Petrol Prices

Petrol prices in India have been hiked again. The petrol is one such fuel which has propelled the cycle of development in India and would continue to do so if either the petrol stays or the people buying them survive any further.

The men who presently need some help with this essential constant of the human psyche are the stalwarts in UPA-II, even as time and again they seem to be obstinate enough not to accept certain facets of India.

Living on Rs. 32 a day is not easy at all. Sleeping, with its own limitations, is one tactic which can be employed to evade hunger. The downside, though, is that hunger hits you harder when you wake up.
Giridhari and Jyotish

It is not easy to live on Rs. 32 a day. At the end of the Day 4, my exposure to the miseries of the urban poor further accentuates the importance of the privileges that I have in my life.
Pushkal's Rs. 32

The planning commission announced the below poverty line to be Rs 32 a day spending per person. Is it really enough, or is it travesty of a meal? Pushkal finds out.
Having meal with Roza

Rs. 32 is grossly insufficient to cover the expenses on food let alone other items. A person living on that amount can only be considered as someone condemned to a life of self-perpetuating penury.
I had to settle for Parle G for my lunch.

Life on Rs. 32 a day seems beyond the realm of possibility let alone practicability. The fact, though, is that above lines serve only to accentuate the miseries that a substantial chunk of our population is faced up with.

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