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Video by Nirmala Ekka, Hesatu village, Ranchi district, Jharkhand: due to the absence of a designated anganwadi sevika (attendant) for the village. A sevika from the neighbouring village visits Hesatu, however, women say that she is not regular. Pregnant women in the village have also not received cash incentives promised under the Janani Suraksha Yojana […]
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By Kayonaaz Kalyanwala: In Pundag village of Ranchi district, the absence of an Anganwadi Centre in the village means that pregnant women are forced to undergo check-ups and are vaccinated in an open field. “We aren’t comfortable undergoing check-ups in the open. We have to put up curtains to make ourselves comfortable or travel too […]
Magdelene Mundu

By Video Volunteers: On 29th July 2011, Magdalene, a 15-year-old girl from Mailpidi village, was walking back home after school. On her way, she was arrested by the police. “Stop pretending to be a student” the police told her as they went through her school bag and roughed her up. Her crime? Bank robbery; armed […]
tree house

By Zehra Kazmi: Monsoons are a glorious season in my home state. Green hillocks peep from behind a whirl of heavy, dense clouds and the air feels pure against your skin. The streets are washed clean and the rice fields sway gently in the cool breeze. The abject poverty of its people, however, contrasts starkly […]
hiramati kumari

By Save The Children: “It’s a different world that I now live in. I could never imagine going to school in a uniform, living with a 100 girls in a residential school, using computers and having a full stomach without any hard labour. I am grateful for the enrolment drive that helped me get admission in […]

By Hemant Kumar: In the last few years, ‘the rise of the states’ phenomenon has been the main feature of our new pro-growth polity. Credit should go to those laggard states (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha) which understood the fiscal as well as the political incentives of good governance and growth. Once feared good economics become […]
Two girls at a school for 12 children near Madded, a Chhattisgarh town near the Andhra border. Police say Maoists rebels often blow up school buildings in their strongholds. The guerrillas say schools are attacked because troops stay there.

By Sanjeev Rai: Today is the Right to Education Day. As political leaders enter the final stages of their election campaigns, the 50-year-old question of the Maoist insurgency remains unanswered, and as a result, children of the affected regions remain desperately isolated. On March 11th, a Maoist attack in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh left 15 […]
Gladson Dungdung

By Kiran Mary George: While the Indian Government offices and authorities’ general lethargy towards most things productive has often been on blatant display (ref: merry-go-round games they take sadistic joy in playing when they know you’re desperate for government-stamped documents), manifesting itself in a quid-pro-quo of sorts we’re all quite aware of; their deliberate bias […]
panchayat election

By Vidushi Singla: The world knew that they could successfully manage households; they proved that they could successfully manage commercial enterprises; they won laurels in Olympics; they outdid their counterparts in competitive exams; they wrote success as renowned authors and now, if their success as leaders in the Jharkhand panchayats is anything to go by, then […]

By Kayonaaz Kalyanwala: Can a public health system put up its hands and wipe off of responsibility towards patients who have nowhere else to go? The residents of Deogarh, Jharkhand have faced several instances of medical negligence at the Sub-Divisional Hospital in Madhupur. Many cases ended with the death of those who went to seek medical […]

By Lata Jha: After spending two years away from home in college in a different city, a couple of us friends sat together, reminiscing. The most interesting, unforgettable moment of the conversation for me came from a friend, an engineering student in Bangalore who told me what her super imaginative classmates there envisioned our school […]

By Prukalpa Sankar: Can the “youth” of our nation really “change” the nation? Last December, with a group of friends, I set out on a 15 day train journey to explore the real India. We had all been a bit shaken by the happenings of the year. Citizen voices in India had never been as […]

By Lata Jha: In a Controller and Auditor General (CAG) report tabled recently in Jharkhand Assembly, it has been stated that most jails in the state were spilling over with prisoners by the end of 2010. The crucial question here however is whether Jharkhand adivasis and moolvasis are actually taking to crime increasingly or if […]

Started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program, the Anganwadi scheme is, theoretically, an extremely important initiative. Its goals are as vital as they are comprehensive: to combat child nutrition and hunger, to provide basic health care, and to offer pre-school education. The residents of the Harmonaya […]

By Ranjeet Kumar: The dilemma of development comes with the long lasting environmental footprints and Jharkhand is no exception to it. The very concept of Water, Forest and Land `Jal, Jungle, Zameen´ has been hit adversely by human activities. Jharkhand which is the hot spot for most of the Coal and iron ore reserves along […]

By Harsh Choudhary: In 2009, India (526 million tonnes) was the third biggest hard coal producer after China (2,971 Mt) and the USA (919Mt). 85 per cent of coal is produced by the Coal India Limited (CIL), the world’s largest coal mining company, currently employing around 380,000 permanent workers and running around 500 mines in […]

By Ankit Varma: “Industrial Relation” is a function of many variables. Some of the contributing factors are participative management, grievance settlement machinery, wage determination etc. Tata Steel is the largest steel manufacturer in India with an annual capacity of 23.5 million ton and employees approximately 80,000. Tata Steel workers in a century-old history have not gone on […]

By Smriti Rana: A poor 22-year-old woman just starting out with her new life was strangled to death and burnt by her in-laws for dowry; sounds familiar? It probably will, considering how this is more or less a frequent occurrence in India. Jharkhand’s Chataniya Village, located in Garhwa district, saw the death of Sarita, wife […]

By Bhawani Sahoo: During my school days, my friends were always excited for annual school trips to Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra or such places which were very famous among the tourists. But for people like “me” who love exploring the unknown, unconventional places are the main attraction. If you think that India is only full of […]

By Kritika Pandey: The stock market had never engaged my attention for more than nanoseconds before we had this intensive session at my B-school prep classes today. The number of trailing zeros in forty lakh crores, which is the worth of National Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization, scared the Nifty out of me! […]

By Rishin Mukherjee: Recently, to the surprise of many, Bihar was adjudged the least corrupt state in the country. This is a complete turn-around from the Bihar that most people knew, and this has all been made possible due to the able and strict governance under Chief Minister, Mr. Nitish Kumar. In contrasting conditions lies […]
Violence in Jharkhand

By Arunabh Saikia: Siliguri-Katihar line with stops (which are mostly obscure and hardly heard of small towns and even smaller villages) was one of the last surviving metre gauge lines in mainland India, with conversion work having completed only this year. Three stations off is Siliguri, another such non-descript dusty stop — at least on the […]

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