India at Ol feature

London Olympics are right around the corner, and India is gearing up for its performance. While we all hope and support the various Indians who would go to London to perform their best this year, here is a quick infographic looking at India’s participation in the Olympics till date. (by Sahiba Singh)

Over 11000 sexual harassment cases are registered every year, but that accounts to only around 30% of all the cases that occur. YKA’s Creative Lead Sahiba Singh tells us more through this infographic below. Do share further.

A day after the results of the assembly elections, 2012, India have been declared, Sahiba Singh shows us the number game in the form of the infographic below. Check out who won where, and who was swiped out of this wrestle mania of politics.

Steve Jobs passed away on 5th October, 2011. We loved him, and so did a lot of our readers. To pay a tribute to the revolutionary entrepreneur, innovator and inventor, our Creative Lead Sahiba Singh prepared this infographic of his life and achievements.
Law making India

So what goes into making a law in India? Sahiba Singh captures India’s lawmaking process comprehensively in this infographic, step by step, to let you know more about it.
Digital Media India

Digital media has been growing steadily in India. With the internet penetration growing steadily here, the industry is seeing an all time peak in terms of the audience, innovation and billions being spent on this sector. Our Creative Lead, Sahiba Singh tracks the digital media phenomenon in the infographic below.
Govt Anna

While the Government and Team Anna fight against each other on various points in the Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by each side, it is important for us to know the bone of contention – the points at which the Government and Team Anna differentiate. Below is an infographic by our Creative Lead Sahiba Singh highlighting […]
mf hussain

MF Hussain, the living legend, India’s Picasso, passed away on June 9, 2011. Here is a quick look at his life in the form of an infographic, designed by our Creative Lead, Sahiba Singh.  
career options infographic

12th board examinations have just gotten over. With over 98% of the students getting ahead, this season is all about choosing what you want to. With this thought in mind, our Creative Lead Sahiba Singh presents this inforgraphic about the various career options available for students with any stream (including alternative careers). This is just […]
arab world

The Arab world has seen few of the biggest and the most effective protests of our times. All people, young and old, participated in the projects that began in Tunisia and are burning in Libya and Yemen. While there are a lot of speculations if the protests in Libya will be able to have the […]

By Sahiba Singh: In the last five years the Indian production houses have been pumping truckloads of money in the Bollywood movies. The production quality has improved; the wardrobe is more international; the movies are being shot at exotic locations from start to end, but sadly we have more flops. Wanted, Ghajini, Bhool Bhulaiya apart […]
Vijayalakshmi Ramanan performing.

By Sahiba Singh: Classical dancing For me the summer vacations meant lots of new hobbies and among them were the Kathak classes, which never clicked for me. Maybe dancing was never my cup of tea. But there are many who enjoy dancing. The only thing I can say to them is if you are passionate […]

By Sahiba Singh: If we are all done with the whole lot of the bad comedies coming year after year, with a sense of humor that makes us cry to sleep, why not watch these classic comedies! All of the following have a cult following of all the age groups, and are sure to tickle […]

Sahiba Singh: Today is an age of exponential change. New and ever-improving technologies are popping up every day and in every corner of society. The education sector cannot be left behind. It needs to update itself constantly to be at par with the technological innovations in the other sectors. “The pace of change is mandating […]

Sahiba Singh: What better a time to discuss careers in fitness than in the month of April, which hosts the World Health day. For many of us the physical education period was about strange exercises and the occasional game sessions. Now with the people getting more concerned about their body image, physical education has become […]

Sahiba Singh: Diet plays a major role in promotion of health and well being of individual. A good and balanced diet habit improves the quality of life while poor diet may lead to morbidity and diseases. Nutritionists and dieticians are concerned with this aspect. While Dietetics is related to food management, Nutrition is related to […]

Sahiba Singh: Tattoos are not alien to Indian culture. For generations, people have been getting themselves tattoo of their names and gods. Tribes still use tattoos to identify their members. Mehendi or henna applied on the newly wed bride is nothing but a temporary tattoo. Surprisingly, today our parents try to discourage us from getting […]

Sahiba Singh: Are you a fresh fashion graduate just waiting to get your first internship? Or a regular graduate waiting to get a break in the fashion industry? If yes, then you should give styling a serious thought. Working as a stylist keeps you updated with the fashion world and gives you the freedom to […]

Sahiba Singh: (with self clicked photo-slider at the end) Planning a trip that gives you fun and beauty at the same time? If you are tired of your city life then Goa, a tiny emerald land on the west coast of India may be your answer. It has the reputation of being a state of […]

Sahiba Singh: Criminology is the study of how crime is defined, why some people commit crime and what happens when they do. It is also the study of the police, the courts and penal system, as well as the prevention and deterrence of criminal behaviour. Crime and its impact are at the forefront of current […]

Sahiba Singh: 1976 “Oh my gosh! What’s wrong with me……why were the boys whistling and shouting at me. If my father gets to know it, he’ll kill me”, reads Harjit’s diary 2010 “Day by day, it’s getting difficult to travel by bus. The pinching and the lewd comments are just too much and on top […]

Sahiba Singh: If you have been reading Times of India, then you must have noticed their new Indo-Pak peace initiative, with the Jang Group. New year new initiative, this time they have Aman Ki Asha , destination peace. TOI has launched successful campaigns like Lead India and Teach India in the past. Both of them […]

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