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By Ruchir Saraf:  The floods of 2014 ravaged Kashmir, several thousand villages across the state had been hit and 390 villages had been completely submerged. The central part of Srinagar, Lal Chowk, was inundated with water for 15 days. The handlooms were closed for over a month and the tourism industry too was hit. The […]
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By Akhil Katyal: Note: This article contains spoilers for Bajrangi Bhaijaan.  Bajrangi Bhaijaan opens up a problem that should have been oddly unsurprising. That Kashmir will be the sitting duck not only in the stories of the India-Pakistan enmity, of course it will, but it will also be the forgotten wheel in the stories of India-Pakistan […]
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By Video Volunteers: Students at the Government Girls’ Upgraded School in Shopian face bizarre circumstances in trying to get an education. Some are cramped into a kitchen converted to a classroom, others wait their turn for classrooms to get empty. Still others queue up for ages to get to the single toilet. While the school […]
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By Abhishek Jha: In a detailed report released by Amnesty International yesterday, it has recommended that both the Government of India and that of Jammu and Kashmir take “immediate steps” for trial of human rights violations by Indian security forces and the police in the valley. The report, which is based on extensive research and […]
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By Shruti Aurangabadkar: On the suggestion of Narendra Modi, the UN General Assembly declared 21 June to be the International Yoga Day. “By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change,” he said. And this even seemed to come to fruition, according to Kiran Bedi’s tweet, which was subsequently […]
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By Rishvik Chanda: The recent serial killing of ex-militants in Sopore, a town in Kashmir, has caused the residents of the town to panic, leading to the fear of a resurrection of the Ikhwani period. During the 1990s, ex-militants or Ikhwanis, were recruited by the Indian army to hunt down separationists aligned with the ‘pro-freedom’ […]

By Zoya Sham: Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the Kashmiri separatist leader, made a statement recently saying, “I am not by birth Indian. It is a compulsion.” [1]Predictably, this sparked a slew of criticism with many people terming the statement as ‘anti-national’. BJP and Congress leaders slammed him publically,[2] and there was much outrage on social […]
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By Monica Islam: Imagine going for tuitions and landing up in a hospital bed instead because dozens of pellets have hit the areas around your eyes, and nearly hundred pellets have pierced your skull, jaws, brain, lips, and nose. That is exactly what happened to a 16-year old boy named Hamid Nazir Bhat last Thursday […]
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By Malik Aabid: Art is a powerful expression, it helps people discover and express themselves realistically. It especially plays a significant role in an occupied territory, artistic and creative outlets can go a long way in alleviating the pain and suffering in conflicted society. In Kashmir, art has contributed to the freedom movement by allowing […]

By Bikram Bora: Incident 1: In the 1890s, a British military expedition was sent into the Mishmi Hills (presently in Arunachal Pradesh) region, north of Assam. Allegedly, certain inhabitants from the hills had committed a murder and abduction of people from the foothills. The expedition was sent to recover the captives. Following the expedition, Henry […]
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By Sachet Koul: Given the recent turn of events, I asked my grandfather if he wanted to return to the valley and live in the ‘cocoon’, so to speak; he stayed silent. When I asked my dad, he very promptly said ‘yim divne rozn’ (meaning: will they let us stay?) and when I ask myself […]
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By Abhishek Jha: For a lot of people who flocked to watch the new Shahid Kapoor starrer last year, AFSPA was a new word. Even when a leaf from it was shown to them, wrapped neatly in the cover of domestic feud and an individual’s madness, it was edible with popcorn and cola. The jingoistic […]
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By Lovish Gidwani: On March 29th this year, incessant rains returned to the Kashmir Valley. As water levels in Jhelum quickly rose above danger marks, the worst seemed inevitable. Still shaken by the horrors of flash floods and landslides from last September, local Kashmiris braced themselves for the now-so-familiar scenes of death and devastation. Well aware […]
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By Atul Dev: The Prime Minister said he “saw people’s faith in democracy” in the voter queues in Kashmir last month, and the Defence Minister claimed that Pakistan was “unnerved by the 72 per cent voter turnout” in the state. Record turnout in J&K polls showed people’s faith in democracy. I thank them from the […]
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By Antara Mukherjee: The election results of Jammu and Kashmir on December 24 were fragmented and a true reflection of the affairs within the state. PDP with Mufti and BJP with Narendra Modi surfaced as neck to neck contenders, the former winning by just a little. The current conundrum in the state and in the […]
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By Heeba Din: The last time my father voted was more than two decades back – in 1987, the last time I voted, well that hasn’t come yet. I am yet to cast a vote and a whole of my generation, the ones who were born and raised during the 90s, wouldn’t probably have either. […]
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By Rayees Rasool: ‘If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.’ – Mark Twain The elections have already begun in Kashmir. The Election Commission reports say more than 70% people got their fingers inked, and the Indian mainstream media has instantly started beating the drums of voting turnout referring to it as […]
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By Heeba Din: Kashmir elections have always garnered a lot of media limelight, political speculation and hype, pointing towards the troubled political history of the state. Even as a Kashmiri, when I am trying to understand the complexities and subtexts of the Kashmiri elections which more or less have become a rallying point for handling […]
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By Nishant Chhinkwani: Three days ago, I woke up late, bleary eyed after a long day (and night) of fun on day 1 at the NH7 Weekender in Kolkata. I followed up with my morning ritual of tea and glancing through the newspaper, excited and raring to go all out for day 2. That was […]
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By Sourabh Harihar: While the dust is still settling on recent elections in two states, the Election Commission has announced a five-phase election for the states of Jharkhand and Jammu-Kashmir. While the eastern counterpart, Bihar, has its own share of political drama, it is elections in the northernmost state of India that are grabbing headlines. […]
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By Bhavya Kumar: I knew about the Basques, thanks to Sidney Sheldon’s “The Sands of Time”, where the secessionist movement in the Basque country formed the backdrop of a typical Sheldon drama, set in the much-romanticized scorching golden landscape of Spain. Parallel to the Basque movement is the Catalan secessionist struggle, which interested me more, […]
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By Rayees Rasool: Geographical background: The state of Jammu Kashmir has a strategically important location in the South Asian region. Bound from the North by the Russian and Chinese Republics, it has Afghanistan on its North-west and Pakistan on its South-west. A very small area in the South-East of the state has common boundaries with […]

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