A photo-story on the Crafts Museum in Delhi, and the different arts and crafts of various parts of India that such exhibitions feature.

A photostory of Delhi's famous Nicholson Cemetery, and how space constraints are leading to problems in finding appropriate burying sites for the deceased.

11th Auto Expo 2012, the Asia’s Largest Automotive commenced at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India today, on 5th January, 2012. From a small car to hybrid scooter, motor bike and sports car like Polaris were shown exclusively and extensively.

Through this travelogue, I want to share how people can travel and take a glance of famous Vaishno Devi temple in spite of lack of time and fewer pennies in their pocket.
Jammu beggary 2

Beggars have now come up with innovative ways to ask for money and earn themselves a living. One such way is to dress up like Gods and Goddesses and target the religious sentiments of people.
DTC Buses

The delay in the commuting time of DTC buses, the deplorable frequency of these buses makes it heart wrenching to wait for them everyday.

Sri Krishna Gaushala, Bawana, New Delhi has started the Gau Grass Seva (service) for cows. Right now, fifteen Tri wheelers have been placed in several colonies. They have more than four thousands cows, collected from MCD and those which were given in donation.
Carnival at Ramlila Grounds

While Anna Hazare was fasting,RAMLILA GROUNDS with its teeming hundreds of supporters meant BRISK BUSINESS and CELEBRATIONS for some.
poverty YKA

Villagers migrate to cities in search of a better livelihood but end up in situation worse than their previous conditions, increasing the urban squalor and slums. Intern Jyoti Rathore takes a look.
Athletes YKA

For centuries, Pehelwani boasted a huge following in Punjab. It was said that, the health of the Pehelwan reflected on the health of the society as a whole. Every year more than 1000 youngsters from Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi made their career in wrestling in India.
Flag unfurled YKA

Their lives may be colorless but their enthusiasm is high. Intern Jyoti Rathore captures the celebration of Independence Day 2011 at Sewa Kutir, Hostel for Blind Students.
Child beggary

A common sight seen in every city, town, alley, road, signal, bus-stop, railway station, child beggars are just everywhere. Is this what defines India's future?

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