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By Vaagisha Das:  Congratulating India on its 69th Independence Day, US Secretary of State John Kerry called India “a beacon for the world“. He applauds India for being united and inclusive. However, can we – as the ever pragmatic citizens of India – concede this to be true? India’s former president of India, the late […]
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By Zoya Sham: Policing by definition means to maintain law and order, to detect and prevent crime and to regulate and secure matters pertaining to public welfare. In this case, policing pertains to anyone within the confines of the law of the land. So, as seen in the Amitabh Thakur case, why is the police […]
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By Devanik Saha: A direct transfer of cooking-gas subsidies has revealed 12.73 million “duplicate” connections – implying fake consumers – or illegally held multiple accounts – across India. The PAHAL (Pratyaksh Hastantarit Labh or “Direct Transfer of Benefits”) program credits subsidies directly into bank accounts. Started by the previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government and […]
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By Sushmita Sihwag: With the arrest of two more people in the Leakgate case, the radius of the national-level scandal only seems to be getting larger. The CBI recently arrested Ram Niwas, an assistant in the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), and Paresh Chimanlal Buddhadev, a partner in Chitale Associates, a Mumbai-based legal firm, for […]
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This audio blog by Saif Ahmad Khan reveals how Prime Minister Narendra Modi blatantly defended corrupt BJP President Bangaru Laxman in an interview given to in March 2001 following Operation West End. In the interview, Modi made bizarre claims suggesting that Laxman had done no wrong. However, a special CBI court sentenced Laxman to […]
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By Sanskriti Pandey: “Give me three (thousand) more.” “Leave me, Sir!” *laughs* “You’ll have to give it na, listen to me. Because I have to give it to Limbu and others, including those who take 5%.” Limbu is a Subedar, Engineer JCO in the Assam Rifles. He is but a minute strand in the cobweb […]

By Natasha Lalwani: Growing up in Bombay, and then moving to Delhi, I’ve spent my whole life in India. I love being Indian. I learnt English as a first language, grew up in cosmopolitan Bombay, travelled to many places in India, and like some lucky Indians, have travelled throughout the world. I don’t know if […]

By Akshay Thakre: Corruption, today in India, is more than just a word. It’s a phenomenon, a way of life to many, a mobilizing tool for the political parties and it’s something we all loathe but can’t seem to rid ourselves of. A recent survey by Ernst &Young, one of the four big auditing firms […]

By Mayank Jain:  The results are still some days away for the largest democratic elections on Earth but the anti-incumbency mandate is clear in the country, more or less. The Congress led UPA alliance which formed the government for two successive terms has gradually become an eyesore for the people of the country and they […]

By Namit Hans: Who am I? What is it that makes me a certain kind of individual? Sometimes I am furious without any reason. Sometimes I am kind. Every individual shows different attributes of their personality. Each one of us is different from the other, yet similar. Who am I? I am a hollow mind, […]

By Blesson Gregory: As 814 million registered Indian voters have begun to exercise their right to vote this election, we must ask ourselves whether till now, our conduct has befitted that of citizens of the largest democracy in the world. 1. Criminals in politics ADR (Association for Democratic Reforms) report says that 159 (30%) members […]

By Sukanya Sarkar: With every Indian trying to figure out as to how the just begun year of 2014 shall go, we are faced regularly with some horrible incidents. Those incidents that literally choke our hearts and make us wonder about “how the rest of the year shall pass?”; we have witnessed crude racism, increase of […]

By Tanaya Singh: The News: Aam Aadmi Party has reportedly moved files related to Commonwealth Games held in 2010 in Delhi to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB). According to government sources, the current Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has already moved the files, which means that an FIR will be filed against Sheila Dikshit. The probe […]

By Dr Amrit Patel: It should be a matter of self-introspection for all political parties and Government of India to better understand how people, political parties and the Governments of countries viz. Germany & Japan [totally devastated in 1945], Israel [born in 1949 among enemy countries], South Korea, Taiwan & Singapore[newly industrialised countries] and China [communist […]
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By Astha Agrawal: I am scared. I shouldn’t have known the ugly truth. No, I am not a coward, and have integrity. But I lack the gall to take on dishonest-yet-merrily-drunken-in-power bureaucrats, ministers, and industrialists, especially when I do not have the law on my side. I do realize the moral imperative to act, but […]
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By Vishal V Kale: In this article, I have attempted to analyse our fall from the heights of the past to where we are today, and identify the most critical failings of us as a people – our fault lines. 1) The concept of India There is a massive difference between a cultural union and a […]

By Soumya Raj: The road to hell is always paved with good intentions, they say. The latest, much hyped about ordinance by the UPA gives a clean chit to the lawmakers who were previously disqualified on grounds of being convicted of offences with two or more years in jail, and also barred from contesting elections. […]
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By Vaishali Jain: Truth be told, majority of our people once believed that politics was a ‘profession’ that had no conscience. The poor, misinformed people forgave the government every time for dashing their hopes, respecting the sentiments of the said conscienceless profession. But things are changing; views are changing. When on July 10, the Supreme Court […]

By Bhanupriya Rao: What the Supreme Court proposes, the Government disposes. In a manner that is not just brazen but entirely unconstitutional. On July 10, 2013, The Supreme Court came out with a judgement that disqualified sitting MPs/MLAs if they were convicted by the court. On 4th September 2013, the Union of India filed a […]

By Mugdha Kiran: Indians have a very profound apathy towards the affairs of the state, for which they have gained notoriety the world over. Through decades of experiencing in-efficacious administration & corrupt and hostile bureaucracy, the Indian multitude has cultivated a inclination towards keeping their heads down while laboring to eke out a living. To […]
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By Vaishali Jain: If there is one thing I have learnt from reality, it is this — we all want happiness. And we’re lazy. We fall from our expected territories every time and we crib. We crib and become accustomed with it. Someone comes up and shows how we can change it. We mull over […]

By Agam Dhingra: Anthony, a young enthusiastic student aimed to be successful and make his parents proud. He belongs to a middle class family with his father being the sole earner. Having scored 98 percentile in high school examinations, he was certain about gaining admission in a college of his choice. However, his hopes were […]

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