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By Kunal Arora: “Article 377 of the constitution doesn’t just pronounce me as a criminal but also debars me from the basic right of good medical treatment.” I have dealt with issues about my sexuality while growing up – molested and teased in school by peers, and even pointed out by teachers and instructors for […]
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By Pallavi Ghosh:  The moment we speak of independence, the following questions spring up almost naturally- independence from what or whom and for what? As we celebrate the 69th year of our independence as a self-ruled democratic nation, might we introspect on our independence a little? If independence is about self-rule or “swaraj“, then why […]

By Shubhankar Verma for Cake:  I was with my parents in the car, heading to the mall, tossing my phone between my palms, slowly and slowly growing ignorant to the commotion around me, to the words my parents were speaking as they were conversing, to the cars as they were swooshing by, to everything – I […]

By Vaagisha Das:  If asked about the ultimate TV shows that portray female friendships at their finest, one would undoubtedly start with the obvious- Sex and the City, Pretty Little Liars, and Desperate Housewives, to name a few. But in a world that has embraced the anti-hero but continues to pit woman against woman, Orange […]
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By Nisha Umesh:  On July 30th in Jerusalem, Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-orthodox Jewish man, stabbed 6 people at the annual Gay Pride Parade. Schlissel had just been released from prison, following his sentence for committing the very same crime 10 years ago. The New York Times reports that a conservative radio station had interviewed Schlissel […]

By Shruti Sonal: An unofficial gay pride parade was carried out by a right wing nationalist Jan Sjunnesson on 29th July, running through a neighbourhood in the capital city of Sweden, largely inhabited by immigrants, a majority of them being Muslim. Sweden, one of the first countries to legalise same sex relations way back in […]

By Kanika Katyal: Singer-actor Monica Dogra, recently let out a ‘call-to-action’ for her new project, Shiver, which aims to appeal to “legislators all over the world to decriminalise all consensual acts of sex regardless of gender identification“. By means of a video and accompanying webpage, she explained that she was seeking to crowdsource funds for […]
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By Abhishek Jha:  It is not surprising to see BJP rant against homosexuality. That 377 is their preferred position is no surprise either. Their primary allies, the Sangh Parivar, their Hindutva vote bank cosies up to this one position. Therefore, one should not doubt our honourable Union Law Minister when he says that he was […]

By Susmita Abani:  In 2012 president Barack Obama in the United States expressed solidarity with marriage equality supporters. In May 2015, Ireland’s vote for marriage equality came as a surprise to many. The deeply Catholic nation shook off the weight of tradition and was praised for its progressive direction. In my own country Australia, the […]
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BJP’s Subramanian Swamy has remarked that his “party position has been that homosexuality is a genetic disorder”, even as the US Supreme Court decriminalised same-sex marriage earlier this week. If only India adopted similar LGBTQI+ friendly laws, PM Modi’s #SelfieWithDaughter campaign would make for a much prettier picture.
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By YKA Staff:  The Supreme Court in the United States of America has legalised gay marriage in the entire country. This landmark judgement came after Jim Oberfell from Ohio filed a case to have his name written on the death certificate of his late husband as the surviving spouse. Five of the nine justices on the […]

By Abhishek Jha: According to a report published this Wednesday in India Today, several doctors in the national capital have been found practicing the impossible art of curing homosexuals. In a personal narrative, Sangeeth Sebastian narrates how his sister, who is a psychologist herself, took him to “a leading psychiatrist” to cure him of his homosexuality. […]

By Pamela Eapen: in the crusade for gay rights. Recently, Ireland made history as the first country to approve same-sex marriage through a referendum, or popular vote. The significance of this becomes even greater when one considers how strongly the country has been influenced in the past by the Roman Catholic Church, a largely anti-gay […]
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By Shambhavi Saxena: Why would you want it ‘cured’ anyway? Before we get to whether this is true or not, let’s first ask what homosexuality is. Etymologically, “homo” = same (Greek), and a homosexual is a person who is sexually attracted to the same sex or gender. Now that’s a bare-bones definition, and is complicated […]
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Submitted Anonymously: “So how did you figure out that you’re …gay?” The first time someone asked me this, I was in the 10th grade and I had just come out to my best friend. We had a free study period due to the CBSE board exams just around the corner, and she asked me why […]
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By Devesh Narayanan: “What are you working on?” “I’m writing about homosexual acceptance.” “Couldn’t you find anything nicer to write about?” Apparently, I barely have to look beyond my own family to get a glimpse of the stigma around the subject of homosexuality in India. Our society’s attitude towards homosexuality is deplorable, and the legal […]
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By Archeeta Pujari: Why are we so scared of talking about sex? What kind of twisted logic drives some of our parents, teachers, and education ministers to protect children from sex education, and perpetuate the vicious cycle of cultural taboo and dangerous misinformation? There are numerous misconceptions surrounding sex education in India. In my head, I […]
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By Moumita Ghosh: Remember the basic premise of X-men: The Last Stand (2006), where a major pharmaceutical company found a “way” to suppress the mutant X gene and called it a “cure”? Well, something along those lines happened in our country quite recently. Indeed, what news to begin the week with, folks! Monday, observed as […]

By Rafiul Alom Rahman: Markandey Katju, Chairman of the Press Council of India and Former Supreme Court Judge on Friday (26 December, 2014) condemned gay marriage and rights in a Facebook post titled ‘Gay Relationships and Gay Marriages’. He cited Bernard Shaw’s play ‘Man and Superman’ and used his idea around “Force of Life” to […]
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By Shivani Makkar: A ‘heterosexual matrix’; that is how Judith Butler, a post-modern feminist scholar, describes the grid that is produced through the institutionalised practices and discourses in the society that affix human beings into a two-sex model, with each sex experiencing desire only for the opposite one. Breaking out of this grid, one can […]
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By Krittika Biswas: A lot has been said about love, songs sung, and poems written. Love is blind, they say, but “they” are wrong. Love isn’t blind in society. In society, you are expected to love somebody “proper”, someone who is “acceptable” to love; you cannot just love anybody you wish to. And of course […]

By S. Vaishnavi: Ever since gay rights have been brought into the limelight, there have been constant debates as to whether it’s a gift of God or gift of society. Homosexuality, if inherent from birth, is seen as significantly more acceptable, as opposed to when people make a choice to be so. Many have already […]

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