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Pregnant women and children do not receive vaccinations and nutrition on a regular basis due the absence of a designated anganwadi sevika for Hesatu..
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In Ranchi, the absence of an Anganwadi Centre in the village means that pregnant women are forced to undergo check-ups and are vaccinated in an open field.
Magdelene Mundu

"It seems that the Superintendent of Police instigated the other officers to arrest her.”
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To any observer, the unjustness of the situation in Jharkhand is what strikes as most evident.
hiramati kumari

"It’s a different world that I now live in. I could never imagine going to school in a uniform"

Despite being endowed with natural resources, Jharkhand is politically mismanaged, poorly governed, and has emerged as an example of ‘Dwarf State’
Two girls at a school for 12 children near Madded, a Chhattisgarh town near the Andhra border. Police say Maoists rebels often blow up school buildings in their strongholds. The guerrillas say schools are attacked because troops stay there.

Most of the schools in violence-affected zones are single-teacher schools.
Gladson Dungdung

Gladson Dungdung has been working to prevent trafficking of local adivasi women to metros, in addition to promoting Maoist rights for a long time now.
panchayat election

Does this instance of success indicate a trend in the making? If yes, then what could possibly be the implications of such a trend?

The family was eventually forced to arrange for a private vehicle to take them to a private clinic in Madhupur. The baby Amna delivered was stillborn.
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We might come from small towns, but we don’t carry with ourselves the burden of expectations from and constant judgement of others.
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Total amount deployed to installing streetlights at the end of the campaign was 2,13,76,822 rupees.
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Analysis of reasons behind why people in Jharkhand land up in jail will answer lot of our questions about the strangely huge numbers. It’s not how it seems.

The Anganwadi scheme paints a beautiful picture theoretically, is the ground reality equally pleasing?

The varied mining activities are effecting the "Jal Jungle and Zameen" of Jharkhand in a highly adverse manner. Ranjeet Kumar finds out more. Read on.

The mining industry laborers face tremendous danger to life and and get nothing in return: The lawlessness in the mining sector is hard to ignore and prevails in the entire industry

Tata Steel workers in a century-old history have not gone on a strike at Jamshedpur: A look at the functionality and model of Tata Workers' Union

The article focuses on cases of death due to dowry in Garhwa, questioning the malicious mentality of the wrongdoers and highlights the fears of a woman before marriage


he boys in Hotel Jharkhand are too shy for the camera, too shy to smile, too shy to stop smiling. Nobody tells them that hotels out there are a lavish industry of tall multi-storeyed structures with world-class services and staff.

Corruption in Jharkhand is matched only by an amazing lack of interest that people show towards their work. The creation of Jharkhand was brought about by a necessity for new governance, one that is more empathic towards the needs of the tribal population.
Violence in Jharkhand

Naxalbari has moved on since that exceptionally hot summer of 1967 but the heat can still be very much felt in parts of neighbouring Jharkhand, the state I’ve been living in for the past two and a half years now.

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