By Jyoti Rathore: Despite the growth of the handicrafts industry in India, the average earnings of the craftsmen, when compared to other fields, are still very low. However, the birth of National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi brought excitement to the artisans of different states of the country. The Crafts […]

By Jyoti Rathore: The famous Nicholson Cemetery, named after the renowned British Brigadier, General John Nicholson, is one of the earliest British cemeteries in Delhi which is a few kilo meters west from Kashmiri Gate, ISBT, New Delhi. Christians are a minority in India and they are struggling with many difficulties. One of the most […]

By Jyoti Rathore: 11th Auto Expo 2012, the Asia’s Largest Automotive commenced at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India today, on 5th January, 2012. From a small car to hybrid scooter, motor bike and sports car like Polaris were shown exclusively and extensively. The only complete automotive show in the world, it is the only Indian […]

By Jyoti Rathore: This Dipawali my friends and I thought of visiting Jammu which is around 600 km away from Delhi. Through this travelogue, I want to share how people can travel and take a glance of famous Vaishno Devi temple in spite of lack of time and fewer pennies in their pocket. We started […]
Jammu beggary 2

Beggary has been growing in India and continues to reach peaks. It is often questioned whether a beggar must be given the money they ask for, and whether they really put it to good use. Beggars have now come up with innovative ways to ask for money and earn themselves a living. One such way […]
DTC Buses

By Jyoti Rathore: It is annoying when Sunny Dogra (22), employee of an IT company, near Vikas Bhawan, ITO, waits for more than 30 minutes for a bus on a bus stand in scorching heat to reach his office. Like him, there are many people who can tell a story about the unbearable experience of commuting in […]

By Jyoti Rathore: Sri Krishna Gaushala, Bawana, New Delhi has started the Gau Grass Seva (service) for cows. Right now, fifteen Tri-wheelers have been placed in several colonies. They have more than four thousands cows, collected from MCD and those which were given in donation. Their mission is to care for stray, abandoned cows, bulls, […]
Carnival at Ramlila Grounds

By Jyoti Rathore We can actually see the excitement, smile and enthusiasm on the face of people who came to visit Anna Hazare from different corners of the country and stayed at Ramlila Grounds with Anna for the twelve days to support him in his fast. The crowd broke into tears and cheers when they […]
poverty YKA

By Jyoti Rathore “Happiness is not something you have in your hand; it is something you carry in your heart.” In spite of being in the worst situation possible, they still manage to fight. Mukesh, 29, from remote village of Riwa, Madhya Pradesh, came to Delhi two years back, when prolonged spell of draught forced […]
Athletes YKA

For centuries, Pehelwani boasted a huge following in Punjab. It was said that, the health of the Pehelwan reflected on the health of the society as a whole. Every year more than 1000 youngsters from Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi made their career in wrestling in India. But changing life styles and tastes, has overall changed […]
Flag unfurled YKA

Incessant rain at many places dampened the spirit of Independence Day celebrations this year. Most people chose to stay indoors  and spend the day as ‘just-another-holiday-to-rest’. But the students of Sewa Kutir, Hostel for College Going Blind Students, Kingsway Camp, Delhi were very enthusiastic. These students are born blind, they do not have any color […]
Child beggary

By Jyoti Rathore: A common sight seen in every city, town, alley, road, signal, bus-stop, railway station, child beggars are just everywhere. Is this what defines India’s future? The photographer is an intern at Youth Ki Awaaz. The photograph is a copyright of the photographer, please DO NOT copy.

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