India at Ol feature

London Olympics are right around the corner, and India is gearing up for its performance, here is a quick infographic looking at India's participation in the Olympics till date.

Over 11000 sexual harassment cases are registered every year, but that accounts to only around 30% of all the cases that occur. YKA's Creative Lead Sahiba Singh tells us more through this infographic below. Do share further.

A day after the results of the assembly elections, 2012, India have been declared, Sahiba Singh shows us the number game in the form of the infographic below.

Steve Jobs passed away on 5th October, 2011. We loved him, and so did a lot of our readers. To pay a tribute to the revolutionary entrepreneur, innovator and inventor, our Creative Lead Sahiba Singh prepared this infographic of his life and achievements.
Law making India

So what goes into making a law in India? Sahiba Singh captures India's lawmaking process comprehensively in this infographic, step by step, to let you know more about it.
Digital Media India

With the internet penetration growing steadily here, the digital media industry in India is seeing an all time peak in terms of the audience, innovation and billions being spent on this sector.
Govt Anna

While the Government and Team Anna fight against each other on various points in the Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by each side, it is important for us to know the bone of contention - the points at which the Government and Team Anna differentiate.
mf hussain

MF Hussain, the living legend, India's Picasso, passed away on June 9, 2011. Here is a quick look at his life in the form of an infographic, designed by our Creative Lead, Sahiba Singh.
career options infographic

Presenting career options for students who have given their 12th board examinations. Careers for commerce, careers for science, careers for humanities/arts and beyond.
arab world


Vijayalakshmi Ramanan performing.

For me the summer vacations meant lots of new hobbies and among them were the Kathak classes, which never clicked for me. Maybe dancing was never my cup of tea. But there are many who enjoy dancing.

If we are all done with the whole lot of the bad comedies coming year after year, with a sense of humor that makes us cry to sleep, why not watch these classic comedies! All of the following have a cult following of all the age groups, and are sure to tickle your funny bone and send you rolling down the aisles. Go ahead and enjoy them! After all, laughter is the best medicine!

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