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A tea picker collects tea leaves at a tea estate at Naxalbari in the north eastern state of West Bengal, September 3, 2004. Tea exports had plummeted from 200 million kg in 2002 to 180 million kg last year. The slump in prices and exports was largely attributed to inferior quality of tea being produced by various Indian gardens, besides the loss of Pakistan and Iraq as potential buyers. The Indian tea industry had projected an estimated production of about 850 million kilograms this year. - RTXMWX4

Despite some stop-loss measures that the incumbent chief minister might have made, the condition of the workers living in the tea estates remains abysmal.
Netaji Subhas Bose with Mahatma Gandhi at an Indian National Congress meet. Image source: Wikipedia

By declassifying archives of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Mamata Banerjee has played a masterstroke ahead of the 2016 Bengal elections.
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Krishna Prasad Jana, a BA third year student of Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya, succumbed to injuries, after being allegedly beaten up by members of TMCP.
For the 15 days, families in West Bengal have been dealing with mass flooding. Locals say it's the worst flooding in 15 years. There are an estimated 13,200 villages in just West Bengal alone affected, with the worst affected district being Bardhaman, where more than 333,000 people are directly affected. In all of India, an estimated 10 million are affected.

But it’s not on news stations. It’s not being discussed in public spheres. There’s no mention in newspapers. And I can’t figure out why.

For the last five days, I’ve taken tiny hand-dug boats to reach villages cut-off – their road access lost due to the rising waters.

The army has been deployed in Bhardman district to shepherd the panic stricken crowd into 1537 relief camps.
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We, the youth of West Bengal, do not gauge development in terms of commodious criterion like digitalization.

In the aftermath of the brutal state action on peacefully protesting students, this is what our honourable Chief Minister had to say...
left front
Posted by Ayushi Vig

Political parties need to adapt to the people, and if the Left still cannot grasp that, its chances of survival fall by the day.
Tapas Pal
Posted by Mayank Jain

Please mend your ways. Else, it is never too late to make way for someone better equipped to do your job.

To them, no leadership is worth their confidence, no party fit enough to rule.
celebs in elections

The fact that political parties field celebrity candidates for contesting elections is a testimony to the sad condition of our ADD-afflicted society.
education in india

While the government struggles to effectively implement the RTE act, there are people who have been contributing to the society to make it more educated.
mamata banerjee-anna hazare
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The question that arises by default: was supporting Mamata Banerjee a launch pad for Anna Hazare’s 2019 political plans?

An exaggerated and fiery figure in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee is best known for her paranoid histrionics and periodic outbursts during speeches against the Maoists.

“We wish to make people understand that societal work is done for oneself, more than the society."
West Bengal Rape
Posted by Sukriti Roy

I get goosebumps just by thinking about the incident. I am unable to express my angst here. I just cannot write it down in an article.

A 16 year old girl was gang-raped twice and burnt alive for reporting the incident!
middle class

The new middle-class exhibits alacrity towards ‘economic internationalism’ that assigns western style consumption patterns.
Kolkata Traffic

Cycling is considered to be the most healthy and Eco friendly means of transport.

Understanding the phenomenon that is Mamata Banerjee!

The Ghat is swarming with kids who practically live in this water. They only wait for high tide, to collect the water for people and earn Rs. five or ten
waterlogged Kolkata

What happened to the tall claims that Mamata Banerjee made? Spandan tells us more over his call.
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In order to further their own political ambitions, students will stop at nothing; they will vandalise, kill and destroy the very institutions that have given them that legitimacy of being students.

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