Independence Day YKA

The Spirit Of Nationalism Still Burns

Independence Day may not be the kind of emotional ritual it once was to Indians but it is a day that sends out the message of nationalism and patriotism to each and every citizen if the country. Waled Aadnan writes about this spirit of NATIONALISM.
dorjee khandu

BREAKING: Dorjee Khandu Killed In Chopper Crash

The Ministry of External Affairs has confirmed today that Dorjee Khandu has been killed in a chopper crash, according to a report in The Times Of India. On 30 April 2011 the helicopter carrying Khandu and four other people on a trip from Tawang to Itanagar disappeared. Dorjee Khandu was serving as the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.
Anti Dam Protest

Dams In North-East: For Whom?

Anti-dam movements have highlighted the social and environmental costs of dams which get sidelined in the 'development'-obsessed plans. Almost all the dams have seen warnings by environmentalists and protests by the displaced, but we fell prey to the 'disease of gigantism'.

Travel To The Blissful Darjeeling

There is nothing more blissful than getting lost in streets and life of the city of Darjeeling, the land of celestial thunderbolt, as its known in north-east India. It’s like being in a dream, walking through the winding roads and woods, looking at the approaching clouds and water dripping from the tips of the innumerable green ferns.
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Arunanchal Pradesh– The Rugged Bounty of Nature

Located in the Himalayan range of mountains, Arunachal means ‘the land of dawn lit mountains’, the name itself is suggestive of the beauty the place is impregnated with. One of the gateways to the hills of Arunachal is through Bhalukpong. On the way from here to Bomdila falls the biggest Orchid Conservation Sanctuary of Asia which houses orchids ranging from known to little known to the unknown.
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How much do we Indians really know and care about the North-East? I personally feel that the seven sisters and Sikkim (maybe with the exception of Assam), have been a neglected lot in our country.