Protests in India

While 2011 started with a flow on change, Hazare's movement lost steam due to its increasingly confrontational stance. Same happened around the world. Let's take a look.
Railway blockage India

Chaaka Jaam, Bandhs, Rally, Protests are a common sight in India. The initial excitement of an unexpected holiday turns into a highly disappointing, frustrating and unproductive day.
Women protests

Women are ‘wild’ and so we have to be ‘tamed’, they say but in this wilderness, lies our liberation. We need to come out… we need to break the glass ceiling and for that, it has to be “we”.

A broken down Yoga camp, a hospitalized yoga guru, dancing politicians and confused citizens all contribute to a not-so-perfect picture of a country which has proudly called itself a democracy for the last 64 years.
bangladesh india

India and Bangladesh share more than just borders and language. They share the same level of police brutality and oppression. Our editor, Abhirup Bhunia finds out more.
bhatta parsaul

The actual problem of the Bhatta Parsaul farmers is that the land acquired by the Mayawati Government has been acquired at much lower rates and the farmers have not been properly compensated.

In India, attending candle light vigils has become more or less a fashion which is picking up fast. Half the people don't even know why they attend one. We find out more.
india protests

We are acting without thought. Our actions are futile and going waste. Often leading to no solutions, spur up like smoke and then vanish with just drops of water. Let us have a look at the following situations.
protests in india

India- a country which has been projecting its image to be that of a welcoming nation with huge potential for success and becoming the future superpower suffers from a severe crippling effect of lack of foresight and inability to think of the big picture of its citizens.

This protest and the inconvenience being caused to students was taken a step further on November 3rd when teachers of an upcoming DU college, Maharaja Agrasen decided to take forward the agitation by causing inconvenience to the principal of the college, Mr. Sunil Sondhi, by stopping him from leaving college and using methods as pushing, pulling violently and blocking all the main exit passages of the college, allegedly.

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