kashmir unrest

All these three are some of the active secessionist movements across the world with many similarities among themselves.
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The struggle is still going on and this state is still to be liberated.
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If it is leading to more security, then security for whom, the people or the state?

Just like Hamlet, Vishal Bhardwaj too, while making this film, was perhaps encountering the dizzying dilemma of the ‘Prince of Tragedy’ himself.

Srinagar had been declared as flood prone area decades ago, then why has our Government not prepared in time for such a situation?
Bilawal Bhutto

The Indian High Commission should take a note of this belligerent demeanour and register its strong disapproval on the utterances of the prince.

The whole focus suddenly shifted from the calamity itself towards the army, and how it ultimately ended up as the much-needed saviour.
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Rigging the elections and caging the leaders, as discussed earlier, left the wave irrefutably vagrant, and left the masses feeling dejected.
modi in Jammu
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In the boiling cauldron full of conflict, the region of Kashmir has always been a highly politicised issue for decades now.
Kashmir article 370

The BJP mentioned in its manifesto that the party would abrogate Article 370 if it comes to power in the general elections of 2014.
KFPF team with French Traceurs who visited Kashmir 

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Living in the world’s most militarised zone, where every movement is being monitored, Parkour and free running is like a breath of fresh air.

Lawlessness, terrorism and border disputes have made to become rather synonymous with this place.
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They deserve a dignified and honourable return to their home.
kashmiri pandits
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Time and again, some subversive forces have utilized Kashmiri Pandits as strategic assets.

People are made to believe that the whole country on the other side of the border is wrong and that there is no hope for humanity if we don’t fight them.
half widows

“How could I remarry? I always used to think, what if he returns after I remarry. I am still in doubt. How can I? "
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We are free and have rights which can't be taken away at the whims of the state or any individual or institution.
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Who should we support in English Premier League so as to not be charged with sedition, only Blackburn Rovers?
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A stunningly beautiful video of Kashmir and the perfect background score to compliment it. MUST WATCH!

“I know it has been long now but I haven’t ceased to hope. Hope is all I have and it is the only thing that makes me live,”
Afzal Guru1
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I wondered then, was his hanging justified or was it a trump card or a tactical change used by the state to influence the nationalist vote bank.
For representational purpose only
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Without a transparent trial, the Army men who murdered civilians without any justification are walking free!

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