rural development


By Dr. Amrit Patel:  National Rural Livelihood Mission Acknowledging the fact that out of the estimated 70 million rural BPL households as per 2010 projections, as many as 45 million households still need to be organized into SHGs and the existing SHGs need further strengthening and intensive financial support, the Government has approved the restructuring […]
Rural development

By Arpita Sharma: A Technical Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. C.H. Hanumantha Rao was constituted in 1994 by the Ministry of Rural Development, which recommended a common set of operational guidelines, objectives, strategies and expenditure norms for implementation of area development programmes viz; Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP), Desert Development Programme (DDP) and Integrated […]
Rural business hubs

By Dr. Amrit Patel: With its rapidly growing economy, India is now recognized as an important economic power. Concerns on who are the beneficiaries of this hitherto unseen economic development has been engaging the minds of the Government for some time. In November 2004, the Prime-Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had observed that “the benefits of rapid […]

Milaap is an online platform that enables you to lend to India’s working poor so they can get access to education, clean water, energy and more. “It’s a loan, not a donation” emphasized the Milaap website. The organization recently crossed their goal of Rs. 1 crore (USD 189,000) in charitable lending to the working poor to […]
rural health

By Ritika Chawla In his annual speech in 2008, PM Manmohan Singh said that the most challenging task facing healthcare is serious shortage of doctors and nurses in India’s rural areas. According to official figures (keep in mind they are just official figures!) there is a shortage of over 16,000 doctors in rural India! If […]
Rotten grains

By Kannan G: We’ve schemes and scams galore! Grave negligence and more! We’ve men who steal; men who feel; Millions too without a meal! Our farmers sweat and bleed; Our leaders fill their greed; Our Medias open our eyes — We find rotting wheat and rice! Millions of tons of grains Go rotting down the […]
Cottage Industries in India

By Ankur Garg: Mahatma Gandhi’s use of charkha during independence was an important breakthrough for Indian handloom but being a small scale industry, it’s now unable to take the pressure from its mechanised counterpart. Cottage industry is a very vast industry comprising handloom, pottery and many other such professions. In this, most of the work […]
Farmer Suicide

By Ankur Garg: According to a new report by Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ), every thirty minutes, a farmer commits suicide in India. It has been estimated that around 2.5 million farmers have committed suicides in the last 16 years. The agriculture in India is mainly dependent on rains or in other […]
Community Radio in India

By Arpita Sharma: In India, where literacy remains a substantial barrier to development, radio especially community radio, can reach a large number of poor people because it is affordable and uses little electricity which is low supply in many countries and barely affordable for many poor. In 2000, AIR programmes could be heard in two-third […]
rural india computer

By Shefali Saxena: If the rural population in India learns to Google, the face and demographics of our motherland shall technically and ironically go under a plastic surgery. With the setting up of Computer Centers in villages in the rural India, there will be a dramatic and strong wave of advancement that will fuel development. […]
oorja stove

First Energy – an alternative energy company, is creating a sustainable business by offering Oorja biomass cook stoves and fuel for low income consumers in India. Check out more about this revolutionary innovation in the video above.

By Sanika Natu: The concept of Business Process Outsourcing, or popularly referred to as the BPOs crept into India in the past decade. Catering to the needs of MNCs (Multinational Corporations) and their operations and mainly providing technical assistance to Western customers – BPOs bloomed across the country in the blink of an eye. After […]

By Anonna Dutt: Technologies have touched India and made it possible for the country to think of becoming a world power. But the same technology has been inaccessible to the rural India since its advent. Here, what we need to look at is that, it is only 30% of India’s population which is reaping benefits […]

By Anonna Dutt: Internet — It has become like an addiction for us. We cannot imagine a life without it. It is innately involved in every sphere of our lives, be it education, banking or even our social interaction. We feel that without internet we are not even connected to the world. In a way […]

  By Salony Satpathy: Animal Planet goes Hindi, Yahoo launches local language chat in India, Business Standard releases a Hindi version, commercial television broadcasting channels like Star TV and Zee TV focus on local languages like Bangla, Gujarati, Tamil, Odiya to name a few. This journey had begun with the release of the first daily […]
Indian Agriculture

  By Anirudh Nimmagadda: Our Union Budget: The Indian economy has emerged from the global recession relatively unscathed, a fact not left unmentioned by our finance minister Pranab Mukherjee in his speech introducing the annual Union Budget for 2011-12. We are, it is claimed, back on the “pre-recession growth trajectory”. A significant increase in private investment […]

By Aditi Kumar: Financial inclusion has been a very acute and pervasive problem among rural Indians. Their financial activities are limited to post office savings and borrowing from moneylenders, but not anymore, we have a new saviour, a real one this time, in the form of Microfinance. The success stories are unlimited and it actually […]
aapna punjab

Often, here at, we have been emphasizing on the need for rural development in India. Aapna Punjab is one such Non-Governmental-Organization committed to the socio-economic development of the rural backward classes of Punjab. Our Correspondent, Chandeep Arora, got an opportunity to interview Col. GS Sandhu, the Chairman of Aapna Punjab, based out of Amritsar. […]
slum development

By Varun Sharma: Narrow alleys circling huts with plastic roofs, open drainages jammed with poly bags and heaps of stinking mud, piles of garbage accumulating in corners and dark passages. This is not the plot of any Hollywood movie depicting life after end-of-the-world but is the truth in which a large chunk of population is […]

By Varun Sharma: When was the last time you mused about something which you wanted to do in your life but never took the plunge? Something full of uncertainty but as powerful as a teenage attraction? Something on which you, if not succeed but at least, wanted to get your hands dirty. Something for which […]
rural communication

By Ajay Rana: Today we live in a TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) age where people are educated with the aid of advanced technology and design. India too has moved into the TED world where information is being shared for speedy, strategic and global development of the people. The means of information like TV channels, […]

By Anjali Devangan: A paper that devotes at least 40 per cent of its editorial space to agriculture, horticulture, community development, cooperation and Panchayati Raj etc — this is the Indian Rural Press Association’s definition of ‘rural press’. In a country where almost 70% of its population is rural, rural press is almost non-existent in […]

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