Finding balance z

By Rahool Gadkari: Most of us are different people at work, at home, with friends, with family, with loved ones, on the sports field and many other places. It is often a necessity to adopt these multifarious forms to help compartmentalize different areas of one’s life. But usually there is a broad common basis of […]

By Rahool Gadkari: A man calls up the prime minister and says — “Hello, I’d like to become the next prime minster”. A startled Manmohan Singh responds — “Are you an idiot”. The man quips back —“Oh…Is that a requirement?”. This was a joke doing the rounds on social networking pages a few weeks back. […]

By Rahool Gadkari: I fear that I’m suffering from an incurable disease. I reckon it’s rather serious. No, no doctor is likely to have a cure. Have I given up? Well yes, almost. A sliver of hope does remain though, like the crack in the door of a dark room that lets in just enough […]
Search For Solution

By Rahool Gadkari: This past week, two different events happened to grab my attention. The first one grabbed headlines the world over — Apple launched the new version of its iPhone, amidst much fanfare, selling around 5 million units in a little over 3 days. The second one, I suspect not nearly as many people […]

By Rahool Gadkari: “This is your life. Do what you love. And do it often” These words are written on a poster that hangs on my wall. Seems pretty obvious, don’t you think? Yet, I doubt too many people do what they love even occasionally, let alone often. The practicalities of life come in the […]
India Gate

By Rahool Gadkari: Culture, the oft intangible marker of our legacy, passed on from generation to generation and subject to a constant metamorphosis is what civilizations leave behind as their DNA marker. A TED talk by the Indian MP and former UN under secretary general – Shashi Tharoor in 2009 beautifully highlighted the concept of […]

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