Despite being endowed with natural resources, Jharkhand is politically mismanaged, poorly governed, and has emerged as an example of ‘Dwarf State’
Super 30
Posted by Akhil Kumar

Anand Kumar is ushering in a revolution in the hinterlands of India by equipping youth to dream big through his education initiative 'Super 30'
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In this election cycle, who would your fear and divisive vote be for? This time around, give hope a chance.
Members of the Bihar Ambedkar Students' Forum hold sessions with Dalit students to engage them in discussions on contemporary politics so that they can keep all the relevant issues in mind when they vote.

Not too long ago, Ashok Paswan, of Bihar, believed that politics was evil; a platform where the power hungry got together to cheat innocent people of a life

I always thought of myself as a Delhiite and tried my heart out to make the boys at the park believe that I wasn’t from Bihar.

On reality TV and comedy shows too my state and the people are made instruments of amusement. It is sad. It is hurting.
Posted by Lata Jha

We might come from small towns, but we don’t carry with ourselves the burden of expectations from and constant judgement of others.
Villagers in Dharnai, Bihar at the Gram Sabha meet for the Bihar Rural Electrification Micro Grid Project give their 'go ahead' for the Rural Electrification Micro Grid Project.

The micro grid will involve 100 kilowatts of solar panels supplying affordable, sustainable and round the clock electricity to 350 households in Dharnai

Suddenly, the agenda on the table is not development of a people, but their caste.
Posted by Neh Mayuri

The Mid day meal fiasco in Bihar has raised serious questions.
Meanwhile, when the food was being prepared

These kids were still leading a life which is unimaginable for those reading this piece, those who have the access to and luxury of using the internet!

The opposition in Bihar, including BJP, came together in targeting Nitish Kumar and demanded for his resignation. Few remarks from BJP leaders were extremely unfortunate
nitish kumar

The real reason is that through this move, he hopes to swing Bihar’s entire 16% Muslim population in his favour.
mountain man

The Mountain Man will forever be remembered and revered for taking up the gauntlet and proving each one of us wrong.He changed the entire picture of the abandoned village.

It becomes hard to believe how BJP or the three parties of NDA can expect to form a government in this scenario! Even if they perform too well they cannot cross the figure of 272.

Despite the fact that I am a major and have been working and supporting my family-I got compensation as a minor.Will you as a Chief Minister of Bihar support me

"I, myself being a Bihari feel so abashed and disappointed to hear such rubbish talks about my people and what makes the issue more appalling is the silence of the Governing authorities": The article talks about the feeling of the citizens of Bihar on being considered Infiltrators
Raj Thackeray

The article talks bout Raj Thackeray's insensible and insensitive remarks regarding Bihar and other issues: The insanity and lack of logic in Thackeray’s statements is for any sensible person to see. Divisive politics has always threatened our national fabric, we’ve seen enough of that in the sphere of religion and we need no more of it

A poverty stricken woman from Bihar’s Samastipur district sold her one-and-half-year old malnourished son for a sum of rupees nineteen thousand to another woman, just because she had to repay her debt: Was she she hard hearted or was she just below the poverty line
Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackeray has yet again unleashed his angst over the north Indians who belong to UP and Bihar calling them intruders: A Maharashtrian's request to end the self proclaimed righteousness
Raj Thackeray

Notwithstanding of the increasing popularity, Raj Thakre is committing a grave mistake in interpreting Maharashtra in a very narrow sense and confining it to the present geographical boundary of the State

The article explores the scope of Nitish Kumar coming to the helm of affairs as the next Prime Minister while evaluating his credibility as a leader.

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