The article recounts the enriching mythology India has inherited, and its expansion through television and other forms of new media.

Discusses the roles and responsibilities of woman in today's times, and the boundaries many break by going into other work outside the house

With the ever increasing demands in the employment scenario, it is a regular affair for professionals to travel offshore for work.
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We do not realise that it takes about 400 years to decompose a plastic cup and the otherwise-harmless paper bags take even more time to decompose. But in spite of knowing this, we carry a lackadaisical attitude.
puran poli

The article is a insightful food review on the Maharashrian dish Puran Poli. The writer gives some interesting facts about the amazing delicacy.

SEED is a venture of Schlumberger, a renowned Oilfield company, towards furthering the educational needs of the underprivileged students in different parts of the world.

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