How 3G Can Change The Face Of Rural India

The question that arises here is – how would 3G be accessible to the people living in villages, when essentially most of the technologies never knock at their doorsteps? Actually, the government was well aware of such a problem and thus had thought of a solution even before 3G licenses were put on bid for the service providers.
Indian Agriculture

Pushing The Agriculture Sector – Incorrectly

All is not sunny, however; the agriculture sector, which has long been counted on as being recession proof and which accounts for the livelihood of nearly 52% of the Indian population, has registered negative growth over the past couple of years owing to erratic monsoons and drought in large parts of the country.

Dynamics Of Microfinance In India: The Road Towards Rural Development?

Micro pertains to small, and finance pertains to money. Therefore financial activities involving small amounts of money, in very basic terms is Microfinance. Controversial enough, we need a cohesive effort to sustain microfinance in its essence, that is reaping benefits from it in the form of rural financial inclusion along with regulated but viable micro-finance institution whether profit or non profit.