Stories that create impact, drive change – contributed by you.


Stories that create impact, drive change – contributed by you.

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The idea of attacking poverty by increasing mobile connectivity in a country that ranks 55 in the Global Hunger Index is just fantasy.
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The JDU-Congress-RJD grand alliance is in a tizzy because of the 'Owaisi factor' that has the potential to polarize the electorate on communal lines.
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The initial aim of the website was to publish detailed reports of all the events taking place on campus.
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Posted by Anurag

Gandhi was not a leader and never asked anyone to follow him. He was an alchemist. An alchemist who could take an ordinary man and turn him into a Gandhi.
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Malala's brush with death, makes her more fearless, like director Davis Guggenheim puts it.
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Cows are holy to a certain population in the same way pork is profane to another. The problem arises when one forces their opinions over another.
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The documentary shows several members associated with Sangh parivar confessing to several crimes.
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Posted by Kanika Sori

The 'holy cow' myth is just food fascism. This culinary politics is nothing but an attempt to wipe out cultural identities.
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The human trafficking problem in the country is so huge that an organisation along the lines of Narcotics Control Bureau is being created to deal with its victims.
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Men are not usually "allowed" to be victims.
FInal Saathi

Saathi is a group of students of IIT Bombay, who are trying to create an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance of LGBTQ people on the campus.
Posted by Anurag

Someday, you might hear about a mob of straight people lynching a person because, say, he is ‘rumored’ to be a homosexual.
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With the success of Sujoy Ghosh’s Ahalya, a tectonic revolution has happened concerning online platforms as well as short films.
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Thinking about college? Get an idea about all the kinds of undergraduate degrees that are being offered to you.
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India has changed in myriad ways after Independence, but not in the way Gandhi envisioned it. The problems of the past have now escalated.
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Reports suggest that 63.4% of greenhouse gas emissions in India are due to the livestock industry.
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On the first anniversary of the Swachh Bharat Mission, we can only see a city struggling to pick up the pieces after the Prime Minister.
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A mob lynched Mohammad Akhlaq following rumours of beef consumption. Akhlaq was brutally murdered, his son critically injured and family scarred for life.
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Nurse Lajos Zoltan Jecs was in Kunduz trauma hospital when the facility was struck by a series of aerial bombing raids on Saturday morning.
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campus watch
Posted by Riad Azam

Identity politics is permeating colleges in India and the targeting of minority institutions is part of a larger 'saffronizing' project of the RSS.
kerala women
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How is it that these two states that are amongst the relative better-developed regions fare so differently when it comes to gender-based discrimination?
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