Petrol Prices

By Nandini Ray: Is India on its way back to Stone Age? With the inflation rate still stuck at an uncontrollable 9.72 percent in September, withholding the Indian economy at its edge, even a mere whisper of the word ‘hike’ could make any citizen of the nation almost lying next to its death bed. Apparently […]

By Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar: Imagine the day when the magic-figure of 9% growth is heralded into the makeshift shanties of the nomadic destitute. Imagine the day when pseudo-developmental models do not constitute the LOC dividing the haves and haves-not. Imagination was never taxed, though the act in itself, in today’s monotonous and ‘rational’ world, is highly […]

By Pushkal Shivam: The impracticability of the task that I have chosen for myself is manifesting itself in a manner the difference between theory and practice does. Sure, last five days have made me conscious of an abyss of despair that underlies our society. And many keep their conscience intact by staying oblivious of this […]
Giridhari and Jyotish

By Pushkal Shivam: This is Part 4 of a 7 part series. The problem with trying to act ‘poor’ is that no one believes you. So when I asked a fruit seller for exactly three bananas, he paused to look at me from head to toe. I couldn’t have spent more than Rs. 12. Anything […]
Pushkal's Rs. 32

By Pushkal Shivam: This is part 3 of our 7 day series. The festivities of Dussehra, which symbolize the triumph of good over evil, seem pale in the face of starvation. God, religion and customs are but secondary to the basic human necessity of food. The foyer of my hostel, adorned with buntings, was bustling […]
Having meal with Roza

By Pushkal Shivam: This is part 2 of our 7 part series on experiencing how it is to live on Rs. 32 a day. “Poverty is the worst form of violence” and hunger perpetrates this form of violence against its hapless victims. The planning commission has ‘clarified’ that the welfare entitlements will be de-linked from […]
I had to settle for Parle G for my lunch.

By Pushkal Shivam: “The official poverty lines do not measure poverty any more; they measure destitution”, wrote Professor Utsa Patnaik in The Hindu. In the affidavit to the Supreme Court, the Planning Commission had pegged the poverty line at Rs. 4824 for a family of five in urban areas and Rs. 3905 for a family […]

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