A peaceful protest by Dalits is met with state aggression. 6 Dalits killed and over 30 injured, no culprit brought to justice till date.

The other castes from the village have illegally occupied Dalit crematoriums and do not allow bodies of deceased Dalits to be buried there.

Another case of untouchability, where barbers refuse to touch Dalits or service them because they belong to a lower caste.

When Dalit youths of a village decided to participate in the festivities at a local Shiva temple, they were barred from entering.

Once the child is born, the touch of a midwife is deemed unacceptable to the mother and child - she is treated as an untouchable outcast.

Untouchability in housing: Even the smallest of villages are laid out along caste lines. The Dalit community is confined to its own ghetto.

This is untouchability in its worst form. The cast system in India still demands the lowest caste to do filhty jobs and are treated badly.

This video proves how untouchability is not a phenomenon of the past, and still takes place in villages and cities. Watch to believe.

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