Underestimating culture shock illustrates the subconscious manner in which we all construct our ideas of ‘normal’ within our native cultural contexts.
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Bangalore's is a tale of two cities, of two kinds of people: intelligent, hospitable, awesome kind. And then there's the immigrant-hating jingoistic kind.
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What’s the latest around the world today? Curated for you from the interwebz, here’s a quick morning fix to keep you updated. In 140 characters at that!
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With increasing options for education, growth of IT and business, Bangalore is a career base and launch-pad for students and entrepreneurs alike,

The landlord-tenant relationship has to go hand in hand like a marriage, if not, all hell breaks loose.
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On the outskirts of Bangalore, in Lakshmipura village, residents woke up to a nightmarish reality on the morning of 20th July 2015.
Western Ghats

The forest cover in hill areas should be 66 percent, to provide ecological security. However, in reality the forest cover is less than 10 percent!
Students working with teachers – preparing for 2nd students council election

With this, the children can suddenly feel empowered - the feeling that they have the right to be heard makes all the difference.

Despite being endowed with natural resources, Jharkhand is politically mismanaged, poorly governed, and has emerged as an example of ‘Dwarf State’

Bangalore youth protested against Section 377, and this one photo showcases how.

This is hilarious. "I am not into politics" seems to be the phrase of 2013 for Bangalore
peace autos 1

He says “you can't change anybody by complaining or by hating. It’s possible only through friendship and love ".

An attempt to change the perverted mentality of the society is unique and challenging in itself.
Ice ride Global Day of Action Mumbai 2 © Hemant Singh

Increases in CO2 levels and global temperatures caused the sea ice in the Arctic to melt and this shows us the alarming consequence of burning fossil fuels.

To fill the vacuum created by the lack of a common media platform, a radio station QRadio has been set up in Bangalore for the LGBTQ community of the city
ejipura demolition
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Between the 18th and 21st of January this year, more than 6000 residents were thrown out of their homes in the EWS Quarters in Ejipura, Bangalore

Daphne Clarance talks about her vacation trip. The scenic beauty, the mouth-watering food, will make you crave for a vacation like hers.

Ignatius Joseph throws light on some crucial facts about GM food and how Greenpeace India celebrated the third Year Of Bt Brinjal Moratorium in Bangalore .

A group of deer sipping water in the pond or a beautiful peacock with her little ones, one second you would see an otter whisk past you and then a curious wild buffalo stares at you.

The article talks about the dilapidated state of footpaths in Bangalore: "The possibility of tripping over a protruding brick on a footpath is very high, especially for children and the aged, not to mention, the disabled."

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike passed an ordinance this Thursday stating that the citizens need to segregate the waste at residential level, and failing to do so, they will be fined: Are all the measures against garbage being taken because of the upcoming elections?

Richard Loitam from Manipur was found murdered in his hostel room allegedly by his roommates on 18th April, 2012 in Bangalore: Like many other cases, this case also remained inconclusive. When it comes to cases involving people from the North-East, there is surety of inconclusiveness and incompleteness

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