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According to the survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, one in four Indian women perceive a lack of equal career opportunities as a major issue in the workplace.
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Should there be reservation for women in educational institutions? Here's what the youth had to say.
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Workplace gender discrimination, as this video reveals, is not much better at the western end of the world.
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Posted by Uzma Shamim

I remember my aunt asking me to stand in front of her, while she fed my newborn cousin, to cover her.

The women who collect dung in the country -- and it is ‘women’s work’ -- save India millions, maybe billions of dollars each year.

They are not demanding freedom; they are taking it for themselves. Watch!
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Menstruation is a serious health issue and a major factor preventing young girls from going to school in Pakistan and living healthy, safe lives.
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Only one in four rape trials leads to conviction in India.
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Is the Indian military doing well by its women, or not?
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Your body is yours, yours, yours. Hug it. Hold it. Cherish it. Love it. Protect it. Move it. Dance in it. Claim it. Own it.
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It seems that a room full of men cannot truly understand what safety for women entails.
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Even the sanitary napkin ads use blue ink for illustrative purposes, which sort of signifies people’s hesitation with menstrual blood.
Contraceptives at the anganwadi on Mamta Diwas.

"The idea was to spread the message through a different medium. Villagers suggested folk music and dance. We went a step further and thought of films”
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Sexual abuse that continued for 17 years, to eight members of a 13 member over-valued joint family, where none of the male members knew about it...
Kiran Bedi BJP
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"Since you have been an icon of female strength, many of us are confused with your current political decision."
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Till date I cannot put my finger on what exactly I felt that night. Shocked? Afraid? Angry?

You have safety, security, almost a warranty stamp in the form of your husband
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I was completely taken aback when my friend informed me that they ‘believed’ that if any member of the household was having her periods, pickles kept for drying, will eventually rot

“As I sat hunched over a stove in the kitchen, he came in from behind, splayed my back with kerosene oil, threw in a lighted match and ran away.”
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If we want to address domestic violence, we should be talking more about sex selective abortions, otherwise we will be left with no women someday.
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Posted by Zehra Kazmi

More than three-fourths of men expected their partners to agree if they wanted to have sex.
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I asked him what name would be filled out in my husband’s application (that of his mother, father or spouse?). He did not hesitate in replying “his father”.

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