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The fruits of a people's movement and the world's largest anti-poverty public works, the NREGA last year provided employment to 22% of all rural homes.
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More people in Uttarakhand are abandoning villages despite high economic growth. 9 percent of the villages in the state have a population of less than 10.
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Development isn't a big, flashy showman with promises of distant dreams. It's a humble simpleton, making real contributions that impact people’s lives.

Integrated Rural Development Program was first proposed to provide self-employment to rural poor through capital subsidy and bank credit so as to help them acquire productive assets and skills to cross the poverty line on a sustained basis. Research by Dr. Amrit Patel
Rural development

Consolidation of fragmented agricultural land holdings forms an integral part of the Land Reform Policy and the Five Year Plans have accordingly been laying stress on its implementation.
Rural business hubs

Rural Business hubs are emerging fast in rural India, and could take over the rural economy by creating better opportunity for the locals.

We interview Anoj Viswanathan, Co-Founder of Milaap. Milaap is an online platform that enables you to lend to India's working poor so they can get access to education, clean water, energy and more.
rural health

There is an immense shortage of doctors in India and moreover, qualified doctors are not willing to work in rural parts of India. The writer Ritika Chawla tries to analyse the situation and provide solutions to tackle it.
Rotten grains

Indian farmers have been suffering due to wastage of food grains and rotten crops. While they suffer, the Governments hardly do anything to secure lives. Kannan tells more.
Cottage Industries in India

Cottage industry is a very vast industry comprising handloom, pottery and many other such professions. In this, most of the work is done at home using the items commonly available at homes and the labour is also provided by the family members.
Farmer Suicide

According to a new report by Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ), every thirty minutes, a farmer commits suicide in India. It has been estimated that around 2.5 million farmers have committed suicides in the last 16 years.
Community Radio in India

In India, where literacy remains a substantial barrier to development, radio especially community radio, can reach a large number of poor people because it is affordable and uses little electricity which is low supply in many countries and barely affordable for many poor.
rural india computer

With the setting up of Computer Centers in villages in the rural India, there will be a dramatic and strong wave of advancement that will fuel development.
oorja stove

First Energy - an alternative energy company, is creating a sustainable business by offering Oorja biomass cook stoves and fuel for low income consumers in India. Check out more about this revolutionary innovation in the video above.

BPOs have been booming in rural India. Indian villages and villagers are benefiting largely from these BPO set ups that enable them to have a better lifestyle. Read on.

The question that arises here is – how would 3G be accessible to the people living in villages, when essentially most of the technologies never knock at their doorsteps? Actually, the government was well aware of such a problem and thus had thought of a solution even before 3G licenses were put on bid for the service providers.

While we think that rural India can never develop, internet, with the potential to change lives is reaching rural India and will soon change the way people live there.

Today, local language dailies are the largest read publications; the leader in this segment being Dainik Jagran with 16.0 million readers as compared to the most read English newspaper, The Times of India with a readership of 7.3 million.
Indian Agriculture

All is not sunny, however; the agriculture sector, which has long been counted on as being recession proof and which accounts for the livelihood of nearly 52% of the Indian population, has registered negative growth over the past couple of years owing to erratic monsoons and drought in large parts of the country.

Micro pertains to small, and finance pertains to money. Therefore financial activities involving small amounts of money, in very basic terms is Microfinance. Controversial enough, we need a cohesive effort to sustain microfinance in its essence, that is reaping benefits from it in the form of rural financial inclusion along with regulated but viable micro-finance institution whether profit or non profit.
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slum development

According to U.N.’s biennial report this year, the total number of poor in the world has grown to 827.6 million powered by migration and population growth. Although some 227 million people escaped the clutches of slums from 2000 to 2010, the increase of 55 million is still a big addition. In India, Dharavi- Asia’s biggest slum spans over 1.75 square kilometers and includes an estimated 600,000 to 1 million dwellers. It is said that 55% of the population of Mumbai lives in slums, which cover only around 6% of the city’s land.

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