Part 1 of a series of articles on how to integrate Kashmir with India: "They would have to address the root causes of the conflict, which can be broadly categorized into Kashmiri Muslims’ basic reluctance to identify with the idea of India on a plain theoretical level and the human rights violations committed by Indian military and paramilitary personnel."

The behavior of people has variety across different places, cultures, customs and traditions: An article on people's mannerism in different states of India.

I belong to Jammu, not Kashmir! To them it is one and then I always choose to mellow down on this because deep inside it is “one” to me as well. But?

What is it that Kashmir can learn from what happened in Egypt?
Photos of protest against J & K interlocutor report at Kanakapura District.

Various political and nationalists groups have condemned the Jammu and Kashmir "interlocutors report", saying it is against the Parliament. Here's an open letter to all of them.

This article narrates an incident which happened in Kashmir University and raises questions about Kashmir's sovereignty.

The article reviews the Kashmiri cuisine and elaborates upon the various exotic components of it which make it so popular.

On possible solutions towards adressing the human rights violations in the Kashmir Valley and creating methods to sort the Kashmir conflict.

An elaborate account of the side of opinion criticising Manu Joseph's article on the kind of views prevailing among the Kashmiris of today.
War till victory

An analysis of a Kashmiri muslim writer on the current state of living in the Kashmir valley, and his response to Manu Joseph's article.

An analysis of the recent article of Manu Joseph's, the current state of living of the Kashmiris, and a turn towards 'normalcy' in the region

The first part of the the 5-article series, which discusses the background of a fresh wave of thinking descending in the Kashmir Valley.

The article evaluates the significance of human rights in the larger context of constitutional rights and the regards citizens have towards them.

The Hindu-Muslim divide in India is becoming less and less of an issue in India and it would stay that way unless something dramatic was to happen, like the secession of Kashmir.

The article is an account of the writer herself. She narrates her uprooted identity and the longing to go back to the mother land. She calls for a dissolution of conflicts which are on religious lines and asks us to define our identity as human beings.

Part 2 of the Kashmir series. In recent years, the militancy on the Indian side has weaned away and the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination has largely comprised hartals and stone-pelting at Indian soldiers.

A 5 part series on the complex and ever-present issue of Kashmir. This issue has been the cause of wars between India and Pakistan that have placed a heavy burden on our financial resources.

Kashmir, the paradise on earth, has not been so for its people. Conflicts are a part of life as India and Pakistan fight for Kashmir.

The article is a beautifully written travel review of Srinagar. The piece does complete justice to the breath-taking valley and the crown of India, Kashmir.

Kashmir has always been eyed with a lot of pride by every Indian. This beautiful valley is popularly called ‘The Paradise on Earth’, and rightly so.

The political instability in Kashmir dates back to the days of the Partition where India and Pakistan fiercely laid claim to the state. As of now, Pakistan controls 30% of the region, India controls 60% of the area and the remaining 10% of the state has been occupied by China.
Dal lake Kashmir

2005 Briefing cable of ICRC on Wikileaks indicates that Government of India condones or overlooks these tortures which have been going on. While some of law enforcement officers have questioned the credibility of report and while others have completely denied it, but even if there is 1% truth in this report then that it is a shame for our nation, for us as its people and for the ever so proud Indian Army and the other law enforcement agencies.

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