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MTV India’s new show 'Big F explores the forbidden sexual desires of the youth of India, the most recent being alternate sexuality.
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I was a homophobe for as long as I could remember. I grew up laughing and mocking homosexual men.
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I have documented Durga Ma in her various forms, to address the whole issue of women, sexuality and gender through her imagery.
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Lesbian: You’ll be most likely to hear this word as part of the sentence, "I’m not a lesbian!" from straight women/allies and queer women alike.
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Move over the subtly queer in mainstream books like 'Harry Potter' and 'Game of Thrones'. Here's some great books with LGBT characters.
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It seems now as though the tiny bit of 'sex-ed' that we did get was more from a straight male’s point-of-view.
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During the consultation, the first question I am asked is: Are you having anal intercourse? And the next which follows is: Are you gay?
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Here are three journeys that dramatise what it means to be in the shoes of the discriminated.

"I opened ‘Messages’ and began writing: 'There’s something I want to tell you...'"

Each friendship in OITNB is different in its own way, rarely following a template.
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Instead of celebrating Benjamin Netanyahu’s shallow attempt to support LGBTQIA+ rights, we must call attention to the hypocrisy Israel is demonstrating.

While legal equality already exists in the country, it only seeks to communicate its views to a group residing within the state.

"I’m just one of the voices in this global movement for a much needed fight for equality."
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Congratulations on making yourself a homologous unit again.

In the midst of defending civil liberties, gay rights advocates forget the potential emotional consequences of boxing a child into a confusing lifestyle.
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Posted by Maitri Dore

If only India adopted similar LGBTQI+ friendly laws, PM Modi's #SelfieWithDaughter campaign would make for a much prettier picture.
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President Obama has termed it as a "victory for America", as citizens throughout the country are rejoicing the decision.

This report makes us face what has only been a nightmare.

It has been a year of many remarkable firsts in the gay community, and now we eagerly anticipate the seconds, and the thirds.
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For those suffering from the disease of ignorance.
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“So how did you figure out that you’re …gay?”
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One of my dearest friends is a lesbian, and I was an active part of her two-year struggle to come out to her parents.

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