Lack of Humanity: Is the youth even concerned?

Posted on May 17, 2008 in Politics, Society

What the hell is happening to this country, whenever i read the news or watch the channels all i see is a death here, people killing each other for no reason, i recently saw a few police men taking in custody a few scavengers for no reason, and the worst part is that the police took away whatever they had.

Now this is the biggest crime, making the poor even more poor and the rich even more rich day by day.
I seriously feel a need for a serious change, but who will be the change, the youth?

I dont think so, cause I’ve realised that only 10% of the youth actually mean it when they say that “we will stand for what is right”, others think that why should we even bother, but what they don’t understand is that if they do not take part, then there can’t be a single change.

We must realise that this is our world and our time, i know its hard to realise, even i have many friends who talk of inhumane behaviour of people and standing against them for what they THINK IS RIGHT, but none of them even try to take the initiative………..
TALKING BIG is easy, but working towards it is very tough, but if we don’t then there is no point in calling ourselves a true citizen…….. Some say that everyone is corrupt so they won’t be able to make a change, did they even try?
Be honest, how many of you have stood for what is right? Just for instance, How many of you call 100 emergency when you see a road accident, maybe 1 or 2 of you. Why dont you call 100, just because of the thinking that why should we interfere, just because of the thinking that maybe the Police might take us in. Tell me something, why would the police take you in for dialing emergency when you see 10 people dying in front of you? why? They don’t even ask your address or sometimes even name when you call them. I have done it a million times and nothing happened……….
I am no different, even i used to think that why should i take the initiative, but i just realised that if the youth will not then who will, certainly not those who have suffered for no reason. Come on people, think about it, please, take the initiative, it can be major or minor, as long as you do it, its good. Be proud of your country, and BE THE CHANGE.
– Anshul Tewari