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By Asmita Sarkar: On the outskirts of Bangalore, in Lakshmipura village, situated near the Bannerghatta National Park, residents woke up to a nightmarish reality on the morning of 20th July 2015. An abandoned quarry pit of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) emanated intermittent bursts of fire and smoke while pungent smell filled the air […]
Western Ghats

By Pandurang Hegde: Agumbe is a small village perched on the mountain range of Western Ghats in Karnataka. It is also called the Cheerapunji of South India as it receives the highest rainfall. It is a popular tourist destination, where people come to watch the sunset from the heights of Western Ghats overlooking the Arabian […]
Students working with teachers – preparing for 2nd students council election

By Somya Dimri: “I will try to solve problems of my friends and ensure that everyone gets equal opportunity to participate in school events”, said Kushnaaz Begum (13) of 8th standard in Al- Azhar foundation school, as soon she was elected the new head girl of her school. As a part of their human rights […]

By Hemant Kumar: In the last few years, ‘the rise of the states’ phenomenon has been the main feature of our new pro-growth polity. Credit should go to those laggard states (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha) which understood the fiscal as well as the political incentives of good governance and growth. Once feared good economics become […]

Bangalore came out to protested against Section 377 – the draconian section of the Indian Penal Code that criminalizes gay sex between consenting adults, and other forms of unnatural sex. Bangalore youth came out in the Bangalore metro to protest against Section 377. Below is a photograph of the protest that showcases how Bangalore youth […]

peace autos 1

Auto drivers in Bangalore are collectively known for their unacceptable attitude towards passengers. This is a one sided argument which portrays all auto drivers of Bangalore as “bad boys“. There is a huge gap between auto drivers and passengers. There is no trust among each other. This is dangerous as auto rickshaws in Bangalore are […]

By Saumyata Joshi: To maintain the decorum of a class the most notorious kids are made the monitors; as the potential students to create a ruckus take up responsibility in their hands, peace prevails. It is an example of ‘role-reversal’ and ‘reverse psychology’ (technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behaviour that is opposite to […]
Ice ride Global Day of Action Mumbai 2 © Hemant Singh

By Ignatius Joseph: Bangalore and Mumbai rode for the Arctic on September 15, 2013 when hundreds of people gathered for a cycle rally in both cities to challenge oil corporations like Shell who are trying to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic region. The rallies, called Ice Rides, were part of a Greenpeace global day […]

By Aditi thakker: Section 377 of the Indian penal Code may have been repealed in favour of the LGBTQ population of India, but has the country really come to accept gays and lesbians? From what I have witnessed and heard, the LGBTQ community is still ostracized. The ‘gay’ talk is not only taboo in the […]
ejipura demolition

By Lata Jha:  Think of the first medal, trophy or certificate you won as a child. It could be for the most trivial spelling contest, but it still occupies just as much a huge space in your heart, doesn’t it? It’s more than just victory or the ecstasy of it, it’s a sign of your […]

By Daphne Clarance: Summer holidays are the best. They are like the TV commercials after a prolonged monotonous movie, a video game played by a 10 year-old after a day’s homework forced by his mother, it’s like David Phelps swimming in a clear ocean, or shopping spree for a shopaholic, or maybe a High School […]

By Ignatius Joseph: Bangalore witnessed ‘Happy Brinjals‘ celebrating their status as free of any genetic modification (GM) on February 9. Greenpeace volunteers dressed in smiling Brinjal costumes were joined by Bangaloreans when they walked across M.G. Road in the epic Beatles’ Abbey Road style, holding a banner, exhorting citizens to “Imagine… A GM-Free Future.” February 9 […]

By Shruti Kesavan: “A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.” –Anonymous Ever wanted to just disappear from your office table piled with unfinished files or even detest going back home to an unclean room? This is something which all of us invariably experience every waking day […]

By Rahul Mehta: When I last visited Bangalore, about four years ago, I could not help but notice the poor quality of footpaths in the city. True, I was there for only two months and frequented very few parts of the place, but I always used to wonder how hard it would be for my […]

By Ripun Chhabra: Once a city to be bragged about, Bangalore is now facing a threat to its tag of cleanliness. It seems as if the city’s cleanliness is going extinct. Over 5000 tons of garbage, heaps up from the daily waste. With the formation of such an enormous mountain, the city is in danger […]

By H. Bhavan Meitei: Most of the investigations being ordered by the government in the North-east or cases related to this region were ‘inconclusive’ and people calmly swallowed alone in the darkness. The recent case of the alleged murder of Richard Loitam, an engineering student from Manipur is no exception. When the nation was celebrating […]

By Bhavita Kukreja: We the citizens of India are all aware of the sad reality that despite all the development we have undergone, there are many families who starve to death because they cannot afford three square meals a day. Even today many children are malnourished. The state of Karnataka alone has quite a few […]

By Abhishyant Kidangoor: Following rumours of an impending attack on people from the Northeast, major cities in the South like Bangalore and Hyderabad are facing a mass exodus of North-eastern workers and students. Reacting to text messages, chain emails and messages on social networking sites, Bangalore citizens hailing from the Northeast fear of being targeted […]

By Saurabh Thapa: It was quite an eventful day in the country’s third most populous state. In addition to the humdrum throng of hasty IT workers, ambling shoppers and chirpy students, the busy roads that entail the responsibility of directing people to their dreams (Bangalore: the entrepreneurial capital of India) were also filled by some […]

By Shobhit Agarwal: What has been India’s greatest export to the USA in the past decade? It is not cotton yarn and fabrics; it is not drugs and pharmaceuticals and it, most certainly, isn’t gems and jewels. It is a vast mix of white-collar professionals, particularly Doctors and Engineers. Bangalore has long been making waves […]

By Anila Kurian: We live in a metropolitan city where we have no time for anything at all. We wake up in the morning, go to work, come back home and repeat the same routine day after day. And on the weekends, we either prefer to stay at home or party like animals after a […]

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