domestic violence

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Why is it so hard to see black and blue?
sexual abuse

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Sexual abuse that continued for 17 years, to eight members of a 13 member over-valued joint family, where none of the male members knew about it...
domestic violence in india

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"For weeks, I could not walk properly. I have had my head banged on the wall so many times that I even fainted once."

“As I sat hunched over a stove in the kitchen, he came in from behind, splayed my back with kerosene oil, threw in a lighted match and ran away.”
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"The most dangerous place for too many children around the world is their own home, where they should be safest”
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here are few good men who say no to dowry in India, especially when it is an arranged marriage. This friend is one of them and may his tribe grow.
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My husband went as far as threatening to kill me.
dometic violence

I have always felt a sense of unease when women are expected to share their most intimate and painful experiences of domestic violence.
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Why does a man hit his wife? Perhaps, the reasons are not too difficult to fathom.
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She laughs unabashedly and talks assertively. “For years I suffered...”
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Where do we draw the line between self defence and violence?
Two Inch Sleeves

'Two Inch Sleeves' features the voices of two young women from Delhi.
dometic violence

Love or arranged, marriage is a sacred bond. It is not meant to provide a license to abuse your partner.

We cry about domestic harassment of women after marriage, but in many cases, the culprit herself is a woman

40% of domestic violence is against men in the UK. Violence is violence, no matter who it's aimed at.

Can money now buy you forgiveness too?

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Women are promiscuous if they date because there is apparently something immoral in acknowledging that you are human with sexual desire, just like men
domestic violence

Any movie scene where the wife is yelling at her husband, while he portrays a helpless expression, is instinctively expected to make the viewers laugh.

What about those students who are unable to express themselves, or are experiencing some kind of trauma at home?

Ever wondered, how the hands that plant and pluck your tea, survive? Those skilled hands die everyday. Read further to know how and why.

It was shockingly found out that, of 100,000 men who took the survey 98% faced severe domestic violence at the hands of their wives and in-laws in the form of verbal, physical, emotional, mental and financial abuse.
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In India even in the 21st century, women cannot step out of their house at any given time, assured of her physical and sexual safety: How safe are the women in your life?

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