By Amrita Nayak-Dutta: India is a land of traditions. Tradition steeped in societal upheavals dictated by each ruling dynasty which came and went by leaving an everlasting impact on the evolving socio-cultural landscape of what started as Indus valley civilization. There are endless tales of emperors and their conquests and fiefdoms with each historian giving […]

By Amrita Nayak-Dutta: It is rightly said that being a woman is one of the biggest challenge for mankind from the Almighty. From time immemorial, the dainty shoulder of a woman has been bestowed upon some of the enormous responsibilities of everyday life. However, the basic inclinations and interests of the woman have seldom mattered […]

By Amrita Nayak-Dutta: Like there are two sides of a coin, incorporation of any foreign language in the Indian school curriculum has its pros and cons. This however would not include English as it already is a major language in the country since Independence. If I am asked, I would be all in favor of […]
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By Amrita Nayak-Dutta: Ever had a plastic bottle fly out of a car window and almost hit you in the face as you walk on the pedestrian walkway? You go to a supermarket, do some shopping and you are charged three rupees extra on your bill for a plastic bag. You head out for your […]
puran poli

By Amrita Nayak-Dutta: As the festival of colors arrived once again in its full splendor, the long forgotten taste of Puran Polis rushes me back to the memory lane. I fondly recalled how I eagerly waited for the polis to be made and served hot with a big dollop of clarified butter in the Maharashtrian […]

By Amrita Nayak-Dutta: In today’s busy times, not everybody or every organization has the patience to shell out time, effort, money which are the three pre requisites of doing something good for needy people. One of those efforts can be seen as Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development (SEED), which is a noble venture of Schlumberger, […]

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