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From Endorsing “No Bribes” To Actually Paying One – All In A Week

It’s a paradox of sorts. And one that makes me laugh at everything – all the efforts being directed towards making India a corruption-free nation. No matter how much you read or how well your research methods are – to really get the hang of any problem – nothing can substitute real-life experience. Corruption is a complicated problem and it cannot be viewed otherwise. And I firmly hope I do get my passport after I have made this public.

The Best Man Diaries

Women fantasize about weddings since they were little. They see blessings being showered upon them as they stand next to their Prince Charming – the adorable couple oozing love and happiness. Heck! They can even smell the flowers and their lives happily ever after.

Post-Copenhagen: The Battle is now in Mexico

The Conference of Parties (COP) meets for the 16th United Nations Climate Change Conference on November 29th till December 10th in Cancún, Mexico. With so many pressing issues to be addressed, the World looks up to some of the most powerful economies and their counterparts to deliver.
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The “Be The Change” Cliché

The question here is not whether words move people. To say the least, they can alter the course of destiny. They have been used since time immemorial from winning battles to shaping modern society (the Preamble of India and the Declaration of Independence of the United States are some robust examples). But the symbolism of every phrase coined and its relevance to the then status quo made change possible by reaching out to the masses.