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DM of Gopalganj Rahul Kumar explains why he ate food cooked by a widow in an interview with Youth Ki Awaaz.
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Despite the claim of high enrollment rates, Bihar lags behind severely when it comes to the percentage of children who complete their schooling.
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In 1990, L.K Advani led a 'rath yatra' across the country, gathering followers to demolish the Babri Masjid. Here's what Lalu Yadav had to say about it.
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We wait throughout the year to celebrate Diwali, but these clay workers in Bihar wait for it to earn a respectful amount of money.
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For more than ten years now, Kisto has been using her voice to spread health messages in her community. Messages about a known but forgotten disease- kala azar.
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Despite all the analyses, no one is ready to predict anything. One thing is certain – it will be a close contest. Till then, it's curtains drawn.
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Mandal may bear Dalit fury in this Bihar elections 2015.
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The JDU-Congress-RJD grand alliance is in a tizzy because of the 'Owaisi factor' that has the potential to polarize the electorate on communal lines.
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Someday, you might hear about a mob of straight people lynching a person because, say, he is ‘rumored’ to be a homosexual.
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It remains to be seen whether the core caste groups of Nitish and Lalu can come together to take on a resurgent BJP after a decade of mutual hostility.
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Although Bihar has one of the lowest proportion of young people, unemployment for them is higher at 17.5% than the national average of 13%.

This investigation, that included analzying police records across 18 districts of Bihar, shows a three-fold spike in communal incidents in the last two years.

This community was completely ignored when electricity was provided in the nearby villages.
bihar cheating scandal.

"I have no experience of being a student in Bihar, but plenty of being one in Delhi; and I don't need to look too far back to quote an instance of cheating."
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"It’s heartening to see the transformation taking place right before our eyes."
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These women form just the tip of the iceberg. There are many women throughout the country who have been married off before they could be legally married.
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“All I want is a road, a school, and a hospital for our people. They work so hard. It will help the women and children in our village.”

Examine what? An examination makes sense if one has been taught or has had a chance at learning at least
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Emotionally vulnerable and physically weak, this woman in one of Bihar’s most backward districts was forced to have a painful delivery at home
Nitish and Manjhi

The political drama finally ended in Bihar on 20th February when CM Jitan Ram Manjhi resigned from his post before facing the trust motion in the House.
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The battle for supremacy in Bihar is truly exciting and intriguing.

This is a peculiar situation and a few basic questions regarding the instability and chaos in Bihar remain unanswered.

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