One of his contemporaries happens to be Milkha Singh, whose victories are celebrated and remembered by the entire country.

In an attempt to break the stigma surrounding the term 'shopaholic', the advertisement ends up revealing harmful stereotypes of its own.
Chairman of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Rajendra Pachauri attends a conference themed ?Climate Change: How on Earth Can We Make a Difference?? organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in New Delhi August 20, 2009. Global negotiations for a new U.N. agreement on climate change are stuck on the question of how much cash or technology rich nations will provide the poorer countries. REUTERS/B Mathur (INDIA ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY POLITICS) - RTR26XIP

TERI alumni have risen up in protest and have refused to accept their degrees from Dr. Pachauri, Chancellor of TERI University, at this year's convocation.
IPCC Working Group III Chairman Rajendra Pachauri attends a news conference to present Working Group III's summary for policymakers at The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Berlin April 13, 2014. REUTERS/Steffi Loos  (GERMANY - Tags: POLITICS ENVIRONMENT) - RTR3L1TB
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Over 3,00,000 idlis and other south Indian delicacies move out from this mini Tamil Nadu into the rest of Mumbai each day.

The horror of what you have been doing slowly dawns on you. Every single thing you order comes with cheap packaging that occupies landfills for millennia.
Indian army soldiers muster at the base camp after coming back from training at Siachen Glacier, October 4, 2003. For 18 years, Pakistani and Indian soldiers have clung to Siachen, which lies north of the end of the Line of Control dividing disputed Kashmir, and just below the border with China. [Siachen is 78 km (48 miles) long and lies at an altitude of 5,400 metres, the world's highest battlefield with temperatures as low as - 60ºC (-76 Farenheit). Picture taken October 4, 2003.] - RTXM8MF

Any withdrawal from the region will open up the Karakoram Pass through which the China-Pakistan highway passes and increase China's access to Leh.

The society needs to revisit some uncomfortable realities instead of being so rigid and imposing the majority's opinion.
chris martin coldplay

My interest lies in demonstrating that Martin’s misunderstanding makes him a culprit in holding millions of Indians captive.

That a celebration of love and equality can evoke such a reaction from the public, just shows what a long way we have to go.
r k laxman
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आर के लक्ष्मण एक ऐसा नाम है जिसे सुनते ही दिमाग में 'आम आदमी' की एक ऐसी छवि उभर आती है जिसकी गहरी पीड़ा को उन्होंने अत्यंत ही सहजता से समक्ष प्रस्तुत किया। 

In a world beset with opinions contradicting each other at every step, and clamouring to fight for attention, how do we know when to stop thinking?
Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), briefs the media on the Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva June 7, 2012. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse (SWITZERLAND - Tags: POLITICS ENVIRONMENT HEADSHOT) - RTR3384J
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Section 377
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There seems no logical basis for retaining this draconian law, one that was established in the 1800s and should have been scrapped by now.
chhatedi bhuj gujarat

While I searched for must-visit places in Bhuj for my Kutch trip, I had no idea about Chhatedi.
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