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He’s transformed the state of Gujarat into a vibrant business friendly zone, attracting billions of dollars in investments. His ability to get things done, efficiently at that, is unquestionable. But can we elect to our highest democratic office, a man accused of abetting communal violence?

YKA columnist wonders how ill humoured our politicians are. Witticisms and wisecracks aside, these days it’s only their tomfoolery that holds the potential to generate a few laughs. Read on the interesting view on humour.

Journeys are meant to be fun. A good companion can go a long way in helping them become fun. After all, for how long can one look outside the window (in a bus or a train) or read/watch movies in flight.
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YKA columnist, talks about the need of India to get serious about the development of the nation: Development can only happen if we are able to reach politically sustainable solutions, which in turn necessitates that not everyone’s interests will be catered to each time.

YKA columnist talks about the importance of doing what we love and what we are sure we want to do, giving solutions towards proficiency oriented education in India
India Gate

Given 10, 000 years of world leadership, will India in the years to come find its rightful place at the top – economically and culturally?

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