By Joy Mitra: The ‘paradise on earth’ has been a space for considerable geo-politics and has in a sense shaped the history of the subcontinent. Pakistan and India, both of whom feel that they have a rightful claim to Kashmir, have fought numerous wars but neither has been able to force a conclusive defeat on […]

By Manas Sen Gupta: The talent of Vishal Bhardwaj is neither supererogatory, nor lilliputian. Being the only director in Bollywood, who has the ability to both man the camera, and play with notes (he is also a composer, in case you did not know), Vishal Bhardwaj deserves all the adulation he receives for his poetic […]

By Sajad Rasool: It was the closing ceremony of our week-long training workshop on 6th evening. IndiaUnheard had just come to Jammu and Kashmir where 9 new Community Correspondents had been recruited and trained. Our new CCs were excited to begin their work in the field. Everyone was talking about the flash floods, which had […]
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By Guru Prakash: Apparently the presumed President-in-waiting of Pakistan has made up his mind to face the electorate in the general elections of 2018. Given the fragile and turbulent political history of our western neighbor, it is not unthinkable to imagine the realpolitik expectations from a dynast. The country’s democratic credentials were at stake for […]

By Sourabh Harihar: The monsoons are on their retreat and the waters of the Jhelum are slowly receding, but what seems to have not quite subsided is the brazen politicization of a calamity that’s most certainly one the worst to have hit the valley. The valley has for long been the centre-stage of jingoistic mud-slinging […]
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By Rayees Rasool: Kashmir has always witnessed political drama during elections. The blame game of pro-establishment political parties against each other is not something different from other parts of the world. A fresh election entails beating the same old drums – revocation of AFSPA, PSA etc. Elections in Kashmir derive the gradual attention of the […]
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By Heeba Din: The clever play of words by PM Narendra Modi with his remark of “Saffronisation of J&K state” and then the cheeky referral of it being related to the production of the spice called saffron in the valley, at his recent speech in Leh, a cold desert which apparently produces no saffron, did […]
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By Adrija Shukla: One keeps hearing a lot about Article 370 of the Indian Constitution in print, electronic, as well as new media. It is the This Article grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir. The BJP mentioned in its manifesto that the party would abrogate it if it comes to power in the general elections of 2014. […]
KFPF team with French Traceurs who visited Kashmir 

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By Heeba Din: Moving through his immediate environment, swinging on a wall, tackling an underbar on the stairs and practising precision, Zahid shah, 22, Kashmir’s first traceur (an athlete who practices parkour), calls parkour his way of life and a personal way of overcoming obstacles. Originally named l’Art du Deplacement and Le Parkour, now popularly […]

By Sohini Ghosh: “Lao madam, photo khinch ke deta hu”(Give it to me ,madam, I will click you a photo). I tepidly hand over my camera to the boy aware of the fact that perhaps, in all probability, he wouldn’t know many of those dials that adorn its body. I show him the one to […]
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By Preetika Bhateja: “On June 23, 1989, pamphlets were distributed in Srinagar. It was an ultimatum to Muslim women, by an organization that called itself Hazb-i-Islami, to comply with ‘Islamic’ standards within two days or face ‘action’. Pandit women were asked to put a ‘tilak’ on their foreheads for identification. On September 2, the 300-year-old […]
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By Saif Ahmad Khan: One of the greatest tragedies about the debate revolving around the fate of Kashmiri Pandits is that the story of their pain and suffering has been communalized beyond imagination. Instead of objectively analyzing the causes and reasons behind the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits following the outbreak of insurgency in the […]

By Sahil Sankhla: India and Pakistan are two well-known arch-rivals in all existing fields, the rivalry being too hostile and unproductive. From live wars to live cricket matches, both the nations expectorate crimson hatred in the name of patriotism against each other. So, what is India, what is Pakistan? Nations. What are nations?  Territories. Really? […]
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By Khurram Rasool: The silent tears that gently roll down from Safiya’s eyes under veil speak aloud as to how her life has been all these years waiting for her husband who disappeared shortly after his arrest by Indian Security Forces 20 years ago. “Life has been awe full. Nothing can be worse than being in […]

By Saem Hashmi: So one fine day I am talking to my father about Kashmir and he suddenly reminds me that we shouldn’t be engaging in such a topic over the phone, for obvious reasons. Yes he was right to say so as he worries for me and my safety of speaking about the larger […]

By Mayank Jain: Remember Aseem Trivedi? The political cartoonist who was sent to judicial custody from 10th September, 2012 – 24th September, 2012. The charges were of sedition on the series of political cartoons that he did and people all over debated the rights and lefts of the issue before sweeping it under the carpet, […]

Source: Fiat Freestyle Team presents: A Journey To India from Millhaus on Vimeo.

By Khurram Rasool: Twenty one years back, Bashir Ahmed Sofi was picked up by a group of masked armed men from his home at Wungam, Bandipora in 1993. His family members strongly believe the veiled men were soldiers from the Indian Army. Ever since then, there has been no homecoming. “He just disappeared as if […]
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By Saem Hashmi: “After an exceptionally bad tenure, you do need to do a ‘Jeranimo’ in Abottabad, or an Afzal Guru in Tihar. Nothing less can ensure you another term.” – Sheeba Aslam Fehmi I have wondered how many forms and versions of truth exist. Whose truth is the supreme truth? Is truth what we […]
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By John A Raju: A cold blooded massacre. An act whose perpetrators are clear. A passive response from those who should take action. A public outcry. A commission, an investigation and a trial. A verdict after a decade and a half. End result: perpetrators acquitted, more public outcry, democracy deceived. Similar script, similar climax, different […]
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By Vishakha Dahiya: December 16, 2012 — The entire nation was shocked at the brutal gang rape of a girl in Delhi. The disgruntled youth protested against the law and order situation for overlooking the safety of women in Delhi for many years. The result was effectual and all the 4 culprits were given death […]

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