Ashubi Khan and her seven women panchs can no longer stand for elections, thanks to a much-criticised amendment to the Haryana Panchayat Raj Act, 1994. 
For representation only

On 26th May 2015, around 15 houses of Muslims were destroyed in Atali by about 2000 armed men following a dispute over the site of construction of a mosque.

Does this mean that women in Haryana should be even more afraid for their freedom and safety?
BJP assembly elections 20114

It also shows a lack of big charismatic names in the party at the state level, which is definitely a worry for them.

There is a clear, discernible effect that the Prime Minister has had on these assembly elections
woman sarpanch

She wants to make women feel safe, secure and responsible in the world which is filled with prejudices and obstructions
Ajay Yadav Gujarawas village

The school is funded by the locals through fees or donation and does not rely on any government support.
ashok khemka

Khemka has been transferred an astounding 40 times in his 21 year career with the IAS. But the manner in which he has been treated has not dimmed his fervour

Child abuse in India is something we ignore simply because in simple words, it hasn’t happened to our children yet. One out of every four girls and one out of every seven boys have been exposed to some sort of child abuse.
Khap and rapes

When a 16 year old was raped in Dabra, Haryana, by a group of men, the society blamed the girl, and turned hostile. The father had to commit suicide. Is there no solution?
sex ratio

From being considered financial liabilities, to be less cared about when ill. From infanticides to illiteracy. The skewed sex ratio in India is not without a reason. Karina Kaur finds out.

A Khap Panchayat leader thinks that spicy food leads to rapes. Onkar Nath discusses the absurdity of his statement by looking at all sides of the coin. Read more
ashok khemka

Whistleblowers in India are either transferred, missing or dead. IAS Ashok Khemka's transfer shows zero tolerance of the corrupt system towards fighters. Read on.

Jitender Chhatar, a resident of Jind's Chhatar village and thua khap panchayat leader, argues that junk food is responsible for the recent rise of rapes in Haryana. Even with such irresponsible and foolish remarks, our political leaders never condemn the Khaps for the fear of losing votes.

“The young people of our country are acting like bunnies and it is all because of chowmein. We must get rid of the devil”, a concerned leader of Khap Panchayat was quoted as saying.

Go and join a self-defence class today, learn how to guard yourself if the circumstances demand, report to the police whenever you face any issues when out, be more active and alert and do not give the

The article gives an insight into the rampant rape cases in Haryana; what could be the reason behind them,why are Dalit girls raped,what is the government doing about it?

The Municipal Corporation in Chandigarh is slapping a challan of Rs. 2,000 on residents found wasting water, as a new way to save water during summer months: Are fines the only way to get things done in India?

Living in Gurgaon I realized that young women stay in constant fear and even trivial day to day plans are based on their concern for safety. Comic strip on safety of women

"My idea of Bharat was contrastingly different from what I actually saw": A discussion of the need for good governance in rural India

In the attack on the Maruti Manesar plant, my friend lost his father. This well-planned "accident" uprooted a family that I know. It has traumatized us all and yet, unfortunately I know it will be forgotten. TV footage and newspaper clippings will be replaced by comedy shows,tweets will be posted and forgotten
Sangram Singh  1

The article gives an insight into the story of achievements of Sangram Singh, the Indian wrestler who made us proud by winning gold medal in the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

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