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campus watch

By Shivani Chimnani: “I never assumed that because I was a woman that anything was off limits to me.” On 16th August 2015, ‘Malhar’ one of Mumbai’s finest and most distinguished inter-collegiate fest was held at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The female students of St Xavier’s college, who were volunteers for the fest, were prohibited […]
agli baar

By Asmita Sarkar: Terribly Tiny Talkies, in its third season, has released a short film, Agli Baar, based on the lives of those who live in the shanties of Annawadi Slum, how demolition and life threat lumber over them and those who help them, every day. The film with its raw appeal reminds one of […]
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By P.V. Durga: “Consensual sex in India is when the government consents to sex between two consenting adults”. Be prepared to let the government into your bedroom because it seems like they feel that the protection of the moral fabric of the society lies completely in their hands. Take the case of the recent raid […]
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By Ankita Ghosh: Some 5000 odd gentlemen, in worn-out trousers and worn-in commitment, go around Mumbai city and adjoining areas delivering home-cooked food to medium-to-low income group office-goers for more than 120 years, with marginal to zero fail. Mumbai Dabbawalas (Marathi for lunchbox-bearers) have become a hot-topic in management research that applaud their sharp sense […]
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By Garima Kushwaha: One of the picturesque and sumptuous gothic-style building opposite to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (a UNESCO World heritage site) is the building of Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Its unique architectural, cultural and historical value makes it a local landmark and contributes to the image and identity of […]
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By P V Durga: Yesterday, a strike organized by a taxi union called Swabhiman in Mumbai saw the roads sans taxis or auto- rickshaws until 5 PM. This strike was targeted against private aggregators such as Ola, Uber, and others. Additionally, on June 17th, the largest auto union led by Shashank Rao will go on […]
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staff pick

By Atharva Pandit: “Are you here to bring my son back?” the question took us by surprise, but it shouldn’t have. As we made our way through the small, dark lanes of Cheeta Camp, Trombay, it was soon to be repeated and peppered along with requests and pleas. “I am ready to offer money if […]
woman molestation

Submitted Anonymously: Picture this: Railway station, one in the afternoon. A suburb of Mumbai. Girl rushing to a birthday party, realises she doesn’t have the balance on her “Smart Card” to get a ticket. Gets a ticket, then, seeing as she’s going to be late anyway, stands in line to recharge the damn plastic rectangle. […]
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By Anesa Kratovac: A few days ago, I got the opportunity to visit the Dharavi slum of Mumbai, and although I was reluctant about the whole idea of foreign spectators gaining access to a closed community and behaving like they are in some natural museum; upon learning that the proceeds of the tour are invested […]
Shubhangi Joshi

By Surangya Kaur: It’s a non-working weekday and Shubhangi is making the most of it away from work, trying to figure out the lyrics for a new song. She is twenty five and has released her first extended play (Talking Away The Night) as well as her first book of poetry (To Stir Up an […]

The Dabbawalas of Mumbai, as amazing as they already are, have come up with a very simple solution to an extremely complex problem which involves 200 thousand children going hungry on the streets of the city each day. Remember the many times when you left your food untouched in your lunchbox as a kid after school and […]

By Aishwarya Iyer: Having been brought up in Delhi, I have never been too fond of Mumbai. Delhi is home for me and I was always surprised to hear people talking so soulfully about Mumbai’s greatness when all I see is the stench, congestion and horrible climate. I might not be able to fall in […]
slum demolition

By Kayonaaz Kalyanwala- Video Volunteers: The morning of 20th May 2014 came as a blow to the 600 residents of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Nagar slums. As the rest of Mumbai came to life that day; as lunches got packed, vendors got ready to sell their morning chai and children grudgingly put on their school uniforms; bulldozers and […]
education in india

By Ankita Ranjan: Education is the stepping stone to development. Educate the children and improve the society. However, in today’s declining economy, education is meant only for those who can easily afford two square meals a day. It is an unattainable dream for those who live on the margins, under the burden of class structures, […]

By Pranav Tonsekar:  Operation Black Dot is an initiative by the DDB Mudra Group and The Thincquisitive Foundation to make voting easy, engaging and fun for the urban youth of Mumbai. Our efforts are targeted towards streamlining the voter registration process for which we have collaborated with the Election Commission and using technology to quicken […]

By Kranti: Kranti, an NGO that empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change — was asked to leave their home and office on 29 March 2014. The NGO has been given one month notice to leave their 3BHK flat in Kandivali East which serves as a home for 10 girls, […]
Delhi vs Mumbai

By Saanya Gulati: The following statement comes as a shock to many: I am from ‘Bombay and Delhi!’ Anyone who is well versed with the eternal rivalry between India’s two largest metropolises knows that being a ‘Bombay-Delhi Girl’ is simply absurd. A paradox, if you will. As a fellow blogger aptly puts it: ‘if anything […]

By Mayank Jain:  A 30-year-old woman, who is blind by birth had to go across railway tracks to reach the platform. She lost her balance and fell. The train ran over her arm and she had to get it amputated. Her name is Anita Tai; she runs a cutlery business in trains like 300 other […]

By Tanaya Singh: When Photoshop gets a chance to meet the spirit of Mumbai to reach its destination on time, everyday, against all odds; this is what we get. With monorail’s debut last Sunday, let’s hope the line helps Mumbai’s population save their daily time of commute. How was the first ride Mumbai?


By Sonia Srinivasan: Girangaon – The Village of Mills is changing each day into Mumbai’s high rise urban dream. But Girangaon, once an amalgamation of rural cultures and traditions is still alive. One such example is the Burud Galli (Lane) located near the 300 year-old Ghodapdev temple. This lane is home to 105 households whose […]
Milind Deora

By Surendra Srivastava: Dear Mr. Deora, I am writing this open letter with regards to your recent online petition requesting for citizen signatures in support of your demand for directly elected empowered mayor for Mumbai. Today, on the 5th anniversary of the ghastly attack on our beloved city, I write to you with deep concern, […]

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