Protests in India

By Waled Aadnan: On 18 December 2010, a street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set fire to himself. The wheels of time grind slow, but they grind fine, or so they say. The immediate cause of this act of protest in Tunisia was undue harassment by officials yet its underlying causes aptly symbolise the ills of […]
Railway blockage India

By Menorca Chaturvedi: Chaaka Jaam, Bandhs, Rally, Protests are a common sight in India. The initial excitement of an unexpected holiday turns into a highly disappointing, frustrating and unproductive day. What feels worse is: when protests take over the railway tracks and you  are unexpectedly stuck in the middle of nowhere! This is exactly what […]
Women protests

By Devika Mittal: I remember how we had dared to cheat during our board examination because there were boys in our class. Of course, this is not a very good example to give but it reflects social reality. Expected to be honest is not gender discrimination but cheating requires guts and ‘team spirit’. Women are […]

By Pratham Karkare: A broken down Yoga camp, a hospitalized yoga guru, dancing politicians and confused citizens all contribute to a not-so-perfect picture of a country which has proudly called itself a democracy for the last 64 years. After experiencing years of colonization, the basic idea behind the formation of the Indian democracy was to give […]
bangladesh india

By Abhirup Bhunia: India and its Eastern neighbor, Bangladesh, share a lot in common, the most obvious being its borders. West Bengal shares a linguistic similitude with that country. There are several other recognized and well-known connections but recently there have been fresh additions to the catalog of Indo-Bangla similarities… Read on… Circumstances in both […]
bhatta parsaul

By Shivani Singh: The recent news occupying issue was the land acquisition by the UP government of areas in Greater Noida . The epicenter of the event was Bhatta Parsaul where all the activities made news. The actual problem of the land acquired by the Mayawati Government lies in the fact that the land has […]

  By Anonna Dutt: Radhika Tanwar a Delhi University student was shot dead in broad daylight by Ram Singh alias Vijay to avenge his Insult… Citing the lack of evidence CBI submits its closure report for Arushi Talwar Murder Case… Death of Air Force official due to the rusted and poorly manufactured local parts of the Air […]
india protests

By Anshul Tewari: In the past 3 years of Youth Ki Awaaz, we have all been watching the nation closely, publishing news, views, opinions, analysis, trends and much more. The past year was full on news that rocked India on a large scale, so much so, that the public sentiment started bursting out on the various […]
protests in india

By Srishti Chauhan: Newspapers in our country are never boring or tiresome to read. There is always something or the other which is so bizarre that you can’t help but be entertained. One section of the newspaper without fail carries articles about some people who were offended by some action which you failed to notice […]

By Anshul Tewari: In any organization, change is resisted. But change is what makes the same organization move forward. For months, the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) has been protesting against the recently implemented semester system in the university. The silent protests inside colleges and at prominent public places by these teachers have now become […]

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