By Shraddha Sankhe: Allan Octavian Hume, an Englishman and an active member of the Theosophic Society back in 1880s in India led a movement which changed a generation. When Hume and seventeen of his Indian educated men came together, they did something inexplicable. Wyomesh Chandra Bannerjee, Dadabhai Naoroji, Mahadev Govind Ranade, Dinshaw Washa and few […]

By Abhishek Chaudhary: Delhi, 21st October, 2010: ‘We want freedom.’ This slogan reminds us of the Quit India movement held in the pre-independence era. But it’s shocking, infact heartbreaking that these slogans were part of a seminar on the ongoing Kashmir problem which was recently held at LTG auditorium in the capital lutyens. The seminar […]

By Gitanjali Maria: I have never been to Kashmir neither do I have relatives or friends living there. My only connections with this northern state that I can dig out deep from my memory is a failed attempt to tour the state (we had even booked the hotels but couldn’t go due to some unavoidable […]
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By Ayesha Khan: Of all the disputes between India and Pakistan, the most discussed is Jammu and Kashmir, a permanent settlement of which is extremely necessary. This needs to be resolved as both are nuclear countries and if left unsolved, this dispute can lead to disastrous consequences for the countries. To ward off the consequential […]

By our reader Vidyut Kale on an article on The Kashmir Conflict: Will They Lose Us? as a comment. The way things are, the most crucial thing is for our government to become more proactive. From the current crisis situation prevailing on our frontiers, my understanding is that nothing happens unless prodded. It was rather […]

By Pooja Dhar Menon via Facebook Notes: This one is a pending note. Pending since some 20 years actually. I like to think of it as procrastination’s best friend, this note. It has taken a lot out of me to write it. Writing it from a third perspective, that is. Not that of a Kashmiri’s. […]

By Uzair Fahmi: Violence & killings has, in the recent times, become a daily fixture in the Valley. We see teenagers getting killed in firing by the CRPF personnel, and counter violence by the common Kashmiris — who is provoked or not — is a debatable topic. This was not supposed to happen when the […]

By Kunal Anand: Kashmir is on the boil, and there seems to be no end to it. What started off as a mass protest against the alleged killings of two teenagers has now spiraled into an uncontrollable flame that has claimed over a dozen civilian lives in the last few weeks. The separatist factions have […]

By Tania Goklany: Nick Robins in his book ‘The Corporation that changed the World’ mentions “Independence of course was a necessary starting point, for release but one that needed to be supplemented by further action to deal with the bitter lessons of empire”. One of the prolonging effects of being conquered by the ‘Great’ Britain […]

By Shikhar Singh: The joint press conference in Islamabad last night baffled hawks and doves alike. What began as a cordial and forward-looking exchange ended in an acrimonious Punch-and-Judy show. While TV anchors grappled with the fast degenerating atmosphere in Islamabad, the army reported a major ceasefire violation by Pakistan in the Krishna Ghati sector […]

Kunal Anand: (DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to against any particular community, instead it supports the plight of a particular community) The recent blockbuster, My Name Is Khan aptly depicts the plight of Asian Muslims who are treated rather shabbily in western countries. Other movies like Kurbaan, Shaurya, Dev and a dozen more movies […]

Mohnish Bagree: We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun. And the only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” There are 27 states in India and also there is Jammu and Kashmir. […]

Meenakshi Gaur: It was a one day trip, which I took to Patnitop, a hill station in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In the morning, I woke up to the call of a laundry man in the train who declared the arrival of Jammu Tawi station. Half asleep I got down the train believing […]

Avnish Gaurav: Widows of kashmir are our subject of concern in the second part of the series Roaring Bullets And The Eerie Silence. “Photo khechne aatey hai yeh log. Hamari lachari ka mazak banaya hai. Photo bech ke, khud paisa kamatey hain (These people photograph us and sell them for a profit. They are mocking […]

Avnish Gaurav: “You can never understand our pain,” said a young Kashmiri woman, head swathed in a black scarf. No word on earth can truly express the then state of her mind. This reflects just one of the many gory truths of lives of the people of the border villages in Kashmir. Once the paradise […]

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