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Around one in 14 LPG connections is duplicate, or fake!
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It’s both shocking and baffling as to how easy it is to access confidential documents from the ministries...

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The audio blog effectively exposes the hypocrisy of the saffron party, especially Narendra Modi, on one of the most path breaking media stings ever conducted in India.
operation hilltop

Last week, Tehelka published a sting operation it conducted on the beneficiaries of the racket.

We need to be careful as a nation, lest we continue to lose our precious resources!

Corruption is a societal evil and should be viewed as same. We create it and only we have the power to destroy it.

Hold your horses, 16th May is arriving.

When a person commits a crime or does something wrong, it shows the failure of our society. Its time for us to take collective responsibility for this.

This time, don't stay at home and blame corrupt politicians for the destitution of the marginalised. Get out and vote wisely!

With every Indian trying to figure out as to how the just begun year of 2014 shall go, we are faced regularly with some horrible incidents.

The probe will be particularly centred around the Ex CM’s alleged involvement in the purchase of imported street-lights at an inflated price.

The voters may consider to vote for the party which can commit to provide and fulfil these things!
Whistleblower Protection Bill

None should be punished for being honest! This is why I feel that a Whistle Blower Protection Law is as important as the Jan Lokpal Law!
Konark Sun Temple

A brief assessment of India's historic fall from glory!

While the people get some food for thought about how our very “democratic” country is shaping up, BJP takes full advantage of this whole chink.
convicted MPs

More than 115k people have signed the petition asking the government to disinfect the democracy. Have you?

Ordinances are typically promulgated by the President of India in the rarest of rare cases.This is neither an exceptional circumstance nor an emergency

We loathe corruption but would not dare to speak up against someone in our social circle who has been indulging in unethical practices.
Arvind Kejriwal

The party, whose very birth took place with the intention of a corruption-free India, will serve us something towards our mutual goal

The youth must play a decisive role in helping resolve social evils such as corruption so as to establish a moral and just society.
anna hazare

Come and share your thoughts on what your idea for a new India is and the most voted responses get an opportunity to interact with Anna.

Scepticism is inevitable and it is difficult to be in agreement with the man's every move. Arvind Kejriwal, we hope you’re here to stay

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