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By Misha Dwivedi: A recent campaign by Amnesty International on behalf of two Indian women from UP has been gaining an immense support worldwide. I bet you will be taken aback by what gave birth to the petition in question. Till now we have developed a collective understanding of rape as a crime punishable by […]
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By Saumya Kumar: We have heard so much about the Vyapam scam that I don’t think it is important to waste space on this institutionalized system of corruption any more. Instead let me bring you to a different avenue of corruption better known as UP’s Vyapam. Very recently, the newspapers in Uttar Pradesh were splattered […]
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By Zoya Sham: Policing by definition means to maintain law and order, to detect and prevent crime and to regulate and secure matters pertaining to public welfare. In this case, policing pertains to anyone within the confines of the law of the land. So, as seen in the Amitabh Thakur case, why is the police […]

By Bhasker Tripathi and Saumya Tewari: Rajwada (Uttar Pradesh)/ Mumbai: Lean, intense and troubled, pea-and-wheat farmer Ramlal is not supposed to be in crisis. At 35, Ramlal (he uses only one name), is part of India’s farming elite, the 19% that owns more than 1.1 hectare of land, and a rural representative of India’s booming […]
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By Bhasker Tripathi and Saumya Tewari: Rajwada (Lalitpur district), Uttar Pradesh: When unseasonal downpour swept through his land last month, Kadore Kushwaha spent the night worrying. When the rain stopped the next day, he inspected his wheat farm. He returned, left for the market, bought what his family called “sulphas”, available as tablets, came home […]

Video via Video Volunteers: The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme, responsible for providing millions of Indians employment opportunities, has a special mandate to provide jobs for women. This emphasis is a bold move to tackle the inequality that women face, both in terms of access to work as well as the wages they […]

By Jai Prakash Ojha: Dear Mulayam Singh ji, The Saifai Mahotsav has already begun. You have rightly argued that there is nothing wrong in organizing the festival as it provides an opportunity to the rural people to enjoy music and dance. It provides glimpses into the rural culture and serves as a reminder to the […]
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By IndiaSpend Team: Here is a number that most of you know: more people practice open defecation in India than anywhere in the world — more than 600 million individuals. Moreover, 60% of households in rural India do not have access to toilets in the house. Over 99% rural households in Odisha don’t have toilet facilities […]
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By Harsh Mander: India has been conspicuously less successful than many other emerging economies in the scale, speed and depth of its reversal of poverty. But many scholars say that whatever one’s measures of poverty, young people on an average have better educational and economic prospects today than those of their parents and grandparents. They […]

By Mayank Jain: Two teenage girls, 12 and 15 years of age get gang raped during the night and their bodies are found hanging on the village tree in the morning. The accused are from an influential background so the police takes hours to contemplate and they are finally forced to register an FIR after […]
Villagers stare at the hanging bodies of the two minors raped in Uttar Pradesh.
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By Anshul Tewari: There’s a slim chance that you were not exposed to the brutal images of the two minor girls who were gang-raped and hanged from a tree in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district. The girls, cousins, were on their way to a nearby field, which the villagers used as a toilet due […]

By Prachi Salve: India’s overall crime numbers continue to rise, but do the degrees of reporting vary depending on which Government is in power at the state level? And does it get further skewed by the comfort a community might have in the ruling Government? The answer seems to be yes, going by a recent report […]

By Adrija Shukla: Recently, there was a news item in the Times of India that ‘India slips in the global ranking for freedom of the press’. India has been ranked at the 140th position, with the countries that are regarded as the ‘partly-free media’ in the ranking list of Press Freedom Index. As a student […]
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By Nishant Chhinkwani: Uttar Pradesh, or the heartland state in popular terminology, has always played a pivotal role in deciding the ruler of the nation. With a population surpassing 200 million as of the 2011 census, U.P. holds the key to unlocking the fabled gates of 7, Race Course Road with a whopping 80 Lok […]

By Lata Jha: After spending two years away from home in college in a different city, a couple of us friends sat together, reminiscing. The most interesting, unforgettable moment of the conversation for me came from a friend, an engineering student in Bangalore who told me what her super imaginative classmates there envisioned our school […]

By Ridhi Murari: When we talk about Politics in India one societal norm that stands out is the use of religion to gain votes. Whether we talk about Shiv Sena or the concept of Hindutva and the use of religious symbols, deities, so on and so forth in the name of politics has become a […]
Muzaffarnagar Riots

By Ujjawal Choudhary: 12 killed and 40 injured, 5 more killed in fresh violence in Muzaffarnagar. These were the visible headlines in all the leading national newspapers and news channels a few days ago. As expected, it was perfectly complimented by statement of leading politicians blaming each other. Unfortunately, this sectarian strife broke out under […]

By Soumya Raj: There is an imaginary red hot iron baton between any two communities in Uttar Pradesh. And the people keep using it to brand each other at any given opportunity. In the first eight months of 2013, record has it that more than four hundred communal clashes have happened in Uttar Pradesh alone, […]
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By Mani Agarwal: An aspiring youth of India giving up the “simple life of a common man”, private job, settled married life away from the abstruse system of our country, prepares for one of the world’s most competitive exams (UPSC); only because he thinks he is different from the crowd of which he is a part […]
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By Anuj Jindal: The suspension of SDM of Gautam Budh Nagar has raised the issue of ongoing illegal sand mining in areas of Uttar Pradesh and the entire country in general. Sand mining comes under “minor minerals mining (which includes building stones, gravel, ordinary clay, ordinary sand other than sand used for prescribed purposes)”, regulation […]

By Nimisha Jain: Rural India has been in a gloomy state for long and its stagnant condition is highly attributed to its ignorant as well as ignored population. But now it’s time for a change; change for the better. Now, the rural people no longer have to be isolated from the outer, developed world. Instead, […]

Our latest caller Abhishek Pandey from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh shares his opinions and talks about the fact that the Indian youth need more employment opportunities than unemployment allowances. Listen to the audio below: In September 2012, 96,000 youth from Uttar Pradesh were selected for unemployment allowance of a total of Rs. 16,000 crore yearly. However, […]

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