Stories that create impact, drive change – contributed by you.


Stories that create impact, drive change – contributed by you.


Government figures claim that a whopping 53% of children become victims of sexual abuse in India.
politics of the cow

It is a question of one's personal interest to consume any kind of food. How can the state interfere in one's personal affairs by passing a law?
Posted by Palok Singh

Art, creativity and imagination have a greater purpose in life. They are a part of everything that we do in our daily life and help us evolve.
Image source: Ruby Chaudhary

In North India, the kanwar yatra in Shravan month is highly sacrosanct. Delhi to Haridwar is one of the most important routes for this journey of faith.
Pinjra tod bringing down the wall

The Pinjra Tod movement arose around the urge to 'break the cage' that immobilizes women and binds them to patriarchy.
woman desk girl anxious

Suddenly I did not feel good, I did not know what was wrong. It felt like the floor was falling away beneath me and next it felt like I could not breathe.

Modi has been fighting an anti-farmer image ever since the NDA embarked on a massive industrial growth oriented mission.
DUSU Members Abuse Quint Journalists

Two journalists with The Quint went to DU for a story on the ambiguity of sexual consent. They never knew that it would land them up in a police thana.
toilet college dte
staff pick

Jack Sim speaks about India’s sanitation challenge and his plan to start a toilet college in Andhra Pradesh.
akhilesh yadav
Posted by Anand Singh

The electorate across Uttar Pradesh had voted for a government that would provide them with employment and stability throughout the province.
white rat

Animals are often neglected, beaten, or forced to struggle for survival. Animals are killed, maimed and tortured - for our entertainment and monetary gain.
The European Union

Anyone who works for, or consumes the products of any organisation – in other words everyone – would be affected by a UK exit from the European Union.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons. For representation only.

Once a woman crosses the age of 26, there is a constant reminder to her of the roles that she is expected to perform. One of them is getting married.
maitri dore abortion abort the stigma
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Posted by Maitri Dore

Abortion is an important part of sexual and reproductive health. The decision should lie entirely with the woman, without any stigma of being judged for it.

I am disappointed to know that both of you have chosen to not contest in the ensuing Bihar election. I am sure a lot of Biharis share this feeling.

Raghuvirsinh Jadeja, chief of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of the Mandvi tehsil unit, issued a ‘diktat’ barring Muslims from entering any garba events.
water tanker

अचानक गली में एक औरत के चिल्लाने की आवाज़ सुनाई दी। देखा तो लाल साड़ी और ब्लाउज में एक औरत, जिसकी बिंदी और काजल आंसूओं के कारण फैलता जा रहा था।
swacch bharat modi
Posted by shimadrish

Narendra Modi's sanitation policy is quite ambitious and a step in the right direction to realise the Prime Minister's dream of a Clean India by 2019.
kerala beef ban cow india
Posted by Arati Nair

The greater design to curtail one’s freedom to eat food of his or her choice could have grave ramifications for perpetrators of such ridiculous beliefs.
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Sometimes I get busy in my life, and the guilt grows bigger, that how can I forget that integral part of my existence and keep living.
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With a high youth demographic, India is still unable to employ nearly 6 crore of its young population.
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