By Siddhartha Roy: “Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.” ~Jessica […]
Liberal pun

By Siddhartha Roy: Do you have a moral compass? An inner pulse of sorts that discerns right versus wrong; distinguishes black from white and is able to wade through the greys in between. There could be simple questions: Is it okay to make fun of someone’s weight or complexion? Or if it is okay to […]

By Siddhartha Roy: Two years ago, when the world leaders assembled in Copenhagen for the 15th Conference of Parties (COP) meet, the media was in a tizzy. Every inch of celluloid and newsprint zoomed in on the ‘battle’ between the Developing Countries (primarily the BASIC countries, led by India) v/s the Developed ones (with Big […]
Liz Murray

By Siddhartha Roy: “It’s still hard to carry… alone. So, that’s why I have told you. That’s why I have told you my story. Now, I can lay that burden down, put it to rest and I can go on… Hi Mom!” I wish people in India had more movies like ‘Iqbal’ to watch than […]
Lie to me

By Siddhartha Roy: Human beings are certainly the most complicated and yet the most intriguing species on Earth. They are queer, irritating, enticing, exciting and sometimes downright blasphemous. And it is a thrilling pleasure to explore them. What do they think? What do they do? Why do they do what they do? Sometimes we are […]
IT Industry

By Siddhartha Roy: They say that IT holds tremendous potential. Skyrocketing salaries, abundant opportunities to fly abroad, higher stature and maybe even being the ‘preferred’ bridegroom with ample suitors. Yet something seems amiss. With thousands being recruited in herds and your Bachelors’ education deemed redundant and unnecessary for getting into a reputed firm, a new […]

By Siddhartha Roy: It’s a paradox of sorts. And one that makes me laugh at everything — all the efforts being directed towards making India a corruption-free nation. No matter how much you read or how well your research methods are — to really get the hang of any problem — nothing can substitute real-life experience. […]

By Siddhartha Roy: India never fails to surprise. Undoubtedly, volumes have been written proclaiming the diversity that underscores the country and how cultures, languages and traditions intermingle to create something which perhaps can never be understood but lived and savoured. When the society is seeing a rush towards urban lifestyle and indigenous populations are moving […]

By Siddhartha Roy: The Economic Times reported that the US President Barack Obama feels that the US is losing its competitive edge over developing countries like India and China. With these countries heavily investing in education, R&D and exports among others, it is imperative that within a decade – developing countries might overtake the world’s […]

By Siddhartha Roy: Women fantasize about weddings since they were little. They see blessings being showered upon them as they stand next to their Prince Charming — the adorable couple oozing love and happiness. Heck! They can even smell the flowers and their lives happily ever after. Where do guys come in? Besides being labeled […]

By Siddhartha Roy: It is too late to save the summit, but it’s not too late to save the planet and its people. We have no choice but to forge forward towards a legally binding deal in 2010. This must be a rapid, decisive and ambitious movement, not business as usual. — Robert Bailey of […]
The musical instruments used in Baul music

By Siddhartha Roy: The terrain of the Indian subcontinent has been thriving with varied music forms for centuries. Their inceptions range from influences of nature and religion to music centred on specific rituals and beliefs. Baul music offers a fresh mix of all these and has been around forever. This cultural (and musical) treasure from […]

By Siddhartha Roy: I remember Nazar bhai since I was in Grade 4th, I guess. He used to drive us kids of the University (where we lived) to the school in the town in the blue mini-bus with pink-tinted windows. He was always on time and we always yearned to see his caring face as […]
Happily ever after

By Siddhartha Roy: Where majority chick-lit novels and romantic movies stop short is an oft repeated term ‘and happily ever after’. They don’t zoom in their binoculars further down the road. To see what happens after six years. Heck! Even four months! We leave the theatre happy and upbeat (with maybe a tear streaming down […]
be the change banner

By Siddhartha Roy: When I was in New Delhi last year to attend a seven day youth summit on Climate Change, it was aptly called BADLAAV ’09 with the tag line: ‘Be The Change’. Every movement somewhere has a ‘Be The Change’ somewhere in their posters, websites or pamphlets. In fact, a Google search gives […]

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