The Team Behind Youth Ki Awaaz

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A group to look up to in the future. Has the capability to turn the tables around. All the very Best Anshul; you will always find me cheering you 😉


Thanks a lot Ritesh, for your kind words and motivation. People like you keep us going :)


Hello Anshul,

I have been watching YKA since the days when it had just begin. I am happy to see that you are moving in the right direction. My wishes will always be with you. Please do not forget to inform me whenever you decide to do something about YKA Hindi version. I shall be more than happy to contribute.

Bye for now!



Thanks a lot, Sumant. Do keep us in your wishes :) And yes, I will get to you very soon regarding YKA Hindi.


Hi there a way I could parter with you start a similar initiative in my place?...let me know..perhaps we can chat more over phone if you can email me your number..

In Solidarity



Hey Ragavi, let's discuss over email. Do mail me at the ID given above :)


Nice work guys. Keep it up


Good work ...keep doing..wish if we can connect for save the girl child campaign...? pls visit,, Wish if your network of journalists could do a story, debate and opinion pole and online signature in favour of save the girl the way, our is a individual social responsibility volunteering based campaign , not a society or trust.  you may reach me at [email protected] ... or on facebook 


I read somewhere on your site - 
Do not copy! It is just unethical and done by trolls. Trust us! 

and one of your team member copies the stuff, just what trolls do. 


Hi Abhishek, we were not aware of this. We have taken immediate note of this and have removed the slide. We definitely would not produce copied content, and this is embarrassing. We shall make sure this does not happen again.

Abhishek Shah

Thanks a ton! Really Appreciated. Was this someone from your team? or someone representing you? 


It was a contributor. Since we work on a crowd-sourced content model, users can contribute, and this was the case here too. The problem was, we could not check the authentication of the PDF file. Anyhow, thanks once again :)


good job....really impresive....good luck


Very Impressive job you all are doing.!! Congo and keep it up.!


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