joyous life

By Ajay Rana: Life begins with our de novo synthesis of consciousness right from the birth. Our mind starts to think and relate with the immediate surroundings. It grows slowly and then starts to mature not only in size but also in thinking. The first and foremost thing that comes and remains forever is making […]
Women in india

By Ajay Rana: Women: Women are symbol of love (The Roman Goddess Venus) and continuity of human race on earth. They bear the fervidity that defies all the recalcitrant hurdles in the journey of their life. They are the fairer sex of human race and are truly regarded as a heavenly sculpted structure that cares […]
Radioactive materials

By Ajay Rana: Introduction: Radioactive materials are the substances having property of emitting light and particles which can be utilized for various modern applications and energy meet discussed below briefly or else are extremely hazardous for the life system on earth. They are routinely used in academics, industries and nuclear power plants for a wide […]

By Ajay Rana: Ruling the World but Slaving the Poor This world is going at a speedy rate that does not care who is left behind. Love, sex and desires chase everyone till the end of life. But alas! No one is happy with what he or she possesses at present. Every day I see […]
energy access to poor

By Ajay Rana: The Energy-Poverty-Environment Nexus on Earth We all continuously need energy to work and progress. Energy is flowing through the earth natural and man made systems in many different forms and harnessing of efficient energy from the flow is the target for development and sustenance of happy human life on earth at present scenario. […]

By Ajay Rana: Our build-up and activities are regulated from the action of 30,000 genes. They are also known as DNA and reside in each of our cells in the body. Some of them work continuously to maintain the normal physiology and provide energy to it, while others switch on and off according to the […]
helping hand

By Ajay Rana: Life is a miracle. Nobody knows why there is genesis and ends of life and for what purpose we are here. Human has dominated this world to such an extent no other species would have dominated this planet in the past, eating away all the available resources to a dead end extinct. […]
rural communication

By Ajay Rana: Today we live in a TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) age where people are educated with the aid of advanced technology and design. India too has moved into the TED world where information is being shared for speedy, strategic and global development of the people. The means of information like TV channels, […]

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