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Sisodia's budget reveals his efforts to cobble together funds for electricity and water subsidies, which he intends to boost by 381% over a year.
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Some hilarious and satirical cartoons reflecting the uncharacteristic dominance of Kejriwal in the Delhi elections.

The political maturity exhibited by the denizens of Delhi is something to cheer about.
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The saffron Modi Wave has been pulled down, it has hit the rocks and dispersed into Delhi's chaotic order. And now comes the real challenge.

Seven issues that the new AAP government will have to urgently address – unless it wants to be the focus of disillusionment next time.
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We need to be part of your planning and vision of making Delhi a world class city, as we understand our issues better.
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It is quite unfortunate that even the educated lot avoids voting for various reasons.
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Almost every plastic bag that you dispose lands up in the river, clogging the last remaining hope.

By the end of the day, Uber was banned and it has been the government’s strongest measure so far to make Delhi a safer place for women.

What I decide to wear, who I decide to be, whom I decide to love, is my burden, and mine alone.
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It was 2pm and the women of the neighbourhood were understandably angry.

People watched the guards dragging a man to the control room and a girl screaming at him. They only watched.

Heard the tale of “the monkey and the cap seller”? Just a few days ago, the New Delhi Municipal Council took this tale up to another level.
Iday speech

The PM asked us to get involved? Let’s accept his invitation, and invest in a better India!

This video is an eye opener for all of us and drives home the point that we have to stop objectifying females around us and treat them as human beings.

This post is an attempt to put together visuals of the evolution of Delhi into our beloved Dilwaalon Ki Dilli.
Fort and Street

I have narrated to you a part of my story, but it doesn't matter if you are sorry, for the time is already near when you would need to weep for me.

Throughout the year, uncountable people die due to unfavourable weather conditions coupled with outdated and inefficient infrastructure in Delhi.

If FYUP is made to stay, then substantial changes need to be introduced by Delhi University.
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My day at rag pickers colony came as a tight slap on my face. Here's why
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Employees wait for their lunches from 'Lunch Box 17" as much as they wait for weekends

The otherwise simple and amiable Northeast folks have been seething with rage – their men and women are not accepted in ‘India’

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