer!
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The privatization of educational institutions will lead to the rise of very significant issues.
meri awaaz

No candidate remains a mystery as all their past work and interaction history is easily available in the form of a report card.
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my story

But how could I aspire to be anything but a doctor or an engineer? How could I give up?

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Last night, prime time news television (or a section of it to be more accurate) found its villain of the day to explain India's World Cup loss.

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"You see, I won’t reveal it, because a mystery should remain a mystery till you’ve encountered it"
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