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Would Krishna have been able to woo Radha on the streets of Pune today? Nope, especially not on the fourteenth of a certain imperfect month.

Every time I debate with a male chauvinist friend about feminism, I think to myself, why do I care?
Photos taken from Rob Verrecchia's photoblog: http://blogs.msf.org/en/staff/blogs/congo-in-colour/spreading-the-3-letter-word

This set shows MSF working with a local theatre group to inform the community of the transmission of HIV/AIDS. Their play follows the story of a group of friends who transmit the virus between each other through unsafe sex and sharing a bloodied razor.

HIV/AIDS is the deadliest pandemic in recent history: it has killed twice as many people as the first World War.

The laws in these countries have diminished the quality of the lives of their LGBT+ citizens. 'Coming out' to one's family is often met with oppression.
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What does the life of an 18-year-old boy, who happens to be gay, and is diagnosed with HIV look like in a country like India?
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In mainstream Bollywood—hell, in Dharma films themselves—one hardly sees queerness at all, and when we do, it’s riddled with horrible, harmful stereotypes.
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Justine, a freelance hairstylist and swimmer who happens to be bisexual, shares her story of self-discovery and love.
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Curated for you from the interwebz, here’s a quick morning fix to keep you updated. In 140 characters at that!
Sakharam Bhagat, 66, poses with his wives, Sakhri, Tuki and Bhaagi (L to R) inside their house in Denganmal village, Maharashtra, India, April 20, 2015. In Denganmal, a village in Maharashtra state, some men take a second or third wife just to make sure their households have enough drinking water. Becoming what are known as "water wives" allows the women, often widows or single mothers, to regain respect in conservative rural India by carrying water from the well quite some distance from the remote village. When the water wife, who does not usually share the marital bed, becomes too old to continue, the husband sometimes takes a third and younger spouse to fetch the water in metal pitchers or makeshift containers. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui


The defense that follows is that we may not know who the father is if the woman is polygamous, but if the man is, we will.

Only one show of the movie was run in a multiplex in Aligarh city on the 26th of February, the day it was released all across India.
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A film that opens with the execution of an Indonesian woman, in the holy city of Medina, is bound to be an uncomfortable one.

I have always taken pride in calling myself a feminist and so it shocks me that young and educated women want to disassociate themselves from it.
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The film needed to be made, but I am hurt that people seem turned a deaf ear to it, which is making them unable to grasp the 'silence' in between.

The silences throughout the film will disturb our dormant conscience, which has often conveniently chosen to be a spectator.
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'Aligarh', while being about the brutal violence that society perpetrates on alternate sexualities, is essentially about a man who craves to be loved.
Section 377
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There seems no logical basis for retaining this draconian law, one that was established in the 1800s and should have been scrapped by now.
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With over 7000 participants, the Mumbai Queer Azaadi March was a festive celebration that called for equal rights for the LGBT+ community.

In places like the North East where such issues get very less visibility, Pride becomes a platform for people to come together and stand in solidarity.
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India's first transgender modelling agency hopes to be about more than catwalks and glossy photographs, it hopes for visibility and economic opportunity.

A ray of hope can be seen in India today as citizens rejoice amongst chants of 'No going back!' and 'Down with 377!
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In the fight for equal rights, this is the first step we can all take together.
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How can any debate on tolerance ever miss one of the biggest institutionalised intolerance in our nation-the legally backed intolerance towards homosexuals?

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