joyous life

Probability, Pragmatism and Punctuality are the Three Principles Programming A Prosperous Journey Of Life. Ajay Rana elucidates on this topic and tells us more.
Women in india

India is a land of diversity and the diversity can be found in the levels of living of women in India. India is in the midst of a great revolution for conditions of women.
Radioactive materials

Radioactive materials are the substances having property of emitting light and particles which can be utilized for various modern applications and energy meet discussed below briefly or else are extremely hazardous for the life system on earth.

It is our prime duty to look for the betterment of marginal and no one should be left behind and differentiated on the basis of caste, creed or colour but opportunities should be provided to them on individual-basis, community-basis or country-basis whatever, whichever and whenever is feasible..
energy access to poor

The poor should be taught about the environment damage from burning of high carbon content natural fuels like coal and wood which has unending devastating results like deforestation, air pollution and global warming. Every dollar spent on the transition to more efficient low-carbon energy systems in rural areas has the potential to produce greater human development, savings, and carbon mitigation returns than in more industrialized areas.

The cost of medicating an individual with their personalized genome is going to hit the bottom soon. It will be quite interesting to the common mass by 2014 to fantasize the molecular therapy of the disease with all the causal information decoded as sequence in the own hands of the patient. It is going to be a miracle in medical therapy and boon to the good health of the society and the coming generation too.
helping hand

In the current scenario, if there is anything that can save the world it is helping others in whatever way we can. Citizen philanthropy has become an eminent part of the much desired change. Are you up for it?
rural communication

The need of the hour is to make important information available to the young rural populace so that they could help transform their lives and their livelihood. Here are some tips for those willing to transform his/her land of birth, neglected due to the lack of proper knowledge, information and choice of work.

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