The discussion on Twitter about the fifth edition of the Indian Premier League on the day of its Opening Ceremony.
poverty line

The new criteria classified  people whose daily consumption expenditures exceeded Rs. 22.42 and Rs 28.65 in rural and urban areas, respectively, as being above the poverty line. The online social world, as an obvious consequence, reacted instantly.
election tweets

As the election results are declared today, 6th March, 2012, YKA Editor Aditi Annapurna tracks popular conversations about the political pageant happening on Twitter. Check out the top tweets below.
Women's Day

An insight into the Feminist's Perspective of the state of The Woman in the world, what remains to be achieved and what men have to do with the day.
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A take on the debate around the recently-held Referendum in Syria. Is this symbolic of a New Beginning, or a Premonition of the chaos that is to follow?

An interesting list of the countries that are increasingly gathering popularity as tourist destinations, and are giving their conventional counterparts significant competition.

The article talks about the ever-changing nature of language, and specifically looks at English as an example of one which earlier belonged to the British, but is now a global language.

The article discusses the issue around the screening of the documentary based conflict-ridden Kashmir, and proponents re-affirming the Freedom of Expression.

Wondering why you must attend TEDxConnaughtPlace? Here we give you 8 reasons which you just cannot afford to reject. So read on!

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