Kashmir has always been eyed with a lot of pride by every Indian. This beautiful valley is popularly called ‘The Paradise on Earth’, and rightly so.

The political instability in Kashmir dates back to the days of the Partition where India and Pakistan fiercely laid claim to the state. As of now, Pakistan controls 30% of the region, India controls 60% of the area and the remaining 10% of the state has been occupied by China.
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2005 Briefing cable of ICRC on Wikileaks indicates that Government of India condones or overlooks these tortures which have been going on. While some of law enforcement officers have questioned the credibility of report and while others have completely denied it, but even if there is 1% truth in this report then that it is a shame for our nation, for us as its people and for the ever so proud Indian Army and the other law enforcement agencies.
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The nation-state of India has quite a few things to flaunt and be proud of - its rich legacy of democracy being one of them. India has been regarded as the largest functioning democracy in the world and has made itself felt strongly in the global economic arena as well.

Passions in the valley are running high and until people calm down nobody can move forward. But the Indian government would make a good start if it, at least partially, revoke s the AFSPA. And then it all depends on the Kashmiris!

The power of speech and the strength of a will are almost venerable. No matter how allayed a world of issues and problems we live in, it is impossible really to not raise a voice. A cogent word could change the world- is a belief that leaders choose to follow.

‘We want freedom.’ This slogan reminds us of Quit India movement of the pre-independence era. But its shocking, infact heartbreaking that these slogans were part of a seminar on the ongoing Kashmir problem which was recently held at LTG auditorium in the capital lutyens.

We cannot let the city continue to heave under curfew for half the time in a year nor can the colossal loss of education and man days be continued.
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Holding a referendum in the Valley will let the Kashmiris determine their own destiny. If they want to stay in India, they are welcome. But if they do not, then they shall not be forced to remain. If they vote for integration with Pakistan, Azad Kashmir will gain a little more territory.

It is time we stopped letting shame paralyze us as a country. Secessionist struggles have been a part of the history of almost every country at some point or the other.

It has taken a lot out of me to write it. Writing it from a third perspective, that is. Not that of a Kashmiri's. And ironically, not even that of an Indian's.

Violence & killings has, in the recent times, become a daily fixture in the Valley. We see teenagers getting killed in firing by the CRPF personnel, and counter violence by the common Kashmiris -- who is provoked or not -- is a debatable topic. This was not supposed to happen when the erstwhile Raja Hari Singh agreed to amalgamate the territory with India.

Kashmir is on the boil, and there seems to be no end to it. What started off as a mass protest against the alleged killings of two teenagers has now spiraled into an uncontrollable flame that has claimed over a dozen civilian lives in the last few weeks. The separatist factions have only added fuel to this fire.

Nick Robins in his book ‘The Corporation that changed the World’ mentions “Independence of course was a necessary starting point, for release but one that needed to be supplemented by further action to deal with the bitter lessons of empire”.

The joint press conference in Islamabad last night baffled hawks and doves alike. What began as a cordial and forward-looking exchange ended in an acrimonious Punch-and-Judy show. While TV anchors grappled with the fast degenerating atmosphere in Islamabad, the army reported a major ceasefire violation by Pakistan in the Krishna Ghati sector of Poonch, the timing and location of which was evidently suggestive.

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