By Rohan Seth: Back in the day when there were no cellphones and people didn’t have to text/whatsapp each other a million times to meet, everyone would get together at the park for a game of cricket. Childhood aberrations can be peculiar and a portly senior at the colony park who was also my neighbour […]

By Ojaswini Srivastava: First thing – I am a Bihari and I am extremely proud of it. Second thing – I am not dumb, unaware, strange or uneducated. Lately I have been very disturbed. I feel angry, bitter, irritated, disturbed, restless and pathetic. Generally I am not a person who can be easily offended and […]

By Lata Jha: After spending two years away from home in college in a different city, a couple of us friends sat together, reminiscing. The most interesting, unforgettable moment of the conversation for me came from a friend, an engineering student in Bangalore who told me what her super imaginative classmates there envisioned our school […]
Villagers in Dharnai, Bihar at the Gram Sabha meet for the Bihar Rural Electrification Micro Grid Project give their 'go ahead' for the Rural Electrification Micro Grid Project.

By Ignatius Joseph: Greenpeace today announced a one of its kind rural electrification model based on a smart micro grid in Dharnai village in Jehanabad district of Bihar. This ambitious solar powered micro-grid is being installed to showcase that the real solution for rural electrification lies in Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE). Co-implemented with BASIX and Centre […]

By Aditi Saraswat: News, articles and write ups on Bihar and it’s state of governance, law and order, economic progress, growth rate, investment in public utilities etc. were very congratulatory and encouraging until this April. Bihar’s growth rate was 14.48% in 2012-2013, against a national of 5. Even while the per capita income lagged behind […]

By Neha Mayuri: Smelling a conspiracy behind the unfortunate incident in Bihar, The Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has alleged that the BJP and the RJD had a “secret understanding” to fetch a political gain from the tragedy and implemented this “Conspiracy Theory.” BJP has joined RJD’s Lalu Prasad Yadav and LJP’s Ram Vilas Paswan in […]
Meanwhile, when the food was being prepared

By Nihal Parashar: At a time when the Mid Day Meal incident from Bihar is making to national news, I’d like to share an experience I had some three years back, in mid 2010 if I remember correctly. I was helping a social activist friend of mine who was conducting a survey in primary schools […]

By Nihal Parashar: The news of children dying after having mid-day meal in Chapra is extremely unfortunate. The toll of dead children has risen to 22. This is not for the first time that children have died after having mid-day meal in Bihar or India. Unfortunately our government has not learned from past experiences, otherwise […]
nitish kumar

By Sanchita Srivastava: “Irreconcilable differences” were cited as the reason behind the decision of Mr Nitish Kumar to put an end to the 17-year long relationship between the Janta Dal (United) and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Apparently, since the declaration of Mr Narendra Modi as NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate seemed inevitable, Mr Kumar, who […]
mountain man

By Meghana Rathore: It is a belief deeply entrenched among the Indian folks that one person cannot alone make a difference. It sounds pretty legitimate too. We are a country with such a huge population count that it seems just appropriate to get away with everything by stating this general parlance-“we cannot do it alone”. […]

By Nihal Parashar: Little more than a decade back NDA had some 24 coalition partners which has drastically come down to 3. JD(U)’s exit from NDA brings forth many questions which NDA, especially BJP, has to answer. BJP called Bihar bandh today. Senior Bihar BJP leaders were spotted on the streets of Patna protesting against […]

By Chanchal Paswan: Dear Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Ji, I am a 19 year old girl from Patna. My dream was to become a computer engineer and make my family proud. Last year, my dreams were shattered after I had acid poured on my face. Anil, Ghanshyam, Baadal and Raja used to harass me in my […]

By Vivek Sugandh: Biharis are always considered as that section of India which lacks the facile sophistication and has been looked as a synonym for abuse, illiteracy and foul. The recent issue which re ignited this issue and made a striking impact on my mind is the statement made by Mr. Ravager, “Raj Thackeray ” […]
Raj Thackeray

By Karmanye Thadani: We have several clowns in our political circles to keep us entertained, though at times, the actions of these clowns cost some sections of the society dear. Raj Thackeray, a politician raising slogans of linguistic-regional intolerance, had been quite forgotten in the national arena until the clown decided to resurface again. This […]

By Bhavita Kukreja: Have any of us ever wondered how difficult it would be for a mother to sell her child to another woman owing to reasons beyond her control? Now you might be wondering why any mother would sell her child for any reason whatsoever. It after all is the dream of every woman […]
Raj Thackeray

By Neha Bhandarkar: Do you remember your Civics lessons in school? The ones we studied as part of the social science subject where we were taught about the constitution of the country. From what I recall, I remember the basic fundamental rights, entitled to all the citizens of India. One of the seven recognised rights […]
Raj Thackeray

By Raghawendra Deo: A seemingly innocuous letter regarding a normal procedure to be followed between two Governments created a little flutter which was enough for banter buzzing media houses. However, the Bihar Government should have exercised more restraint in intimidating to launch criminal proceedings against the police of other state for abduction. First of all, […]

By Shubhodeep Datta: In 1980 Bihar Assembly elections, Nitish Kumar stood from Harnaut, a stronghold of his fellow Kurmis. He lost the elections to a ‘bahubali’ Kurmi who presented the face of OBC mobilisation, right at the time when everyone were screaming ‘Mandalisation’. “The paradox of Nitish’s identity in the election was that while the […]

By Twesh Mishra: For a state that was once the vanguard of ‘Bimaru’(ill) states, Bihar has shown unprecedented improvement. Arising as a phoenix from ashes of misgovernance, the state has been widely publicised for exhibiting phenomenal growth since the ascent of Nitish Kumar as the CM of the state. But when delving deeper into Bihar’s […]

Prashant Kumar a student of SRM University Chennai sends us this beautiful photograph of the Krishna Ghat in Patna, Bihar. Have a photo to submit? Submit it via the Submissions page. Click here.
GDP Bihar

By Manisha Chachra: Ranked amongst the Bimaru states, regarded as the hub of potential resources but with no hope of development- Bihar, recently achieved an economic growth of 13.1%, which was the highest among the all the states. No wonder, the figures did astound many of us. As a matter of fact, one couldn’t believe […]

By Raghawendra Deo: The death of Mukhiya Ji is being seen by many as a start of new chapter in the history of caste clashes in Bihar which has been in calm for a decade. He formed the Ranvir Sena in the mid-nineties by amalgamating the fringe private armies to counter the threat of ‘land […]

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