Youth Is Not A Time, It Is A State Of Mind. Let not youth be anymore identified with those funky styles, but with new ideas and innovations. There’s a need to flip the perspective.
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PAHAL is a voluntary organization promoted by like-minded educationists, doctors, legal experts, technocrats, dynamic entrepreneurs, enthusiastic students and effervescent youth to bring a perceptible change in the present social set-up.

If you think something is wrong, go against it. It's only the fear of being without support and being looked down upon that holds us back from doing what we believe in. As one of the famous German proverb goes, it is fear that makes the wolf look bigger and better.

This time India, after a span of 19 years grabbed the non-permanent slot with 187 countries voting in favor out of the 191 votes. Previously, India also served the UNSC in the year 1991-1992.

There may be striking differences between the two forms of media but ultimately, both have the same destination. But, the shift to the Web as our main and most accessible source of news and information is coming at us fast. And the power of new media continues to grow exponentially.
rain water harvesting

“Unless we get rainwater harvesting as a movement we do not have a bright future and for that people have to be motivated to make this a habit. It is not something that we should do to ensure a better tomorrow for our future generation, but it is something we need to do to save the planet and the human race.”

For the moment, with the promise of three years of robust economic growth and with Mr Rahul Gandhi as the mascot for the post-2014 future, the Congress is fancying its chances. With such strong foothold of UPA, BJP needs something out of the box to let the floppy lotus bloom again!

The Indian Military Academy's Chetwood Hall bears an inscription, which reads: "The safety, honour and welfare of your country comes first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command, come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety comes last, always and every time."
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Despite of the fact that most of the IITians and IAS officers belong to Bihar, it has been one of the poorest and most backward states of India. The Bihar state elections are nearing and it will be interesting to see if development scores over caste based politics.
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Tucked away in the north-eastern part of India, there lies a mysterious, miraculous and mystical land, Arunachal Pradesh. Known as the land of the rising sun, it forms one of the most compelling holiday destinations of India.

Etymologically the word “Religion” is derived from the Latin word ligare meaning connect or bind. Logically then, Religion is means to connect to god. Sensible enough- except, I have to ask, how are we supposed to form a meaningful connection with the invisible, supernatural power?

Eunuchs, the male castrated, who are looked down by the two “established” genders. Etymologically eunuch is derived from the Greek word eune and ekhein meaning “bed keeper”. Logically they are transgender. Practically they are considered as a “curse”.

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