Nitish Kumar's victory in Bihar proved that caste politics is not what works now!

Lalu’s promises of changes in Bihar like his makeover of railways does not have many takers and his baggage of the past will make the task more challenging against the Nitish Kumar led government that has successfully managed to sweep winds of change through Bihar.
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Bihar, one of the most politically rich states of the country is gearing up for the State elections to be held in six phases from 21st October to 19thNovember, 2010. The media and the politically savvy have already started their rounds of prophecy on who is going to win the elections.
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Despite of the fact that most of the IITians and IAS officers belong to Bihar, it has been one of the poorest and most backward states of India. The Bihar state elections are nearing and it will be interesting to see if development scores over caste based politics.

Yesterday while going through the early morning newspaper my eyes fell on a certain news item. In essence, it described the meteoric rise of a young prodigy who at the age of 22 has become an assistant professor in IIT Mumbai. Tathagat Avatar Tulsi (photo on right) is the youngest person in India to achieve this monumental feat.

Bihar, with its most varied history in India, was once the centre of power, learning and culture for more than 1000 years. In fact, India's first empire, the Maurya Empire as well as one of the world's greatest anti-violence religions - the Buddhism - arose from the region that now makes modern Bihar, a centre of extreme violence, culturally backward and to the very extent a powerless state of modern India.

If an NDTV opinion poll is to be believed, the upcoming Bihar election seems a close-affair, one that could swing either way. That said, the conclusion really is one of Nitish Kumar’s waning invincibility at the hustings— nothing more and nothing less.

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