“I know it has been long now but I haven’t ceased to hope. Hope is all I have and it is the only thing that makes me live,”
Afzal Guru1
Posted by Saem Hashmi

I wondered then, was his hanging justified or was it a trump card or a tactical change used by the state to influence the nationalist vote bank.
For representational purpose only
Posted by John A Raju

Without a transparent trial, the Army men who murdered civilians without any justification are walking free!
arundhati roy

Reasons to be in love with India and to continue fighting for our nation.

The barbaric treatment of adivasi women in our country is often overshadowed by the rape cases which make it “big” on news channels.
Posted by Ana Kandwal

“They are there to be noticed and to make us fear them . We all know what they are, where they are, but we cannot say so. To speak of them is treasonous.”
Kunan Poshpora

A chilling story of alleged mass rapes by the Indian army, this will give you many a sleepless nights!
Posted by rajumoza

I am sure you won’t expect a soldier to say that we should give Azadi to Kashmir

SMS's or no SMS's, Kashmir will continue to be ‘unhappy’ and not ‘normal’, for happiness and normalcy go beyond communication access.

The valley that used to be compared to the heavens has become the pit of hell for the residents.
dal lake

There is so much more to Srinagar than the supposed scenic beauty and hills.

All was well before the militancy. And then the army arrived

You treat Kashmir as your colony and then blame them for your each and every failure.
Posted by Rhea Kumar

Wazwan, the traditional Kashmiri feast consisting of 36 delectable dishes, owes its origins to Timur’s invasion of India back in the fifteenth century

A request to NHRC to intervene in human rights violation cases by the Indian security forces in Jammu and Kashmir and North East India.

The government seems far from understanding that one can cage the bird but not its song!

The clamping down of Kashmiri protests in Delhi was merely a small symptom of this greater malaise.

What made this execution an attention grabber for the media and the country was the manner in which the sentence was carried out.

Consequently, Guru's hanging coupled with the aforementioned “triggers” has understandably rubbed many in the Kashmir Valley the wrong way.
The photographer  (1)

In the form of a video project called Loss, Saadiya Kochar portrayed a story about the anguish and longing of the people of Kashmir and of the artist who visits the valley

Islamism it is to Islam what Hindutva is to Hinduism. In 2nd part of the series on how to integrate Kashmir with India, Karmanye Thadani classifies the secessionists into liberals and Islamists. Read on

"The Indian state has a moral obligation towards those who gave up their lives for identifying with it." Karmanye Thadani's 5th part on integrating Kashmir with India by addressing the concerns of victims of human rights violations

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