honour killing

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In a country ridden by caste and religious divisions, youngsters who fall in love sometimes risk their lives to be together.

To the monstrous parents, In times like these, I feel ashamed to be part of a society in which there are monsters like you.

"I killed my daughter as she had insulted all of our family by marrying a man without our consent, and I have no regret over it"
intercaste marriage

Marriages are made in heaven, but destroyed on Earth. Grishma Mehta talks about how inter-caste marriages have become a stye in the eye.

How is it to be born into families that have a so called “status” to keep up in the society?: A look into the life of a high class daughter.

"I have come across the grand tales of killing one’s daughter for one reason or other many times now. Some of those who were murdered were my own cousins" : A view at the restricted chances given to women and the danger when limits are crossed
Honour killing

4 women and a teenage girl were slain in the name of honour for ‘dancing’ with unrelated men in the UC Peech Bela, Palas tehsil, Kohistan.

“Kill your daughter if she elopes”, was the advice given to a father looking for his missing daughter in U.P. by none other than the DIG of Saharanpur.

The case of Bibi Kaur, who has been convicted for kidnapping and forceful abortion, has brought to the fore the issues of foeticide and honour crime yet again.
khap panchayat

Khap Panchayat has emerged as one of India's growing issues. Honour Killing and women oppression are common terms related to Khap. Read on as we find out more about the concept and arguments of Khap.

The Noida double murder case still remains unsolved and the CBI has filed a closure report giving the explanation that it cannot be solved due to lack of conclusive evidence. In its closure report, the CBI has named Dr. Rajesh Talwar, father of the victim, as the lone suspect.

If we consider killing as a Prestige/ Honour, then in the same breath, we should rate Osama Bin laden and other terrorists as the most respectful and honourable people of this planet. And Nobel Peace laureates like Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela as the least ones!!

Khap is a term for a social, political grouping; it is used in a geographical sense. A khap comprises of village elders grouped along caste or community lines and motivated by the need to perpetuate a feudal and patriarchal order.

Read on as our Senior Editor Shruthi Venukumar expresses her grief on the growing trend of honour killing in India. A touching poem.

Recently, there has been a spate of honor killings in the country and this has led the government to decide what laws should be put in place to stop this heinous crime. Also whether the Hindu Marriage Act should be reformed or not is being debated.

The “lived happily ever after” doesn’t exist here. Why will it be? After all, they insulted the reputation and ideals of their own communities by doing so. They were a complete failure at holding their families false pride.

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