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By Abhishek Jha for Youth Ki Awaaz: When I reached Ballabgarh last Saturday, no one was willing to take the auto-rickshaw to Atali, a village in the Faridabad district in Haryana. A group of women on the way wanted to go beyond Atali but the auto-driver refused to take them, citing the heavy police presence […]

By Veda Nadendla: “If a girl is dressed decently, a boy will not look at her in the wrong way. If you want freedom, why don’t they just roam around naked? Freedom has to be limited. These short clothes are western influences. Our country’s tradition asks girls to dress decently.” This was openly declared by […]
BJP assembly elections 20114

By Nishant Chhinkwani: On October 15, 2014, Legislative Assembly elections were held in Maharashtra and Haryana. The elections were much anticipated, especially in the eyes of the politically sagacious Indian, who loves to draw his own conclusion and announce an election result based on his political knowhow, with gusto and élan. Invariably, the logical Indian […]

By Samar Halarnkar: What messages did the voters of Haryana and Maharashtra send out? From the election results of October 19, 2014, here are five of the most important factors in their decision: 1. The Modi factor: There is a clear, discernible effect that the Prime Minister has had on these assembly elections; clear and […]
woman sarpanch

By Mayank Jain: Having a different set of genitals shouldn’t give anyone the right to keep you down from flying high and chasing your dreams. This is exactly the message that Neelam, the 31-years-old sarpanch of Chappar village in Jind, Haryana wants to send out. Neelam is the first woman sarpanch of her village and […]
Ajay Yadav Gujarawas village

By Raghav Sood: Rural Haryana, for the longest time, has been infamous for its female foeticide, dowry killings and khap panchayats. Even with the rising income levels, somehow the state hasn’t been able to break away from the old social bonds. Haryana, which has the lowest sex ratio with 857 for 1000 males vs. the […]
ashok khemka

By Pradyut Hande: In a fairly predictable (read now routine) development, senior IAS officer, Ashok Khemka who was recently in the limelight for initiating inquiries into potential irregularities surrounding land deals between Robert Vadra and construction conglomerate, DLF, has once again been transferred by the Haryana Government. He has now been posted as the Secretary of Haryana […]

By Shruti Kesavan: “It is not lack of knowledge which prevented the tragedy; it was the inability to implement what we know.” ~ Nassir Ghaemi The recent case where two teachers in Hisar, Haryana district were suspended for passing lewd comments on their 16-year-old student not only shocked the Indian public but also brought into light […]
Khap and rapes

By Roshni Balaji: DISCLAIMER: Khap Panchayats and rape incidents are not specific to Haryana alone. However, this article is based on a case in point coming from the region. Dabra is a village in rural Haryana. With a population of about 6000 people, most of them belonging to the Jat or the Dalit community, it […]
sex ratio

By Karina Kaur: Skewed sex ratios are a serious problem in Indian society and one which threatens to widen unless serious attempts are made by the Indian government to control them. The Northern states of Punjab and Haryana have the worst cases of skewed sex ratios, closely followed by many North Western states. In comparison, Kerala […]

By Onkar Nath: I would never ever think, even in my distant of dreams that chowmein could be one of the reasons for rapes. I appreciate the sense of humour of the Khap leader in saying that rape cases are increasing due to the consumption of chowmein. Yes, in some way I can understand his […]
ashok khemka

By Nayan Bhatnagar: In another incident throwing light on the misuse of power by the Indian bureaucrats, Ashok Khemka, an IAS officer was transferred for no reason by the Haryana government. This shows the fate of whistleblowers in India. Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of India’s most powerful political dynasty has been whole-heartedly defended by the […]

By Umika Sharma: A big round of applause for our Khap Panchayat leaders. Let us all bow down to their amazing logic. Perverted mentality and the drawbacks of our social system are not responsible for the increasing number of rapes in Haryana. Then who is the main culprit? Let me answer that question for you […]

By Rigya Singh: Disclaimer: The claims made in this article are baseless and meant to reveal how unwise the Khap Panchayat sounds these days. In a recent discovery by our very own counterpart of ‘The Royal Society’, the Khap Panchayat has found that chowmein can act as a substitute for the aphrodisiacs available in the […]

By Amarpreet Kaur: Rape cases in India are not something unheard of. Crimes against women have been on a perpetual rise. A latest statistic says that every 22 minutes, a woman gets raped in India. Welcome to the new-age India: a country where the society professes to have become open-minded in its perspective and outlook, […]

By Kartik Bansal: Haryana, the state that has given so many Olympic medals to this country and made us proud, now seems to be embarrassing us in front of the world. In a country where we worship ‘maa durga‘, there are people who are openly discriminating between girls and boys, in such a manner that […]

By Sonakshi Madan: We have proved once again that we Indians won’t ever change. It is like beating a dead horse until or unless an electric shock is provided to us to keep our systems in tune else we will be delinked from the natural rhythms. Give someone an inch and they will take a […]

By Preksha Sharma:  This strip is based on my personal experiences in NCR, Gurgaon. Fear is the most effective form of victimization, working slowly on psychology of a person. Living in Gurgaon I realized that young women stay in constant fear and even trivial day to day plans are based on their concern for safety. […]

By Arti Manchanda: It has been more than six decades when at the stroke of midnight, our country woke up to freedom but still good governance is evaded in most of the rural India. There are two nations that live within our country; India and Bharat. My development job has given me an opportunity to […]

By Shruti Sonal: The events that have occured over the past few days have shaken me, stirred me and crushed my belief in the phrase that “Everything happens for a reason.” For, there can be no reason for mercilessly torturing and killing a man. I’d compare the killer to brutal animals, but I’m sure even […]
Sangram Singh  1

By: Abhishyant Kidangoor: Sangram Singh, the wrestler who made India proud by winning the gold medal in the 2006 Commonwealth Games has been offered a role in a movie. What makes this movie special for Singh is that it is based on his own story and that he stars as himself, along with his girlfriend […]

By Pradyut Hande:  The country’s largest automobile manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) finds itself firmly entrenched in a major “corporate quagmire“. In an unfortunate turn of events, July 18 turned out to be a dark day in the company’s history, when disgruntled workers at its Manesar facility resorted to violence and went on a […]

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