Tea garden workers huddle under an umbrella as they wait for the rain to stop to resume their work inside Aideobarie Tea Estate in Jorhat in Assam, India, April 21, 2015. Unrest is brewing among Assam's so-called Tea Tribes as changing weather patterns upset the economics of the industry. Scientists say climate change is to blame for uneven rainfall that is cutting yields and lifting costs for tea firms. Picture taken April 21, 2015. REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

By bringing the family of the planters to the tea gardens, the British Empire tactfully bonded the labourer to the gardens.

I discovered Ravenshaw University's draconian and sexist hostel rules when I went there to present a paper in February 2014.

This article gives an insight into the 4000-years-old art called Dokra craft of the West Bengal tribe, Dhokra Damar and explains the procedure of Cire Perdue: for casting metal into the craft.

The article elaborates upon one of the Odissi dance forms called Gotipua, which is traditionally performed by young boys dressed as females.
puri coastline

Puri has also been a victim of the breaking away of the coastline. In 2007, a stretch of 1.5 km was engulfed by the Bay of Bengal and the area has been declared as hazardous.

There have been major discussions on why these weavers aren’t being given their due. Suicidal reports are on an all time rise. The wages of weavers do not change for decades but price rise keeps hitting them, trapping into the vicious cycle of raw material crunch due to lack of money for not having sold the previous work.

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