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"If we had any income here, we would give up the one roti we get when we work outside, to have half a roti in our home, our village, with our families."
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काशी विद्यापीठ के गांव लोहता के सबुआ तालाब में रहने वाले बारह साल के अमन अली कुछ सामान दुकान से, और कुछ घर के कबाड़ से निकालकर बैट्री चार्जर बनाते हैं।

To end this spate of violence one must end the conditions that lead up to it.
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The electorate across Uttar Pradesh had voted for a government that would provide them with employment and stability throughout the province.
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We came across a few Muslim families. On the surface, they seemed calm and collected. But they conceded that they felt paralyzed with fear.
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A recent campaign by Amnesty International on behalf of two Indian women from UP has been gaining an immense amount of shock and subsequent support worldwide.
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The newspapers in Uttar Pradesh were splattered with the news about the recruitment of PCS exam in UP.
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Uttar Pradesh senior IPS officer Amitabh Thakur was suspended on Monday night due to charges of rape, made against him by a woman from Ghaziabad.
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The crisis upon him indicates the tenuous situation of the Indian farmer, poor or relatively prosperous.
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Kadore, 56, was taken to the hospital, but he died the evening of March 19, his body rapidly poisoned by the fertiliser aluminium phosphid

Under MGNREGA, both women and men are to receive equal wages and at all times at least 33 per cent of the beneficiaries must be women.

As the UP political biggie gets set to celebrate his pet Saifai Mahotsav, there is a lot that is deeply concerning about this extravaganza.
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The central Government has spent over Rs 12,568 crore since financial year 1999-2000 on the sanitation programme.
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Less than 10% of Musahar children study, and dropout rates are nearly 100%.
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The rape incidents have only increased in UP, which has seen over 6 cases in a short span of just 7 days.
Villagers stare at the hanging bodies of the two minors raped in Uttar Pradesh.
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What the UP and Haryana rape case point towards is a massive problem that more than 50% of our population faces.

India’s overall crime numbers continue to rise, but do the degrees of reporting vary depending on which Government is in power at the state level?

India ranks 140 on the Press Freedom Index of 2014. With freedom of expression gone for a toss, what does this mean for the media industry?
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The ever changing dynamics of Uttar Pradesh politics have presented a skewed scenario in the last two decades.
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We might come from small towns, but we don’t carry with ourselves the burden of expectations from and constant judgement of others.

The day politics adopts the motto of practicing what they preach; our government will be one of the strongest ones in the world.
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Now, the strong secular fabric seems to have been damaged irreparably.

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