Youth Ki Awaaz in the Press

Over the past few years Youth Ki Awaaz has emerged as one of the strongest youth voices in India. Our one-of-a-kind approach and creation of a highly interactive platform — ensuring youth awareness, development and empowerment through online journalism has led us to be featured in a number of journalism outfits, both national and international. Please find below the links to the quotes and coverage we got —

  1. Of chai, change and winning ideas – Telegraph India
  2. Giving young people a voice – Open Knowledge/Allianz
  3. Express yourself (Youth Ki Awaaz Internship) – Education Times/Times of India
  4. Top Student forums you could join – Hindustan Times
  5. Mouthpiece of the Youth – Democratic World Magazine
  6. The youth get a deeper voice – Yahoo! India
  7. Youth Into Blogging To Express Themselves
  8. AlJazeera: Strong India roll reaction online
  9. Zee News: Delhi Slams Mumbai In Blogs
  10. Vote Report India: India’s First Digital Elections Evoke Strong Reactions Online
  11. Youth Radio: Politician In India Wants Youth On His Side
  12. Th!nk About It: Best 2010 E-Projects Developed by Youth
  13. Business Day: Sack of banker to the poor
  14. Global Voices Online: India: Challenges Of A Single Working Woman
  15. Missouri School of Journalism: New Smith/Patterson Fellow to Focus Her Health and Science Journalism on Poverty Issues in India, China and Africa
  16. YouthKiAwaaz: Online ‘mouthpiece’ for youth across India
  17. SPAN Magazine: Youth Make Headlines
  18. Der Standard (German/Austrian): Zwischen Kastensystem und Konkurrenzkampf – Bildung International – › Bildung
  19. HT City names Youth Ki Awaaz amongst the TOP 5 most influential blogs: Delhi’s date with blogging.
  20. Interview with Anshul Tewari, Founder and Editor — DU Beat

Coverage of the Youth Ki Awaaz Mobile YouthLine

  1. YouthKiAwaaz launches mobile platform to take action on social causes –
  2. Mobil(e)isation of youth – The Times of India


  1. Kamal Yadav 4 years ago

    what is going in India if a person work anywhere in India and live. In these days MNS chief raj says Bihario ko mumbai se khader denge and Indian gov is watching as a helpless person or handicapped. But it is not showing good for India and indian politics. hardly raj does not know a Bihari has a capacity, they do hard work and make a a position for them. In education field or any where, most of bihari people are clear IAS every year. this is top most competetion in india, could raj stop this.
    raj can not do any thing, he only chatter. this is bad thing no one is stand in against of raj when he is wrong. no any youth organization, no anna hajare party and baba ramdev party.
    they all are make bred on corruption and black money.
    so watch truly not partialy

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