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By Sanjana Sanghi: In what could earlier be considered solely Aam Aadmi’s determined demand of full statehood for Delhi, a recent survey carried out suggests 81% of Delhiites, across all barriers of class, caste and background desire the same, which increases the feasibility of holding a referendum by a considerable amount. AAP had taken this […]

By Shambhavi Saxena: Need tips on how to make an ad campaign? The Aam Aadmi Party’s latest video is exactly what not to do. HuffPost India has already identified the troubling sexism of the video, and the over-acting Kejriwal devotee narrating the ad is bound to make you cringe. We wish we could say no […]
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By Isaac Roque: “Dilli jo ik sheher tha aalam me intekhab rehte the muntakhib hi jahan rozgaar ke Jis ko falak ne loot ke veeran kar diya Hum rehne wale hain usi ujde dayar ke.” (Delhi, that was a city unique in the world, Where lived only the chosen of the time Fate has looted […]

By Rishvik Chanda: The vibrant democracy of India is lauded as one of the country’s greatest virtues. But we got to see the messier side of our multi-party democracy when a tug of war began between Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi and Najeeb Jung, the Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi, over the matter of […]
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By Anugraha Hadke: The fact that Delhi is highly polluted is clear as day. By the time I complete the 10 minute walk between the metro station and my office, I feel like I can peel off an entire layer of dust from my skin. With particulate levels in the capital at 20 times more […]
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By Shefali Parashar: I was 7 when I first visited Pragati Maidan in Delhi and was mesmerised by its open spaces. To be fair, at that age you could be mesmerised by pretty much anything. Like a typical 90s kid, I did not have access to air conditioned malls and high ceilings. From the perspective […]
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By Mehernaz Patel: There is no doubt that the Aam Aadmi Party’s regime in Delhi started off with a joyous wave which then sunk to the murkiest depths of petty pandering, as only a good political scandal can. The ousting of Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha from the party’s National Executive filled […]
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By Kanika Sharma: There are two bus routes in Delhi that I am most familiar with – the one I take from where I stay to where I work, and the other one from my office to Malviya Nagar (where a lot of work-related meetings take place). Both these commutes are 8 to 10 kilometers […]
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By IndiaSpend: The devolution of financial power by New Delhi — the seat of India’s central government — continues to roil the states with the provincial government of Delhi rebelling, and saying that it would lose Rs. 25,000 crore ($4 billion) over a decade. In the course of presenting an interim budget last week, Delhi […]
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By Gayaz Ahmed: History was redefined in Delhi with Aam Aadmi Party becoming the single largest party, thanks to their historic 67-03 win against BJP. Following this humungous victory, AAP then displayed its dominance on Twitter with hashtags such as #AAPSweep, #AAPStorm, and #MufflerMan setting exponential trends for the following couple of days. In this […]

By Sakshi Abrol: ‘Vanity comes before a fall’, goes an old saying, and the despicable fall of BJP in the power-packed revolutionary Delhi elections testifies to it. ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, goes another antiquated saying and the phenomenal victory of the Aam Aadmi Party with a spectacular majority testifies to it. What the Delhi […]
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By Guneet Narula:  The sweeping victory for Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi elections is a reaffirmation of hope for many. The saffron Modi Wave has been pulled down, it has hit the rocks and dispersed into Delhi’s chaotic order. And now comes the real challenge. Delhi is the capital of this country. It is […]

By Devanik Saha: The Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) grand sweep to power in Delhi – in less than two years after being number two – is a clear indication that impatient voters have soaring expectations. If those expectations are not quickly fulfilled, disillusionment is likely to be as quick. Although Delhi is India’s richest urban […]
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Dear future Chief Minister of Delhi, Delhi, the capital of India, is an abode of 738,915 notified slums and 1,046,475 identified slums (as per the 2011 census). These are spaces with adverse living environments, overcrowded housing, unsafe neighbourhoods with high levels of crime, violence, hazardous polluted water, open sewer systems, poor lighting, congested streets and […]
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By Anannya Chatterjee: In a massive democratic set-up like ours, the significance of voting is manifold. It ensures that the supreme power is vested in the hands of people like you and me, and provides us an enormous opportunity to bring down a government that goes against the citizens’ good will and elect a new […]
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By Somya Singh: The way Delhi treats Yamuna, you’d think it’s of no use. But 75 % of the city’s population is dependent on the river for drinking water! It is the lifeline to some 60 million people. Delhi constitutes only 2% of the total catchment of the Yamuna basin, but contributes to 80% of […]

By Vishal K: I am not an Uber loyalist or a direct/indirect beneficiary of this SFO based billion dollar company. I am just a mute spectator who took their services last week and woke up on Saturday morning with the horrific news of a young professional’s rape in the national capital. While Friday’s incident was […]

By Shivani Makkar: “Look here, dear fellow, I wear these men’s clothes only for you. Sometimes I am man, Sometimes I am woman.” These are the reflections of the 12th century Shaivite poet, Basavanna, who wrote in Kannada. Our history is replete with such examples that speak of a tradition which was receptive to fluid […]
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By Digant Raj Kapoor: Arvind Kejriwal resigned as Chief Minister in early 2014 and the consequent imposition of President’s rule means that the Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung, is running the Government machinery in Delhi. The State’s Legislative Assembly has not yet been dissolved by either the UPA or the NDA Governments for political reasons, nor […]

By Megha Vishwanath: It was a Saturday afternoon I had lunch with a friend in Gurgaon before I decided to head home. The metro, for those who do not take it or belong to Delhi, can get crowded and air tight to an extent that the Tupperware guys could take inspiration. I luckily managed to […]

By Azra Qaisar: As children, a lot of us must have heard the tale of “the monkey and the cap seller”. Just a few days ago, the New Delhi Municipal Council took this tale up to another level. The NDMC employed 40 men as “monkey mimics” in the capital, earlier this month. Yes, you read that […]
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By Josceline Mascarenhas: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s extempore Independence Day speech at the Red Fort this year touched a chord with many, and drew its share of criticism. Yet, here’s something every Indian will acknowledge: his ambitious words addressed burning needs and issues in India. He did invite us to participate, so here’s a list […]

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