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lovebirds rebel lovers of india

By Gayatri Parameswaran:  Every year, thousands of Indian couples elope. In a country ridden by caste and religious divisions, youngsters who fall in love sometimes risk their lives to be together. Lovebirds – Rebel lovers In India is a documentary film about their plight. The film follows a voluntary organisation called Love Commandos, which unites […]

By Arunima Gururani: To the monstrous parents, In times like these, I feel ashamed to be part of a society in which there are monsters like you. I’d like to say that you don’t deserve the right to be alive right now. You thought marrying in a different caste was a crime? You thought she’s […]

By Meghana Rathore: In a severe blow to authorities and most importantly, civil liberties in Pakistan, a 25-year-old pregnant woman was stoned to death right outside the High Court in Lahore, which is located on a main downtown thoroughfare in eastern part of the city. This crude behaviour was inflicted upon the innocent woman because […]
intercaste marriage

By Grishma Mehta: “Marriages are made in heaven, but are destroyed on earth” Glories are sung of the diversity of India in all corners of the world and this is one of the things we as Indians feel particularly proud of. We talk big about Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and other religious groups being given […]

By Mowshimkka Renganathan: “No matter how old you are, there will always be someone to tell you what you should be”. We hear about honour killings, emotional and verbal abuse, forced marriages and so many violence’s against girls. There is one more to that list, “everyone else living your life except you”. Most of what […]

By Jyoti Singh: “Had she been my daughter, I would have shot her for the shame she has brought upon our family!” How many times have you heard something of this kind before? Ask me and I will tell you that I have heard this a hundred thousand times in the many years I have […]
Honour killing

By Ankur Sohanpal: The slaying of 4 women and a teenage girl for ‘dancing’ with unrelated men in the UC Peech Bela, Palas tehsil, Kohistan district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan has been much in the news recently within the country as well in sensitized online journals, and is being called the case of ‘honour killing’. According […]

By Shruti Shreya: “Kill your daughter if she elopes”, was the advice given to a father looking for his missing daughter in U.P. You would think that these were words uttered by uneducated people of some backward or tribal area but what is more shocking than these words is the fact that the person giving […]

By Nitum Jain: The case of a Punjab Minister Bibi Jagir Kaur, who has finally been convicted for kidnapping and forceful abortion, has brought to the fore the perennial issues of foeticide and honour crime once again. A public figure like Kaur didn’t think twice before kidnapping her own daughter and forcefully aborting her unborn […]
khap panchayat

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy: India portrays itself as a developing nation with an economic growth that is skyrocketing every microsecond. India portrays itself as a nation of mixed cultures and traditions that is tolerant of one another. What is true in reality is that India is a nation of engineers and thinkers that are more familiar […]

By Shivani Singh: May 17, 2008 — a teenager Aarushi Talwar was found brutally murdered. December 29, 2010 — Two and a half years down the line, the CBI files a closure report. The Noida double murder case still remains unsolved and the CBI has filed a closure report giving the explanation that it cannot be solved […]

By Rahul Gautam: In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinction out of their own minds & then believe them to be true”. — Lord Buddha Let us model the ‘Indian Society’  as an organization which has been following a Mechanistic Structure wherein the tasks associated with each of the […]

By Sakshi Abrol: What does the word ‘culture’  or say ‘tradition’ brings to our mind? For some it would be the picture of their God placed under the sanctum sanctorum and yet others may think of their rituals or festivals. Quite different from this, for an artist or a writer tradition would be a style, or […]

Read on as Shruthi Venukumar expresses her grief on the growing trend of killing for honour in India. She was brought into this world, riding on her mother’s pain, Nine months of nourishment behind her, a lifetime of it ahead. Nine months of being a burden to becoming a bundle of joy. As she blossoms, […]

By Sango Bidani: Recently, there has been a spate of honor killings in the country and this has led the government to decide what laws should be put in place to stop this heinous crime. Also whether the Hindu Marriage Act should be reformed or not is being debated. The latest case of honour killing […]

Trishla Gupta: In a world where people chat with 3G technology and life goes on at a vroom pace, our society has regressed to the Dark Ages where the honor of society is killed without a thought. Lives are taken for age old beliefs which should have been extinct by now as they are not […]

Nitisha Tripathi: The ideal sequence of events in any land is: A girl loves a boy. The boy loves the girl. So, the girl and the boy get married and live happily ever after. Whereas, the sequence of events in the land of “caste’s” called India is: A girl loves a boy. The boy loves […]

Radhika Bhargava: 02 June, 2010– Much as the name sounds- murders to save one’s honor. Murder of one upon whom he/she trusted the most, loved the most, and most importantly by its relatives for whom their honor is more beloved than their own beloved. Honor killing is not rare. People are sometimes murdered in Northern […]

Shewta Bhalla: In the wake of sudden media light on the cases of honour-killings, latest one being that of Delhi based journalist Nirupama Pathak, we are exposed to a heinous side of society that most of us have always chosen to ignore. Honour-killing, as the name suggests, is the murder of family or clan member […]

We at Youth Ki Awaaz bring you exclusive footage of the “Justice for Nirupama” march at Jantar-Mantar, Delhi on 8th of April, 2010. Our Senior Editor, Kumar Ankit, got a chance to cover some of the aspects of the people’s views and perspectives and compile them in a video. Getting the views of friends, colleagues […]

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