By Ana Kandwal: While I was in Kashmir, I was hoping to witness the beauty of the paradise but what I witnessed instead were the gloomy stories hiding behind a beautiful veil. Seldom does any tourist, who visits Kashmir to feel the beauty around Dal lake, houseboats, Gulamarg and Sonmarg get to feel the touch […]
Kunan Poshpora

By Anna: I certainly did not know how to react when I read Salman Khurshid’s reaction in The Hindu on the Kunan and Poshpora rape case where he was rueful about the fact that the case had happened in his country that he couldn’t do anything about it, or in a finer meaning, that he […]

By Raju Moza:  Raju Moza: Sir, let me begin with the current state of affairs. Once upon a time Army had career and aspirational values; today children of even Army officers don’t join the Army. Why is that so? And another aspect which I would like you to comment on is about the rampant corruption […]

By Basharat Ali: Short Messaging Service (SMS) continues to remain banned in Jammu and Kashmir. The SMS service on prepaid mobile phones was banned on June 29, 2010. More than three years have passed, the issue has slowly died down and has been systematically kept away from the public glare in India. In Kashmir, like […]

By Brinda Khera: As some of you might know, 30th August is observed as International Day of Disappeared Persons. During my research for this particular topic I came across a shocking number of people who were quite ignorant of the plight of Kashmir and its residents, so, I would start with a brief history. Following […]
dal lake

By Ishaa Srivastava: I feast my eyes on the stunning vistas of the Dal Lake, while Nazeer quietly manoeuvres his Shikara closer to the dock. It is 7am with a cloudless sky and crisp cool breeze. My heart skips a beat as I glibly slip into the Shikara and duck into the seat. It is […]

By Syed Essam Rashid: Just as you cross the Jawahar Tunnel, after a few miles, lies the valley of Kashmir. From the mountain it looks serene, with vast plain of green land surrounded by highlands on all sides. As you spiral down the mountain and enter the plain, it turns all too familiar. A horde […]

By Nihal Parashar: I seriously doubt democracy in Kashmir. The Ramban incident, which has hardly been covered in mainstream Indian media, questions every claim of the Indian government over the prevailing peace in the valley. Just because we do not discuss the violence, does not mean peace exists! Everybody in the country has an opinion […]

By Rhea Kumar: “Rogan Josh is derived from the Kashmiri words Rogan, meaning colour and Josh, meaning spice,” the steward at my hotel tells me as I scoop a hearty amount of bright red mutton curry onto my plate, already laden with saffron flavoured Kashmiri pulao, embellished with almonds, cashews and raisins. With a breathtaking […]

By Devika Mittal And Ravi Nitesh: To, The Chairperson National Human Rights Commission Faridkot House New Delhi 110001 Subject: Request to act in the cases of human rights’ violation in North-East and Jammu & Kashmir Respected Sir, With due respect, we request you to kindly consider this as a letter from one human being to […]

By Mahitha Kasireddi: What is the caricature you draw in your mind when you read the word ‘Kashmir‘? Amid the suspended thick fog, you imagine seeing through it a perfect amalgamation of blue and green. In backdrop of snow covered down slopping mountains, a little closer in visibility is a thick green cover and then […]

By Fawaz Shaheen: On the 3rd of May 2013, nearly 150 Kashmiris were to begin a protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi led by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief Yasin Malik to demand the return of the bodies of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt and to highlight the larger issue of missing Kashmiris and […]

By Manisha Yadav: “He struggled hard to earn a living and he had decided to bring me and Ghalib to Delhi. Like any other family we dreamed of living together peacefully and bringing up our children, giving them a good education and seeing them grow up to be good human beings. That dream was cut short.” […]

By Pradyut Hande: Afzal Guru’s hanging owing to his involvement in the barbaric and audacious terror attack on the Parliament House, New Delhi back in December, 2001 has evoked a strong response across the board. While on the one hand, the average jingoist has vociferously expressed his “satisfaction” on his execution, on the other hand, […]
The photographer  (1)

In the form of a video project called Loss, Saadiya Kochar portrayed a story about the anguish and longing of the people of Kashmir and of the artist who visits the valley. Primarily made with stills, the video project is in three parts. Three stories, one of the Muslims, the other of the Pandits and the last one […]

By Karmanye Thadani: We may right at the outset acknowledge that Kashmiri Muslims who are patriotic Indians do exist but are a tiny minority that has decreased in number, owing to being targeted by the militants and also because of the excesses by Indian security personnel that has led to strong anti-India resentment (though on […]

By Karmanye Thadani: While this series has so far examined how the Kashmiri Muslims can be engaged with to identify with the idea of India on a very basic theoretical note, the biggest practical obstacle would be the pain of the Kashmiris who have suffered at the hands of the Indian state. These gross human rights […]

By Karmanye Thadani: For those who have not followed the earlier articles in this series or are not cognizant of the term ‘Islamism’, I may clarify that it is not to be confused with Islam as a faith per se but with a totalitarian ideology of imposing a certain version of Islam, as also stereotyping […]
Kashmir lake

By Karmanye Thadani: Having classified the Kashmiri separatists into liberals and Islamists, the question that arises is – how do we convince Kashmiri Muslims of both varieties identify with the idea of India, a secular democracy that celebrates diversity and is founded on modern constitutional modes of governance? The approach would have to be one […]
snap by dr shaikh ghulam rasool

By Sajad Rasool: The Army doesn’t like to clean up the table after it eats. But it is always quick to wash its hands.   In the beginning it was a meadow. An open grassy expanse surrounded by snow-tipped hills. Brooks and springs ran down the valley and pooled into lakes. Scattered through the region […]

By Karmanye Thadani: It is indeed quite obvious that allowing Kashmir to secede is not an option that India can exercise (I have elucidated on this in a piece I had written). On this very portal, I had written a series of five articles, which explored an attitudinal shift in the valley. I pointed out […]

By R. Anupam Pillai: I still remember I was in my middle school when I was curious to know why and how people belonging to different places behave differently? So, finally after waiting for a long time, my curiosity was satiated in the language class where I came to know about, what “mannerism” and “affectations” […]

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