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Under MGNREGA, both women and men are to receive equal wages and at all times at least 33 per cent of the beneficiaries must be women.

As the UP political biggie gets set to celebrate his pet Saifai Mahotsav, there is a lot that is deeply concerning about this extravaganza.
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The central Government has spent over Rs 12,568 crore since financial year 1999-2000 on the sanitation programme.
musahar community

Less than 10% of Musahar children study, and dropout rates are nearly 100%.

The rape incidents have only increased in UP, which has seen over 6 cases in a short span of just 7 days.
Villagers stare at the hanging bodies of the two minors raped in Uttar Pradesh.

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What the UP and Haryana rape case point towards is a massive problem that more than 50% of our population faces.

India’s overall crime numbers continue to rise, but do the degrees of reporting vary depending on which Government is in power at the state level?

India ranks 140 on the Press Freedom Index of 2014. With freedom of expression gone for a toss, what does this mean for the media industry?
UP politics

The ever changing dynamics of Uttar Pradesh politics have presented a skewed scenario in the last two decades.

We might come from small towns, but we don’t carry with ourselves the burden of expectations from and constant judgement of others.

The day politics adopts the motto of practicing what they preach; our government will be one of the strongest ones in the world.
Muzaffarnagar Riots

Now, the strong secular fabric seems to have been damaged irreparably.

The mob is ever ready to fight, it just needs a reason. What makes such situations of violence worse is the lack of responsibility taken by the leaders.
durga shakti

The ever existing cliché of “yahan aise hi chalta hai” accompanies them on the way to their posts.
clay mining

The recent dilution of rules by MoEF regarding clay and ordinary earth mining needs urgent attention.

As a rural newspaper, it would try to connect the corresponding demand and supply of new jobs by letting the village people know about the vacancies waiting for them in the outer world

Are unemployment allowances better than job opportunities in India? Abhishek Pandey from Uttar Pradesh shares his views.

By Upasana Sharma:  Indian politicians and political parties seem to be suffering from assorted forms of phobias. Apart from the known ones, which even the mere mortal citizens suffer from, our mighty politicians suffer from new 21st century phobias like, ...

Child abuse in India is something we ignore simply because in simple words, it hasn’t happened to our children yet. One out of every four girls and one out of every seven boys have been exposed to some sort of child abuse.

On the 20th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition, Karmanye Thadani takes a peep into history. After two decades, has anything really changed?
Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackeray has yet again unleashed his angst over the north Indians who belong to UP and Bihar calling them intruders: A Maharashtrian's request to end the self proclaimed righteousness

Ever since the victory of Akhilesh Yadav as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, people have been afraid that the much dreaded goonda raj is gradually returning. His victory was seen as evidence that the party was up for a different kind of politics.

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