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“So how did you figure out that you’re …gay?”
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my story

One of my dearest friends is a lesbian, and I was an active part of her two-year struggle to come out to her parents.
Sex Education

Why are we so scared of talking about sex?
delhi gay pride

This news does not come across as much of a surprise. Does it?

However regressive the former judge's views might sound to us, they hint at a deeper social malaise pertaining to how we bring up our children.
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Criminalizing an act of love and a way of life, through engorged standards of morality, chips away at basic human dignity.
gay marriage

He told me very frankly that yes he did indeed have a boyfriend, they were dating for quite some time now, and he was going to propose marriage to him soon.

We don’t need people to be able to just put up with homosexuals. We need people to recognize that this sexual preference is someone’s right
delhi gay pride

The gay youth's depression because of this rejection of sexuality becomes their parents’ depression too - yes the parents who are straight, who are not gay!

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A critique of the UN's Bollywood style music video in support of LGBT community in India,
Tagore International School

You will be left wishing you had studied in this school!
UN gay rights

The United Nations presents the first-ever Bollywood music video for gay rights, featuring Bollywood star and former Miss India, Celina Jaitly.

The SC just recognized that transgenders are citizens of the country and have equal rights to education, employment and social acceptability!
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“Now what we do see of the LGBT community is often overtly sexualized and sometimes deviant.”

That's some crisp message that TVF has sent across with this hilarious video.

While talking about Ugandan anti-gay right, one should not forget India and its criminalizing section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

The music of rebellion is the sweetest!

A Blunt And Powerful Poem That Rebels Against Bigotry And Prejudice!

The court has risked its reputation forever by siding with conservative right wing fanatics.

Remember, God was supposed to be someone who loves everyone and does not judge etc.? Well, if that still holds true, we rest our case

The first movie of 2014 and it dares to mock the Supreme Court judgement passed on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

And in case you disagree - you need to rethink your stand on equal human rights for everyone!

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