By Kush Kalra: The Screening of many films have been banned in India amid protests by some community members in pursuance to the request of the state police not to release the Film as it could disrupt communal harmony and lead to a law and order problem. While analyzing the role of the censor Board, the […]

By Kush Kalra: “State should not punish with vengeance“. Emperor Ashoka Death penalty has been a mode of punishment since time immemorial. The arguments for and against have not changed much over the years. Crimes as well as the mode of punishment correlate to the culture and form of civilization from which they emerge. With […]

By Kush Kalra: If they sent the victimised girl to Singapore for better treatment, I suggest they send the culprits to Saudi Arabia for better justice. The above mentioned post on social networking sites has created a question mark on the justice delivery system in India. Recent RTI has revealed that there are over 43.22 […]

By Kush Kalra: Again a rape in the capital of India in a moving bus has put a lot of questions on our legal system as well as police force. We are unable to protect women of our country from such sick minded people who treat women as objects. The punishment which is always considered […]
youth politics

By Kush Kalra: “Man is by Nature a political Animal” –Aristotle India is the largest democratic country in the world. It is possible because of the largest number of voters who are a part and parcel of the establishment of the government. In 1986, the then Prime Minister of India, Late Rajiv Gandhi thought of […]

Kush Kalra: Take care of your own area: When people mess up their own possessions and area, it can slop over into your own. When people seem to be incapable of caring for their own things and places, it is a symptom of their feeling that they don’t really belong there and don’t really own […]

Kush Kalra: “AIDS is a death sentence that is to be implemented on an unknown date” INTRODUCTION The worldwide epidemic of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection and Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is perhaps the first pandemic to occur in the modern era of human rights. In contrast to many other health issues of the […]

Kush Kalra: ‘It has been my opinion, that he who receives an estate from his ancestors is under some kind of obligation to transmit the same to their posterity.’ -Benjamin Franklin Introduction Global warming is one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats facing the planet. The warming of the climate system is unequivocal, […]

Kush Kalra: Today we are in a world which is progressing at a very fast rate. Development has no bounds and technology is changing every now and then. Life has become complex and busy. Man utilizes the natural resources for his selfish development and with every step he puts forward, he looks back to hear […]

Kush Kalra: “Everything originated in water and everything is sustained by water.” –Goethe Today, in the twenty-first century the greatest threat to our water resources undoubtedly comes from pollution. While this is a problem worldwide, it is particularly severe in developing countries due to presence of large population, lack of finances and inadequate scientific expertise. […]

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