By Udit Garg: Dhokra Damar, a tribe native to West Bengal have been the finest metal-casters in India since ancient times. While the craft is predominant in Bengal, states such as Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh too are centres of the craft. Dokra craft is over 4000-years-old art and its earliest signs were seen […]

By Astitwa: The living tradition of Gotipua originated in one of the most popular pilgrimage centres of India, Puri, in the Indian state of Orissa. The Gotipua dance emerged in the early 16th century and what makes it unique is that its performers are pre-puberty boys (age 3 to 12), dressed in female attires. Watching […]
puri coastline

By Amritapa Basu: Ask anyone in and around Kolkata about their favorite destination to spend a 2-day holiday, they will emphatically declare “Puri-r theke bhalo jayega ki hote pare!” (No place is better than Puri). Puri in Orissa is well-known for the famous Jagannath Temple. It is also called the Mumbai of the East sans […]

By A M Radhika: Odisha has always been the land of handicrafts and handloom, while parallel the nation has its second biggest contribution from handloom in manpower requirements, the first being agriculture of course. Most of the commercial crafting happens in Cuttack’s distributed villages separated by some 2-3 km. Tens of thousands of weavers, artisans […]

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